Herve This!

stupid photobucket is so slow and lame and deleted patrick in his undies scrutinizing the Ghostbusters DVD!

this is me riding in the back of a 16ft truck trying to hold onto a guy i’ve never met’s huge cat head sculpture as pat barrels down wooster
32 x 40 are the stretcher bars i had to remember to buy Fran for her tubed painting

we made it
and roped that cat down really good (in case unknown dude is reading this!)

pat is right now somewhere in virginia, trying to get halfway here by nightfall

here meaning miami!!!
more on that later

stefan bondell adding his two cents

a-ron adding his….. unique sensibility

liz from ASS lending a hand

something else to worry about why do i do this to myself

thankgiving eve

see i did steal a shitload of these fuckers i am a gal of my word

dont like it? taut titties!!!

caugh red handed
wow the puns just keep on coming


we prepared our contribution at Jory’s house while he was gone
hey whats this room

its the junk room
shhhhh! dont wake it

i used to have a junk room. i used to have a junk apartment, a junk psyche, a junk trunk, no judgements!

jory went to Yale and all he got was $75 boners

cooking cooking we hug and cook and pinch eachother

evan gruzis readymade
is evan gruzis READY to be MADE fun of??? his show opens soon (december 12), meaning he is officially in my Deitch fold, and he will be ripe for ribbing soon

fake butter those tits!

some rascal swiped our pies a’coolin’ in the winda’sill!

no more boob jokes no more boob jokes count on me
just descriptive adjectives
taut and textured!

turged and slimy

webbed and weedy

toothsome and steamy

malleable and matte

hand off!

sween n corny

blurred and browned

dr. tang gloss

“firmy”, as jeffrey would say

dont mind if i do!
we had thanksgiving at Roland’s girlfriend’s house it was a really nice house apartment whatever

oh man i feel kinda squeemy looking at this.
too soon?
too soon!

sean made his dad’s special rolls and seriously how special can a roll really be? these were!


i like stu’s approach
“it all goes to the same place”

i like pat’s approach

no time for socializing, thank you very much. we will just nap on your couch!
(i am real sleeping pat is fake sleeping) (loser)

stu trying to say he has pudge

stu imagining someone he doesnt like

stu devouring his enemy

ok thats enough food talk for a long time

what shall we talk of next?

a good QUEStion

maybe we need some perspective

lets blow this pop stand!

this is impressive just every time. every time forever

these people can only come from
no i took this picture because behind door number one is this year’s NEW deuce bar, better and badder you heard it here first
or i guess i heard it from a-ron and teddy loo loo lakis first but second is the best

behind door number two is the most awesome exhibition space where we are IT AINT FAIR ing, Al Moran and A-ron’s OH WOW

that is an acronym for the space but it also serves to describe the store display zone!

floor also ruling

a-ron never not avoiding working

this zone needs to be graffitiiid and blacklighted

this area needs to get dj-ed

this truck of Athens art needs to be unloaded

Al Moran trying to inch his catterpillar

back at nice hotel
when was the last time i took a bath, never?
this is soo like middle aged soft womany it is grossing me out


room for one last boob joke?

what did (o)(o) say to ( + )( + )?

there is no punchline

only soft sleepin

oh actually the punchline is “this”: Herve This is a molecular gastonomist!

Quoth the cockroach

pew! patrick left his stinky photos on my computer last night


whats with his camera being full of hot girls???

some bitch

awww, did patrick take an “art ” photo? aw a cute art photo

just kidding
the reason we were using his camera is to shoot a cover to a book that will be coming out that is ONE HALF RETARDED one half amazing

more on that later

quick quiz:
what do this



and this have to do with eachother???



O.H.W.O.W. Presents IT AIN’T FAIR

Opening December 2, 2008 – 8pm-midnight featuring Deitch Projects, Peres Projects, Nueva Galeria De La Barra, A.S.S. Gallery, A.M.P., Picturebox and TV Books with curators Tim Barber, Kathy Grayson, Andreas Melas, Dan Nadel, Pablo de la Barra, Nicola Vassell and Terence Koh.

