Norway in a nutsack II

oh yes we did!

so did this guy!~

the Flam Railway

the coldest stop on the trip

Kjosfossen, the wettest stop

lottsa tunnels


walking around Flam

then we got on a boat to Gudvangen


it was “bracing” out

the whole landscape was beautiful and wild and intense

i liked to look at the japanese looking

the boat stopped briefly at a no-road-access fjord town where people are supposed to live to super unnaturally old ages
this is matthew barney and his mom getting off there
i wish you could see his face looked 100% just like him

this is what my face looked like
pretty darn excited!



two fjord trolls

then a long bus

then night falling

then funny candy packaging at the local 7-11

we really did have an adventure together

Let it be booked with the rest of this day’s deeds

here it is, and here i yield it:

this barry mcgee piece was done a long time ago for a i think it was MIAMI VICE tv shoot, and one of the guys that worked on the shoot kept it and tried to get us deitch to sell it three years ago and we said no because it was semi-illbegotten but here it is at the

phillips de pury
450 west 15th between 10 and 11 ave

it is free today tomorrow and sunday and then it is gone

i went last night to the opening which inexplicably cost $20
but the money goes to printed matter so i cant complain

book fairs look like art fairs kinda

yak yak yak oh look at this oh look at that

except no celebs and fake celebs with lots of plastic surgery

these distinctions are unimportant
i see brian i see france!

look at Cinders ha ha!
i bought a Misaki Kawai zine from them

look at this thing!
we were really excited to see her, patrick most of all

this guy interviewed me for his magazine while i was in london

look at their new issue!

it is happening

there was a seperate room behind the bar area for gay zines, which was odd i guess?

got the new K48!
it is on my desk
tomorrow you will get “insider report”

am i missing the sexual pun?
i am missing the sexual pun i am sure i am!

a visionaire that looks pretty cool

pop up books


PictureBox had the busiest and best booth
best in show!

melissa B

cool new CF print top left

“put nudity here”

kathy lo guards the journal
patrick’s pin is ready! i cant wait to see it! oh man i want one now i ack ack ack

patrick chins the DADDY with scraped up knuckles and dash’s butthole posters behind him

dash’s dirty buttholes


$50 if you want one

what what??

dash’s polaroid book was out too
tinged with having wanted to do this book myself for 3-4 years and thinking i would be the one to get to do this book until just now
oh well
life is life

i cant quite muster nice things to say right now

who knows? if i had done it i might have said having 8 title pages was dumb and would have ruined it

thats it i think
except for

the cab
to take P to nice birthday dinner

the kissing

the kissing

the bailing out of jail

the kissing and the sleeping

and the morning commute!


that was just me needing to post images online to show during lecture due to powerpoint failure
dont worry, i made those images somehow turn in to an interesting lecture yesterday….

so anyway, pat and ben and ara and i are now DONE with our Norway experience. we passed all the tests. i only freaked out at patrick once. we got black-out style only once. right now me and ben jones and ara peterson are in the lobby of hotel drinking beers and exchanging computer data via USB sticks and camera memory cards. and ipods if we can get that to work.

more tomorrow of some fucking amazing fjord journey we survived today

oh wait:

ha ha!

New York Scenen

og og og got an hour till i have to talk about that to Bergens and am blowin off steam!

this is setting up

this is goofing off

i remember spending all of Miami 2005 in the back of this thing…

get outta that

ben pets his dog

jim and ara pop up

F F F F F effing F

i think ben is drinking a “manhattan” as part of new york week here

still setting up

missed the one little blip of sun while workin in the cafe

hang in there!

ok we did bask in a little sun

en route to the Kung Fu Panda shop

then we did this

look! its the museum

patrick is the worst ever photographer he gets banned from touching my camera from now on

and he a compulsive scribbler

we were making fun of trolls

when we stumbled on this

back to the museum


though we needed at least one “pat by the window” photo in this country

so heres three

opening next

The black tulip


the last piece in Aurel’s show i didnt get to post last time
we had a photo-free opening it appears so if you werent there to see the huge crowd and everyone’s hot fall fashion, then you missed out

you can see meghan’s new supergoth jumpsuit teddy made but that is all you can see

i was so fucked up all night i though i had left my camera at work but then later when i reached “beyond fucked up” i found it in my purse and apparently took photos of things
this is where the night ended ended i think, at the Beatrice Inn maybe 4ish?

the face only a mother could love

these two damaged photos kinda cover it anyway!

time to go to the airport again

pat and i were so nervous we fell for buying novelty neck pillows

although his is kinda dignified i guess

in amsterdam

a cool article on my blog, the blog you are READING RIGHT NOW

five hours in amsterdam and pat wouldnt buy me the @$%ing black tulips i wanted

whoah where are we now

this is like 24hours after leaving new york we finally get to bergen

beautiful bergen!

running to the museum with Terence’s wig
i shoulda taken more photos of us traveling with this ridiculous huge geisha wig
oh well


things were totally happening

this is totally happening

this is one killer piece let me tell you


so if you know anyone in sunny bergen norway, please tell them to attend my opening this friday, October 10 at 8pm at this place!

for ara

this fucking made me laugh for an hour

still dont know what i am supposed to hang here

what an enticing bed

now its morning and pat is sick in bed and i am here installing the AVAF part just dancing with my se-elf