Deadbeat dadbeat dead

patrick is not forgiven for being in LA extra long but this Matt Leines book is

from Dirt Wizards

to Majority Whip

to Trunk of Humours

to Cabinet of Curiosities

and more too but that’s where my part of the story ends

thought i might show you more of PAPER BACK

this is the mockup of what will be the most exciting book this winter!
it is not done at all but i cant resist showing you two things

this beast in full

ok that was three things sorry sorry no more!

ben brought some gifts from picturebox to our meeting

dirty deeds

done dirt cheap



danielle levitt released her new book here wednesday night with cheerleaders and photos!

it was so crowded the whole time this is the only photo i got to photo!

teens with makeup
hindsight is 20/20!

got my doggie batman haloween costume from ebay yesterday
now i just need a dog!

first more books

new k48 space craze!

with CD


michael b



dont know

mungo updates slater

not yet in stores

have i mentioned before i love Os Gemeos?
i see them as true public community artists and inspirations, outside of a gallery context in my mind entirely

they did this to a castle in scotland
how awesome is that?

we had to hang up these kehindes in aurel’s show for a sec to show this museumguy

thought it would be a good chance to look up close at the new faces of kehinde

he’s won me over!
or maybe im just in a good mood today

kembra and i had high tea together yesterday at this ridiculous “cozy” grandmother place which is so un-satanic or Kembra at all!


seriously i didnt realize how it was always my dream to drink tea and munch daintily on cucumber sandwiches!
patrick watch out i am dragging you to fairy teatime when you get back

a beautiful cold evening to be biking around pieceing together an outfit!

nikki’s house to assemble it


boy did i look smokin but you wont get to see you just get to see photos from the funny BCA 10 Awards Ceremony at the Natural History Museum for businesses who donate to the arts awards

where they serve you food like this

show videos and clap intermittently like this

where uneaten desert melts like this

where you retreat as fast as possible to the LES

where you find Bacaro and wanna drink a bottle of sparkling red

double sigh!

to come home
oh pud pud!


the only kind of bondage i am feelin right now

here’s a busy sunday of walking around williamsburg for you
this lady asked me to take her picture it was really cute

large and in charge

finally got to see one of these in person

yay! contributin essayist!

spoonbill has TV BOOKS

went to the Journal gallery to receive our one pin each
it is the most beautiful pin oh i love it so much!


sean got a new thin wafer coputer air pocket whatever its called
and is watching the west wing

had a meeting at the pink pony with aron et all to plan some miami show more on that later

found this on the street

pretty wild

also pretty wild

we’ve started going to the chinatown YMCA and love it and work on our

and swim but we havent swum just yet

what else?

sorry this part of the blog is vague
the journal opens a show tonight of the cover lady photographs BTW

i dont care if its rambly

foot it girls!
went to buy some pumps at the esses st market but they didnt have any

did i mention i bought a david shrigly book while at spoonbill

i found some pumps on a corner finally

pat and knife and johnny pump

which one wins?

a-ron gave us some shirts, his new series NEW WORK
can you guess who is who?
this is jack walls’
you dont have to guess


adam mcewan



douche chills

aurel’s is the best one, if i may impartially judge

fire escape pump guards let us sleep soundly

Virgin america

had enough of me and pat the projector?

bad bad bad

this may look icky but it is the absolute best tasting food ever that patrick makes
fake chicken thingie, frozen peas, coconut milk, thai paste, potatoes celerty yum yum yum yum yum

full of stew, we went to see the virgins last night around 1am

donald is a great front guy. he makes me in a good mood. he looks like a perma teen sorta awkward big featured still growing into his ears boy

do be do be do be do be



sprayed wade?

“action shot”
this blog needs some audio

this butt needs some audio

awww and more fun with projectors it is just too much fun right now!!

im going home to watch the harmony korine movie on the projector and eat leftover thai fud

This little piggie stayed home

patrick is at home layin in bed eating french fries

he had a big night last night!

he huffed and he puffed

and he turned 25 again!

so many people came to party with us it ruled

watched a lot of this

naomi, in purple leather, did all the decor

sometimes aurel really looks like a teen

ssometimes colin really looks like an underwear model

jory looks like he had fun

this guy had fun

somebody had a LOT of fun

cant ever seem to get a decent photo of this pin of dash’s its like unphotographable
maybe because the thing it is attached to is so squirmy

patrick loves to dance alone

patrick hey patrick time to go buddy

weird aspects of arrow bar decor: this

as we were leaving a forcefieeld video came on too

ok ONE last dance

i love you so much bebe
happy birthday!

in our extreme birthday indulgence we set up a projector in our bedroom to watch movies while the sun came up

we work hard, we play hard!


