and ropery
and effrontery!

art is still going on

we will still open a show nov 6, 6-9pm

but for at least one day lets talk about something else!

this shape

last night was really exciting

its weird to have a president who talks like a human and makes sense and isnt terrifying and gross

its weird to be excited to watch the news instead of disaffected uninterested and depressed

its weird to have a president pronounce words correctly and feel like he knows the words he is using and that he wrote his own speech or at least had the mental capacity to

i was very excited last night as you can tell by these pictures, watching msnbc with some crappy bunny ears alone at home
i kept taking pictures of the TV i didnt know what else to do its a dumb impulse i must have taken 500 pictures of the dumb tv set

i had to stay in and not go out because i was too scared of whether obama really would win, and i knew if he did i would just cry cry cry

because its so exciting! it really feels amazing and makes you realize how shitty youve felt for 8 years

i cant wait to see how things go. i think everyone here feels… giddy and included and excited which is weird

i wrote in my notebook while i was trying to finish this article for i-D “my whole cluster of negative and cynical and disaffected misery is gone and it feels amazing”
its true!

i hope everybody feels this way
i think everyone i know does

stefan does

adek may not care

patrick is fairly happy
no i think pat is as happy as me

this fuckface at fox is bummed: while msnbc was running photos of all the happy people in chicago and old women crying and little girls cheering, the first thing fox said after the results were fairly final was “the majority of white people voted for john mccain”
seriously teh guy above just said that when i took his picture
its awesome that these turds get to shut up of ship out for four years at least
they showed a photo during the mccain concession speech of four tall suit-wearing young republican college boys crying
oh i would have loved to have gotten a photo of that
i would blow it up and put it on my wall
crying young conservatives
crying and peeing themselves and crying in fear and misery!

just kidding

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