MIAMI, FL – November 24, 2008 – Aaron Bondaroff, New York City’s “Downtown Don”, brings his expansive community of artists, musicians, and weirdos to IT AIN’T FAIR. The second exhibition in Bondaroff and Al Moran’s groundbreaking O.H.W.O.W. space in the “West of Wynwood” district, this watershed project gets celebrated curators Tim Barber, Kathy Grayson, Andreas Melas, Dan Nadel, Pablo de la Barra, Nicola Vassell and Terence Koh to activate their various teams of artists in a huge multimedia exhibition featuring painting, sculpture, video and performance from artists all over the world with a focus on downtown Manhattan.

Over thirty artists will contribute to this exhibition, including a curated outdoor film series and a nightclub in the adjoining space that will include performances by The Gossip, A R E WEAPONS, and JD SAMSON, just to name a few. A hub of art activity, O.H.W.O.W. will be the first and last place you go each night of this year’s Art Basel Miami. Some of the featured artists at IT AIN’T FAIR include Tauba Auerbach, Stefan Bondell, Julia Burlingham, Scott Campbell, Kenneth Cappello, Comeau, Dearraindrop, Mark Delong, Chris Dorland, Jim Drain, Phil Frost, Patrick Griffin, Evan Gruzis, Brandon Herman, Gordon Hull, Todd James, Ben Jones, Kim Krans, Lachance, Adriana Lara, Jason Matthew Lee, Allan Macintyre, Eddie Martinez, Slava Mogutin, Noble, Jason Nocito, Rallou Panagiotou, Ara Peterson, Brad Phillips, Esther Planas, Michael Schmelling, Aurel Schmidt, Robin Schwartz, Ben Schumacher, Shinique Smith, Agathe Snow, Dash Snow, Francine Spiegel, Kon Trubkovich, Solange Umutoni, Jaimie Warren plus many more.

ABOUT O.H.W.O.W.: Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran’s Our House West of Wynwood (O.H.W.O.W.) is Miami’s most exciting high profile art space. Designed by Rafael de Cardenas of Architecture at Large, the venue features prominent international and U.S. based experimental art as well as innovative contemporary art forms through an alternative cross-disciplinary perspective. O.H.W.O.W. is located at 3100 NW 7 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127.

ABOUT TIM BARBER: Barber is a photographer, curator, book publisher, and designer. He oversees the website www.tinyvices.com , where he encourages visitors to submit their photographs and artwork.

ABOUT DEITCH PROJECTS: Deitch Projects is the creation of renowned art dealer Jeffrey Deitch. Comprised of three gallery spaces in New York City, he has presented radical exhibitions since 1996.

ABOUT PERES PROJECTS: Iconoclastic dealer Javier Peres’ gallery in Los Angeles, Berlin, and occasionally Athens. He represents Dan Colen, Agathe Snow, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Dash Snow, and rose to fame through his discovery and promotion of Terence Koh.

ABOUT KATHY GRAYSON: Grayson is director of Deitch Projects, curating shows there and all over the world. She edits books, writes for i-D magazine, and makes paintings.

ABOUT PICTUREBOX: A Grammy Award-winning art, music, photography, and comics publisher based in Brooklyn, New York, directed by Dan Nadel. PictureBox specializes in bringing artists’ visions to print in startling and unexpected ways.

ABOUT NUEVA GALERIA DE LA BARRA: Presenting new work by Adriana Lara, Radames ‘Juni’ Figueroa, Esther Planas and invited friends Angelo Plessas and Brandon Herman.

ABOUT ANDREAS MELAS: Melas is the owner of new art gallery, A.M.P., located in the toughest, grimiest neighborhood of Athens, Greece. He recently mounted the first solo show by Ben Jones this September.

ABOUT NICOLA VASSELL: Vassell is a Director at Deitch Projects. She has curated shows at the gallery and in her Soho loft space. She edits art books, and is a member of the Obama National Arts Policy Committee.

ABOUT TERENCE KOH: Koh is an internationally famous artist and director of downtown Manhattan gallery Asian Song Society in Chinatown. He has presented exhibitions by Aaron Bondaroff, Javier Peres, Matthew Stone, and many more, as well as exhibiting his own art in museums around the world.