(my blog has been on fritz so this is from daayyyys ago

a lovely traditional norwegian name we learned about last night with
Solveig, the Kunsthall director who was in New York


cheesy cigarettes courtesy “FANTASIA”

what else has been going on?
this was this morning drinking coffe
lookin out window

these are my two new paintings
titled “Hde and Seek”


this is us going to PS1 to see Solveig’s artist who had an

PSfarm was pretty cute and dumb they even had chickens! who are cute
and dumb as rocks

this is the norwegian guy dammit the only name i have in my head now is


changes depending on how you look at it

i liked his thing. was a
little like Banks had visited Norway and done a really influential show
there a few years ago, which he did, but that is fine too!

this was another group show called NEO HOO DOO that was the worst show
i have ever seen at PS1 and usually i don’t ever like their shows anyway so
that is saying a lot
it said it was put together by the Menil
remind me not to pay my entrance suggested donation next

bored of art

lets play with our food

and our new toys

oops now its friday night?

friday morning?


vegan supersandwich day?
every day when you are with

i think thats it

Aurel’s show is still on view, despite my last AUREL POST being a while
ago, and it will be up till Halloween

i dont want to jinx myself but
i am trying to plan an awesome pumpkin closing event here for it
if i
dont get that thing off the ground, you MUST come to see her show sometime
tuesday-saturday 12-6pm or you will hate yourself for the rest of your
or she and i will
or just me


br>are we all in for it

br>whichever flyer is more appealing to you, read that one and COME

Slag drag!

is a city in Norway.
and all this time i though it was “les autres”

we’ve had no internet at deitch for two days until just now
if you emailed me something important in the last 2 days please resend!

so this is what “expensive” vegan food looked like monday night

had dinner with ollie last night so i got to eat whatever i wanted at Lucien which was awesome
he is a “creative director” for the WB i mean at Warner Brothers

these are my new glasses by the way
i think they make me look less intimidating, no?
they make ollie look more drunk

so these two things you saw earlier

are for this!

it opens this friday for anyone in bay area

this blog is incoherent
im saving all my winning ways for Patrick’s big Birthday Bonanza tonight

i’ll leave you with this bitch, slaggin away in norway!

La palabra la palapa

say that five times fast
last night was great!
congratulations tim, hitting the big time, being a big photo mogul aperture book maker!
its funny in new york, even when you hit the big time sometimes you dont realize you have hit the big time because there are so many big and bigger times here!


i liked all the little o’s
this was a photo from their (unrelated) exhibit on czechosclovakia i mean Prague whoops

big O’s

woman of the hour

monkey of the month!

margarita of the year!

chile rellenos of the millenium!!!!
just kidding
anus rellenos!
just kidding

this guy used to be jim’s assistant?

peggy who made the scratch and sniff tights i touted before made this “hoodie”

there we go

walkin to work today i finally located small A projects but it was closed

the corner was open tho

this block is closed

this van is gay

this sunblock is over

this twist tag is hard to see

these butts are mine!

this is happening Oct 29

this is hilarious

i hope you can read it

this you will guess who brought it in

when you see

what it says!

this guy!

evan is having a show here after aurel’s called DARK SYSTEMS
since ALL the work is big secret, i will post a few really funny really old pieces he gave me on a disk a while ago::



not awesome
just kidding awesome

these funny photos were on a camera i found somewhere

dark systems!

maybe just systems in the dark?

dark vizie visors!

Dad moo

went to see show of band Dead Moon is now called with different drummer

it was great!
go netflix the documentary on them UNKNOWN PASSAGE

dad moo merch

i slept like a drunk little baby last night
it was wonderful

tonight i’m going to this
and you will too if you know whats good!

i love that:
“artists will be in attendance”

OMG! artists. i love hanging out with artists

Put nudity here

jamaican me crazy!
the moon and the shirtless sweaty soccer men

kathy and aurel drank as many top shelf grapefruit margaritas at barrio chino as they could afford
they had not hung out without a crushing stressball on both of them in months

then a-ron stopped them on the street outside and made them come hang out with some french girls he picked up (at his colette show just now?) at sweet paradise

but the cute bartender wasnt there and then my dumb boyfriend showed up
just kidding
he was in broooklyn with a dead phone watching TV Baby i don’t quite know how he found me
following the margarita trail?

i have this lamp in green

pretty wasted at this point
neckface was there we were drawing some pretty weird pictionary most of the night i remember

whatever whatever “insert party photos here”

this morning: what is this enticing delight that arrived for me?
besides tanya

it’s the ganzfeld!
made by dan nadel

this is the skinny:
$35.00 — normally $40.00

Edition of 1000
Art directed and co-edited by Ben Jones
Available only online

This is the final issue of The Ganzfeld. We got excited and just skipped 6 and went straight to 7. For this one we’ve really stacked the deck. Ben Jones art directed and co-edited the whole thing, even providing covers. Inside the 288 page, full color book is new work by: Brian Gibson, Lauren Weinstein, Taylor McKimens, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Jessica Ciocci, Chris Ware, Mat Brinkman & Joe Grillo (24 pages of collaborative drawings), Erin Rosenthal, Keith McCulloch, Peter Blegvad, Joe Buzzell, Jon Vermilyea, C.F., Eddie Martinez, Chuck Webster, Mike Reddy and many more. There are features on Marc Smeets, Joanne Greenbaum, Heinz Edelmann and Pshaw. And there are comics by Ben Jones throughout. It’s a brick. A monument. A terror.

