Herve This!

stupid photobucket is so slow and lame and deleted patrick in his undies scrutinizing the Ghostbusters DVD!

this is me riding in the back of a 16ft truck trying to hold onto a guy i’ve never met’s huge cat head sculpture as pat barrels down wooster
32 x 40 are the stretcher bars i had to remember to buy Fran for her tubed painting

we made it
and roped that cat down really good (in case unknown dude is reading this!)

pat is right now somewhere in virginia, trying to get halfway here by nightfall

here meaning miami!!!
more on that later

stefan bondell adding his two cents

a-ron adding his….. unique sensibility

liz from ASS lending a hand

something else to worry about why do i do this to myself

thankgiving eve

see i did steal a shitload of these fuckers i am a gal of my word

dont like it? taut titties!!!

caugh red handed
wow the puns just keep on coming


we prepared our contribution at Jory’s house while he was gone
hey whats this room

its the junk room
shhhhh! dont wake it

i used to have a junk room. i used to have a junk apartment, a junk psyche, a junk trunk, no judgements!

jory went to Yale and all he got was $75 boners

cooking cooking we hug and cook and pinch eachother

evan gruzis readymade
is evan gruzis READY to be MADE fun of??? his show opens soon (december 12), meaning he is officially in my Deitch fold, and he will be ripe for ribbing soon

fake butter those tits!

some rascal swiped our pies a’coolin’ in the winda’sill!

no more boob jokes no more boob jokes count on me
just descriptive adjectives
taut and textured!

turged and slimy

webbed and weedy

toothsome and steamy

malleable and matte

hand off!

sween n corny

blurred and browned

dr. tang gloss

“firmy”, as jeffrey would say

dont mind if i do!
we had thanksgiving at Roland’s girlfriend’s house it was a really nice house apartment whatever

oh man i feel kinda squeemy looking at this.
too soon?
too soon!

sean made his dad’s special rolls and seriously how special can a roll really be? these were!


i like stu’s approach
“it all goes to the same place”

i like pat’s approach

no time for socializing, thank you very much. we will just nap on your couch!
(i am real sleeping pat is fake sleeping) (loser)

stu trying to say he has pudge

stu imagining someone he doesnt like

stu devouring his enemy

ok thats enough food talk for a long time

what shall we talk of next?

a good QUEStion

maybe we need some perspective

lets blow this pop stand!

this is impressive just every time. every time forever

these people can only come from
no i took this picture because behind door number one is this year’s NEW deuce bar, better and badder you heard it here first
or i guess i heard it from a-ron and teddy loo loo lakis first but second is the best

behind door number two is the most awesome exhibition space where we are IT AINT FAIR ing, Al Moran and A-ron’s OH WOW

that is an acronym for the space but it also serves to describe the store display zone!

floor also ruling

a-ron never not avoiding working

this zone needs to be graffitiiid and blacklighted

this area needs to get dj-ed

this truck of Athens art needs to be unloaded

Al Moran trying to inch his catterpillar

back at nice hotel
when was the last time i took a bath, never?
this is soo like middle aged soft womany it is grossing me out


room for one last boob joke?

what did (o)(o) say to ( + )( + )?

there is no punchline

only soft sleepin

oh actually the punchline is “this”: Herve This is a molecular gastonomist!

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