PROJECT MANAGER – JULIE MACHADO: Machado grew up in Miami and has been working at Deitch Projects for the past four years. She has helped to organize major projects like Live Through This (ABMB 2005), The Paper/Deitch Art Store (ABMB 2006), & the AVAF performance (ABMB 2007). She also runs her fashion label, BluPrint Clothing.

For further information or high resolution images for reproduction contact:
O.H.W.O.W. / Our House West of Wynwood
Karina Ors – karina@oh-wow.com


this is a serious team

get here!

additional flyers:::

nathan’s awesome portland show too

the art boom is over and the shitbags are re-inheriting its earth!
cockroaches live through art armageddons

we will eat fish fries from the 24 hour asian kitchen and be fine

The worms play pinochle

walking around mindin my business

my business which everyone is saying is going down the tubis

whats this funny thingie?

just this art production fund pop up on wooster

neat! wait this says this is Chris Wool

very eenteresting!
the art production fund is helping fund the performances for the AMAZING INCREDIBLE MIAMI EVENT I JUST CANT KEEP SECRET ANY LONGER!

except for the duration of this posting
secret at the bottom!

PG DJ! oh bebe

last night was driven by colors and textures
i have been having a hard time explining to this graphic designer what exhibition design i want for NEW YORK MINUTE in rome, and this post will cover it so I HOPE YOURE READIN!






boys gone wild

im a fan



pat was splat by the time we came home

this fascinated him


so did pupcorn

too many PLANET EARTH disks makes pat a wilde beast!

watchin ghostbusters

while pat sleeps

ghostbusters is awesome

while pat sleeps

marks of the beast

who took this photo? was i blackedoot?

ok ok the big secreet
or rather the short version
long version tomorrow
who made that fabulous pin?

you know who!

We got the last Tofurkey at Whole Foods

a sunday night blog what?
in case you were worried about me or bored about me

happy thanksgiving!

happy paint pants
“i’m an artist”

happy thanksgiving 24hour asian deli downstairs!

happy thanksgiving pests

happy pat dj night tomorrow!
or it will be if you come hang out with me

jory’s flyer has better drop shados
“a feast for the eyes”

“no more quotes”

FIRE industries

I can’t even enjoy a blade of grass unless I know there’s a subway handy, or a record store or some other sign that people do not totally regret life.

hmmmmm frankohara

regret has been creeping all over me nonetheless
despite all my cultural production

despite having a fun studio visit with Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenney last night::

they are one of the first studio visits to request i bring patrick along
i loved it!

so did pat

brian made these on old SHOOTING TARGETS like that you shoot at at a range or something
there were some with dogs, some that looked like cops, some that were holding like a caulking gun (presumably you werent supposed to shoot those) guys holding children, etc

photo slava took at Christiania, lawless zone, selfgoverend region of 850 inhabitants in Copenhagen

this is the flag of christiania

cute i was just looking up rimbaud and verlaine photos, reading a new biography of him that made him seem like quite a jerk, sympathizing with the terrorized Verlaine seduced by tilleuls vert and then googling tilleuls to remember it was spelled thus: tilleuls

on divague

a project from blackbook

anonymous coupling

is that a pun?

great title

i wonder what slava’s poems sounded like in russian

brian is doing this really sweet project defacing/reconstituting this psychobabble novel into something awesome

we looked at I BE AREA on youtube and SSION and SIA putting pantyhose on her fase and youtube party! sometimes it is

ate sushi

slava told us he long ago attended state dinners uninvited and stood on tables naked pissing on russian writers

brian told us of some sad drunk guy lost his fingers falling onto a smoking gate

we bemoaned the depletion of the “scene” from hard drugs

what else?
je m’en vais au vent mauvais qui m’emporte deca dela pareil a la feuille morte

why am i so poetical? and sentimental today?

why do they put poems like this on the subway?

Les saglots longs
Des violons
De l’automne
Blessent mon couer
D’une langeur

Tout suffocant
Et blême, quand
Sonne l’heure,
Je me souviens
Des jours anciens
Et je pleure

Et je m’e vais
Au vent mauvais
Qui m’emporte
Deçà , delà ,
Pareil à la
Feuille morte.

seriously why do they want to make me cry

no one wants to talk about my purse FINE anyone wanna talk about jake being back in nyc?

we met him at ANNEX to see thingie and then went to CAKE SHOP to see more thingie
anyone wanna talk about anything? maybe people are just plain talked out


cory should do a piece where he studies the number of “art talks” and finds commonalities in their topics. or searches all the art press releases from, like, 2008, and make a spreadsheet of the most commonly used words

this year has been
pop punk ham-fisted verité naïf raw abject absurd adumbrated spastic supersaturated gloss

i didnt realize lead singer guy was former VICE head
he was awesome!

