Norway in a nutsack II

oh yes we did!

so did this guy!~

the Flam Railway

the coldest stop on the trip

Kjosfossen, the wettest stop

lottsa tunnels


walking around Flam

then we got on a boat to Gudvangen


it was “bracing” out

the whole landscape was beautiful and wild and intense

i liked to look at the japanese looking

the boat stopped briefly at a no-road-access fjord town where people are supposed to live to super unnaturally old ages
this is matthew barney and his mom getting off there
i wish you could see his face looked 100% just like him

this is what my face looked like
pretty darn excited!



two fjord trolls

then a long bus

then night falling

then funny candy packaging at the local 7-11

we really did have an adventure together

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