If that weren’t enough it comes packaged with 4 more items only available as part of the package:

-Problem Solvers, the DVD, by Paper Rad. EXCLUSIVE to Ganz 7
-A 12 page zine collecting the best of Kathy Grayson’s blog
-A 24 page pamphlet examining the work of L.A. genius artist Bob Zoell by Norman Hathaway
-An 18×24 two-sided poster by Lauren Weinstein

That’s right: All of that! I’m done! No more issues! And remember, this one is available online online and, a little later, at 5 select stores. Only 1000 will be made. Ben and I pulled out all the stops on this one! Get it!

Boneheaded Dept:

We forgot to credit two crucial contributors:
-The painting on page two is by the wonderful Ms. Amy Lockhart.
-The inside front and back covers are by the masterful Pshaw!
Apologies for the oversight.

* brian gibson,
* ben jones,
* jessica ciocci,
* eddie martinez,
* norman hathaway,
* keith mcculloch,
* pshaw,
* heinz edelmann,
* mike reddy,
* mat brinkman,
* marc smeets,
* c.f.,
* andrew jeffrey wright,
* bob zoell,
* erin rosenthal,
* kathy grayson,
* chris ware,
* taylor mckimens lauren weinsten,
* jacob ciocci,
* chuck webster,
* joe grillo,
* paper rad,
* john illig
wanna buy it?

the first and most eye-catching component appears to be patrick’s ass

ben / dan exerpted my blog into a minizine

thank god i didnt write something mean about jeffrey on this one

andreas doesnt mind, does he andreas?

you are reading a blog about a book of my blog you are surrounded by blog everywhere you turn is a blog

everywhere i turn is a butt!

additional enlosures include this awesome video

this thing i dont know much about even though we hosted the show at deitch

dont know what these are in such a hurry to get to

the main course


look at this all


grilllo brinkman colab?


it’s funny to me that one of jim’s beautiful early artworks was making full coverage thick knit bodysuits. do you think that “hair suit” is the etymology of the word HIRSUTE?

barry mcgee surfin
these are AJW photos


i forgot a few norways here they are real fast alert old news old news!

the soothing gross pizza we ate sleeking over our rugged looks from the lecture part of the day

i guess it is gross to make a bear shaped like a worm

the teddy bear i grew up with and still have but that patrick put on a very tall shelf is named Potsy and as a kid i was sure that it caused Potsy unendurable pain to be petted backwards. my brother would chase me and try to pet Potsy backwards it used to drive me bonkers!!!

hopefully someday ben will capture the injustice of backwards petting in an Alfe video

Norway in a nutsack

finally some norway photos

at deitch every day the piece was installed some weird shit popped up on it
coffee rings, crumbs, butt prints, children hand prints all the way in there
who would stick their kid in there?

kembra’s video arrtived in the nick of time

i had to give an introduction talk

this piece looked awesome in the fake wall
it is the video ara used to “draw” Standing Waves

the takeshi corner

“dog installation 4”

the front view was @$%ing awesome

space one AVAF dominated!

my favourite photo from the whole opening

the nest video was so fast and furious you could barely even photo it

thank goodness there were photos too

people got kinda awkward when the BUTT parts came on AVAF’s piece

Ein adjusting the contrast on some butts

bomb bush bomb!

antoher view


the perfect still: terence in drag explaining in jibberish warhol in drag

drunk in Landmark, the museum’s built in hangout and bar zone

]closing time at local music cool bar The Garage” was intense!

where did the rest of the night’s photos go?
oh well
you guys have seen enough late night fucked up photos for a lifetime, right?

you wore a bowtie you tied yourself to the opening and were the cutest sweetest man

the next day i had to give a lecture
it was super fun!

after i bored everyone, Ara and Ben presented a seen-only-once-before video they collaborated on called WHAT FORCEFIELD WAS
it began iwth the fillm presentation of Ara’s epic cut clay video

then came “the passing of the clay”
talk about MATERIALIZED!!!

then the feature

this video within the video

gumby is pissed about the clay

the whitey bisexual

i guess its pretty hard to follow the story without some video footage but maybe you can get it
its pretty intense!

fake forcefield

troll noise rental

i’ll post the little vid i shot
the sound is the best part
and the first draft of the screenplay they included in the brochure
maybe ill scan it

what am i talking about?
i have to get back to real work!!!!

ps: the real norway in a nutsack post next