80s metal cover band

who can be depressed and poetical when there are people to shove???

actually that was the weird souce of my ennui was feeling bad for being a BULLY recently

this dumb guy burnt one of my LIVE THROUGH THIS books while he was installing a SWOON exhibition downstairs and he wanted to be in the IT AINT FAIR this year and i blew up at tim barber saying fuck that guy no way will i let some shitface hater in a project of mine

being the “tough” and “honor-loving” woman that i am not

and the guy apologized, to which i sent him a very angry and un-forgiving reply

and then i couldnt sleep that night wondering why i am so unable to properly maintain honor-related boundaries, wondering why i look up to those can and do, but am totally incapable of doing it myselt, that i just want to forgive people always and hug and not care that they insulted me or my friends and just forget about it

why am i talking about this i am being a freak
this weird squabble touched on deep upsetting issues unrelated to the squabs


PATRICK mi NOVIO mi carino, mon petit chou, mon petit, quelle dommage, que mono, que suerte!

when my brain is off it plays these records

au secous au rebours au recherche du temps perdu au lait au revoir
aux folles aux armes citroyens bateauxxxx chausettes choux prolux choucroute chouffle ccharmonix

oaxaca ixtapa last night slava said what am i, the triple X triple A? it took me a second


i dont care

FIRE sale!


On n’est pas sérieux, quand on a dix-sept ans.
—Un beau soir, foin des bocks et de la limonade,
Des cafés tapageurs aux lustres éclatants!
—On va sous les tilleuls verts de la promenade.

Les tilleuls sentent bon dans les bons soirs de juin!
L’air est parfois si doux, qu’on ferme la paupière;
Le vent chargé de bruits,—la ville n’est pas loin,—
A des parfums de vigne et des parfums de bière…


—Voilà qu’on aperçoit un tout petit chiffon
D’azur sombre, encadré d’une petite branche,
Piqué d’une mauvaise étoile, qui se fond
Avec de doux frissons, petite et toute blanche…

Nuits de juin! Dix-sept ans! On se laisse griser.
La sève est du champagne et vous monte à la tête…
On divague; on se sent aux lèvres un baiser
Qui palpite là , comme une petite bête…


Le coeur fou Robinsonne à travers les romans,
—Lorsque, dans la clarté d’un pâle réverbère,
Passe une demoiselle aux petits airs charmants,
Sous l’ombre du faux-col effrayant de son père…

Et, comme elle vous trouve immensément naïf,
Tout en faisant trotter ses petites bottines,
Elle se tourne, alerte et d’un mouvement vif…
—Sur vos lèvres alors meurent les cavatines…


Vous êtes amoureux. Loué jusqu’au mois d’août.
Vous êtes amoureux.—Vos sonnets La font rire.
Tous vos amis s’en vont, vous êtes mauvais gout.
—Puis l’adorée, un soir, a daigné vous écrire!…

—Ce soir-là ,…—vous rentrez aux cafés éclatants,
Vous demandez des bocks ou de la limonade…
—On n’est pas sérieux, quand on a dix-septs ans
Et qu’on a des tilleuls verts sur la promenade.

fucking shit i forgot these:

pee pee boss

and i was so excited about this bunny one for terence

Nights and weekends

this is where my camera battery was nov 18 when pat and i dressed up super styling and went to the Rx Art auction i helped curate

the crowd was fancy, the drinks were fancy, the h’ors-d’oeuvres were indifferent
just kidding they were fancy as well

and the shame was that Evan, Ben and Aurel had works in it that no one will ever see all because of dumb me charging the stupid battery!

pat and i ate as many vegetable fajitas as possible last night to store energy for our all-night painting exxtravagaaanza

pat had exhausted himself during the day recording a song with Mat and Brain
i know. patrick sang this song “slam and worm” with them and he was awesome. and we all know pat can dance. rockstar material!!!

i finished my painting

while wearing my Chicks On Speed “its a project” smock and feeling really dorky

but first i dropped the camera and it was foggy for 5 minutes

pat said i shouldnt post it but it doenst matter you dont care, do you? i mean im not a REAL ARTIST so who cares what i twaddle out from nights and weekend?

its this

wait that photo is too TUNGSTEN SETTING

its this!
it looks like a takeshi video still mostly, but in real life it looks very painty and less so
it is a photo i found on the internet of someone taking photos of their TV while the cable was fucking up this rap video. the center is like some fat dude and there are three hot chicks sitting on the sides of him. see?
just kidding. you cant see anything really between the distortions of the TV and the cable and my painting it badly

i wanted to practice making new forms that weren’t as video gamey or literal pixely. i dont know if it worked right.

please dont say anything critical about me or this because why pick on a poor night and weekender?

i got this fabulous purse for $8 on ebay.
feel free to comment on the purse!

Clowns to the left of me

i painted this for James Fuentes’ works on paper show that might open tonight???
why dont i know?

this one’s getting fun

this is Pat’s piece for fuentes. pugnacious pat!

we got invited to nice dinner at Meghan’s house so we brought some palm fronds

they made food
this thing on the right was the best thing. dill cracker? i dont know i am so hungry right now

they had this

hey whats that

ooh i want that

i got it i got it!

the fud

the hosts

the special guest

this was good i still cant read it really tho

fun w wigs

and teddy accessories

the best one on the cutest pup!

above the waist, at least

walkin home

oh shit what did they do to my block????

at least neighborhood improvement continues unabated in other areas


almost done!
it will look better done i promise

lets end with a real piece of art
another asian artist whose name i forget made this in ASS
it is a sculpture of michael jackson if he had never had weird surgeries/pigmentation issues

“Sorry I haven’t posted in a while”

“is anybody out there reading this?”

i didnt have my camera at Cory’s TEAM opening but i did snag it before walking over to the New Museum to see his lecture/stand up routine/avante gardian performance

wheres cory wheres cory i think i see paul b davis
oh wait nevermind that is the EAI guy maybe
or the Rhizome dude?
subculture alert

i wrote this about a Cory lecture in the 2004 Live Through This book essay to give you some random context:

… And this is the spirit of the art itself, too that you can feel reaching out to you in the art object- like I go to this Whitney performance thing as part of the 2004 Biennial with Dash, Ry, Katie Davis, Scott Hug and Phiiliip.  There, Cory Arcangel is on the stage in the café area with a whole bunch of contraptions debuting his IPOD piece. And he’s just this stand up comedian-level hilarious nice person, standing in front of some screen that says “Dollarz +data Noise, hacking the hell out of the nintendo entertainment system, upload that HIZZY to the DIZIEEE!!! RAM?” like totally, totally psyched on what he’s doing while everyone is just like what the flying fuck is this?  And then by the end of this talk/performance no joke, how cliché, but this very elderly woman next to me grabs my knee and is like “I think I get it, I do!” with her old lady face I mean, bananas. He’s taking what is, if not always highly complex, then exceedingly intimidating stuff and making it accessible and interesting to what you’d think would be the most skeptical of audiences. It’s not just a nice afterthought for Cory, it’s part of the art- its prime moving force is to communicate and demystify. Intrinsic to the hacker sort of subculture or whatever you wanna call it is the mandate to share – any cool hacks, codes, viruses, etc., are posted shareware, free use, copyleft to use the vernacular. For his Foxy Production Infinite Fill show Cory and his sister Jamie posted and open call online for submissions. He even has elaborately photoed instructions on his site so you can actually make any of his artworks yourself.

side note: was i on speed when i made this book i cant remember it fucking sounds like it

back to the lecture at hand sorry
so Cory told a story of how he got temporary amnesia for a few (months? too long) and he had to develop a rigorous approach to writing his ideas down. then when his memory came back, he then had no way to filter his ideas (which he used to do by never writing ANYTHING down and letting natural memory delete the boring ideas) and is overwhelmed with dumb art ideas

not all of them were dumb. this one is his belief that by turning use your illusion 1 and use your illusion 2 into one curated single album, that this album would be better than appetite for destruction

sidenote: his brother whom i have never met was in the front row and looked like cory crossed with axl rose crossed with ice hockey

that says “my neighbor’s windchimes play Wanksta (50cent)”
the most curious thing to me about this is that there is a song called “wanksta”

another confusing to kathy hip hop reference

if i was green i would die

cory went to oberlin conservatory of music and there were many music geeks in the audience sniggering uncontrollably at these

i have no idea what this means for example

the lecture was 50 ideas from his idea list
not so we would go an do them, mind you

he said he tried actual standup recently and was boood offstage

this sounds dumb but in sound sound was hilarious

why aren’t there yves klein paintings of the official “jay z blue” cory asks?
why indeed

why arent there spray tan paintings? i mean come on people, he pleads, arent there 40,000 artists graduating each year from gradschools?

check it out, stefan!

if this is too long a song for you feel free to scroll ahead

jose, who i really like, says when he finds art boring, “i’d rather watch toast burn”

he has a blog of just reposts of ther blogs that begin with “sorry i havent posted in a while”


was he making fun of the New Museum?





this was in the show at team

this as well


also in TEAM show
two computers sending OUT OF OFFICE auto replies back and forth

his parents wouldnt come unless they could bring their dog, and the New Museum wouldnt let the dog in unless it was part of the performance, so the perfomrance ended with this dog

“hilarity ensues”

brief break to reflect on the lecture and drink margaritas and eat more Chile Rellenos

is this what i think it is?

our beer came with the labels pasted on upside down

after aurel lefft there were teens and then the teens left and mat from weapons came over for a long time.

today there were more vegan sammies right on schedule

and patrick looking gay with an energy drink

back to cory: was the lecture anything more than a compendium of one-liner ideas that were never worth excecuting because the time it would take to excecute them would be enough to make you bored of the idea?

the answer: sure!

the real question i would have asked during the Q and A if i werent in the absolute back row: are people always going to use technology so clumsily and will these endearing man/machine errors and conceptual and technical breakdowns continue indefinitely? is this a never ending story?

here is the Cory LTT blurb again 2004 by the by. oh how far we’ve come!::

Cory Arcangel  (BEIGE)
Cory is a computer nerd first and an artist second, which is to say his aesthetic and conceptual allegiance is to his dork peers and not the history of art, though both inform his work. He is so fully integrated into not only the aesthetic universe but also the mechanics and language of programming to prevent any flippant use of the digital medium: Cory doesn’t make art about “digital concerns” but, being digitally concerned, makes art. Think of him as a sculptor rearranging 8bit chunks of unalterable Nintendo Entertainment System image data into phenomenal bricolage video cathedrals. Or as Alex Galloway of Radical Software Group suggests, think of him as a math artist, as at the ground level Cory’s art really is .dw spritedata_start20 or set $2006 $3F.  Often in his work he must first develop the language and structure with which he can begin to think about programming the result: for example he created the way in which Paper Rad’s Jacob Ciocci could compose the music compositions for Super Mario Movie.  Noteworthy for its innovative use of medium and technical mastery, Cory’s gallery work brings up many interesting new ways of conceptualizing digital artmaking, but is most groundbreaking for coupling conceptual elegance with rare emotional depth.  His luminous Mario cloud chapel at TEAM was his first major foray into the art world, making anyone who thought digital was a “cold” medium think again about its emotive potential. He’s organized art shows, video screenings/ performances (Another Bad Creation at Deitch), and music tours (Summer of HTML with Paperrad.org) always committed to the excitement of collaboration, ways of making music, and ways of making old video games do awesome things.

Cory is a founding member of Beige, a.k.a. the Beige programming crew/ Beige Records, a loose knit crew of like minded computer programmers and enthusiasts making music and weird computer stuff.  Graduating from the Oberlin Conservartory of Music, Cory dreams of making a replica of EddieVan Halen’s 1978 “Frankenstrat” guitar and listens to acid house. He would like everyone to know he loves surfing the INTERNET. He has been included in Seeing Double at the Guggenheim, the 2004 Liverpool Biennial, and the 2004 Whitney Biennial of American art, where he debuted the spectaculat 8 bit faux- ipod and did a night of jangly green screen videos shot live with a bunch of really psyched teenagers. Cory also organized The Infinite Fill show at Foxy Productions with his sister Jamie, an open call black and white only art show based on the old MAC Paint.  He has a major forthcoming show at Deitch Projects in collaboration with Paperrad.org, for which he says “picture title screens, messed up fantasy worlds, castles floating on rainbow colored 8bit clouds, waterfalls, underwater dungeon nightmare rave scapes, dance parties, floating / mushrooms level scenes, Mario alone on a cloud crying, fireball flicker patterns, and video synth knitted 60 frames per second seizure vidz. Each scene will also have music & all being generated by this one 32k 1984 cartridge!!!!!!!!!!!” More excited about the prospect of mailing this mystery hacked Nintendo cartridge to his friends and influences, judging by the exclamation points, he says “imagine getting this in the mail one day out of the blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…>>!!!!!

and as long as we play reminisce, here is the essay he contributed to the book also:

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 16:42:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: cory arcangel
To: Katherine Grayson
Subject: Re: +++

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Katherine Grayson wrote:

> hey cory been meaning to ask you:
> was there one moment, event, etc where you were aware that something new was
> going on with things and were excited and wanted to get involved- whether
> its the art community, or music, or in general? can you think of something
> that was really inspiring and indicative of a new sorta goings-on?
> ok

oh ok,…good question.

I could prolly think of a few
the most OBVIOUS time was…when i first heard the record “maxi german
rave blast hits 2000″ by Bodenstandig 2000:


It was 1999, and my roommate at the time Paul B. Davis and a few friends
(this group would later be called BEIGE cause that was the name of our
record label) were working on our record called “the 8bit Construction
Set” which was a DJ battle record where one side we made with a commodore
64 and the other we made with the Atari800,….anyway so basically we had
been collecting and studying these old 8bit computers for a few years,
learning how to make music on them, and whatever (later I would get
obsessed with making videos on them)…….we did this just by ourselves
in our room which was piled high with any kinda computer junk you can
imagine (also remember ebay had just started to get popular)..it was kinda
like we were archaeologists who just discovered some weird land that we
kinda remember from when we were like 6 years old, (but not really cause
by the time we got down with computers they had mice, and trash
cans)….so kinda by ourselves we had gotten pretty deep into the 8bit
world.    So then through a contact at a UK record label who knew we were
doing this stuff we got a email about this new record on Rephlex Records
by this group of two German Guys called Bodenstandig 2000 :


Bodenstandig were 2 German guys who described themselves as “Hard Rocking
Scientists”, and their record was the best thing I had ever heard.  Think
pure real deal 8bit chip tunes (“chip tune” means music made on the
original sound chips of old video games and home computers) with harmonic
german folk singing over the top. Like a video game folk music, but more
important not silly, or ironic,…. also, the music wasnt samples, but
actually made on a music program that one of the members of the band wrote
for the atari ST home computer (If you have ever programmed computers you
know it is ULTRA hardcore to program your own music tracker and sequencer,
especially for a 16 bit machine).  So the record was basically the REAL
DEAL.  These weren’t guys doing it cause it was retro cool, but doing it
cause they loved it, and had always made music that way.  It was just
awesome.  Their lyrics were even about being computer nerds (this song
talk about how back in the day you had to actually make your own computer

Back then, we were nothing but cablefreax, lonesome cablefreax
Soldering was our joy
Soldering, not killing, cyberspace, not spam
Soldering was our destiny
Some even called us cyberpunx

Though they don’t exist at all
Our insulating tape was striped in black and yellow
We sieved silicon.

So, after that record I knew something was up.  Paul and I’s first
reaction was we had already been one upped, and we hadn’t even released
our record yet!! ha ha ha (the 8bit Construction Set wouldn’t be finished
for a few more months).  But more importantly here was a record made by
computer nerds on totally junk $5 computers.  I had never seen anything
like it before….totally 100% punk nerdzone. It was the first genuine
expression of a generation that grew glued to computers and video games
I had ever seen……. I instantly knew this record was where it was at.
Needless to say I was totally blow away……….

We eventually met Bodenstandig over email, and a few years later in 2001
“the 8bit Construction set” (we had somehow become a band at that point)
was flown to Munich to particiapte in an exhibition called “Make World”,
and as part of the show, there was a performance night called RoXor
(computer nerd for “to rock”)  organized by an European group called
micromusic (a web community that sprung up around the obsession of low fi
chip music) .  Our record was well recieved by the hip-hop comminuty in
the US (are only US show at that point was with Cannibal OX, + Kaiju at a
Soundlab show in NYC) and  and we still hadn’t found any like Nerds in this
country.  But at this show in Germany I realized there was a whole scene
of geeks making this kinda music (please note, nerd and geek are no long
negative words)  Anyway performing music at the opening night in Germany
was Bodenstandig 2000. The best picture I remember is of
the two German guys rapping over 8bit Ragga beats about teletext porn.
It was insane …so was Rolemodel, a young swedish kid who grilled me
before the show about my 8bit programming chops (it was obvious very quick
he could program me under the table) named Johan who had just released his
gameboy music program called littlesounddj….this is a program that lets
you make songs on your gameboy .  It was and is responsible for most of
the “gameboy” musicians that perform today….for his performance he just
sat there making his gameboy tweak out in various dance type tracks….I
remember thinking the sounds the gameboy were making were soooooo weird,
they had to be the work of the person who actually programmed the
sequencer….like a mad scientist torturing his creation…. , and last
was the YM Rockers…. they were English kids who make Atari ST dance
music, and regularly, to this day, release Atari ST music compilations on
floppy disks!!!!!!!  how rad is that????.  But anyway at that point I
realized in each country there were kids who decided either cause they
were nerds, or were lazy, or never knew any better, never stopped playing
on their crap computers, and decided to go about their business as if 32
bit machines were never invented.  i am 100% a product of this







Adult Contemporary

i had always wanted to name something that and now Cory Arcangel has named his show, opening tonight, that. didn’t i once name a blog that?
my brain is mush can someone clue me in on this?

aurel showed up to my work yesterday hot and bothered
weather in nYC right now sucks BTW

tim and aron and nikki and liz and julie and patrick had a meeting about the IT AINT FAIR and were actually quite an amazing brainstroming team. together we make one complete brain!

aron is such an interesting guy. “a puzzle wrapped in an enigma”
interesting developments to the show include
-NO FAIR tshirts to go with the pins
-bikini girls driving shoddy shuttles
-think different
-blacklight graffiti murals
-aurel midnight beach skinnydipping book release

it got weirder after that

due to the drinking part

i never pee when i go to max fish so i though i would take pictures

tim had a dream about this tshirt woke up and told Opening Ceremony about it so they made it

at least this street mess has soap bubbles in it

we couldnt find the magical restaurant we sought

and we got rained on

oh my pud i am very excited about us in miami

leaving a book meeting with DAP
worrying about getting the OTHER book ready by miami
dont even wanna mention it in case it all falls through


did this stupid thing time out?

i took time out of beeing a good girl to go to Terence’s funny event

he exhibited new paintings in Richard Avedon’s old studio. what you see here is a white infinity room filled with sugar paintings.

which is now owned (along with what seemed at least 4 additional floors) by Olivier Sarkosy, the brother of the French Guy

the event was hosted by this guy and Vito Schnabel

the house was lovely but featured a very CONFUSED version of “the history of street art” that went from exceptional Harings and Basquiats to

this total shite and even a FAILE painting that i was too revolted by to even photograph

see how good this basquiat was?

i liked this rained-on daffodil of an umbrella

i liked this sexy lady

javier had just gotten off a plane from London. i miss hanging out with him i forgot how much

the party rages on

jules rages on, with a new painter Nikki discovered named Solange from Rwwanda whose paintings are banging and will be in the IT AINT FAIR

which i think i havent told you about yet but i will!

she carved her name into Sarkosy’s Terence piece. Punk or ill-advised? you be the judge

so beyond on the way home i dont know what these pictures are of

being fucked up makes me lame

some people get cooler i get lamer

its fine i can admit that

pat apparently took this when i came home
i stayed up talking to him until really late and the stories i regaled him with were apparently hilarious

i invaded his shower this moring because this blog needed some skin

and i stopped in the rain this morning because this blog lacked graffiti!

yeah! fresh!