Good morning sunshine

everyday i wake up, brush my teeth, and look up to see this

since when did this become a graffitti blog?
as a bookend, then, please view the paragon of puente pieces:

can this picture be called a segue? one of those leany-wheel things the cops ride around DC on?

this is in peru, in cusco, in a shitty hotel. i bought that mask for 30cents outside in an alley

let that be a segue, then, to this piece of information: im returning to my alma mater to lecture to the artkids about… i guess about being an artdealer/curator/writeer? but i also have to talk about “what i painted at dartmouth” and “what i paint now” so i scanned this above monstrosity to turn this into a slide. its like 6ft of weird; i made it junior year; no further comment.

below is a photo from an AREA reception: the gallery Laura Tepper and i started at ye olde dartmouth:

back when david was german and tucked his tie into his pants

i forgot to mention that eddie gave me this rad handcoloured print he made with his PRINT GOCCO. if you dont know what that is, do a search for it on EBAY i just did and its awesome

oh fuuuuuckkk!!!!!!! wait:

check this thing out!!!! rachel carns designed this cover for m y next book PANIC ROOM which will be the DESTE foundation works on paper ive been helping with for months. i get to make another book!!!!!! im going to pee on the floor

she is the best designer ever here is the full front/back/dustflap design. sideways-like.

here is some more of her design work: wow! she works with chris perez’s ratio 3 alot

if anyone needs a designer, call her by all means!

lastly, patrick got film back from the past like bazillion months and sent me this phot:

in return he gets this visual pun:

get it big pun?
hint: thats my brother

Elle a chaud au cul

christina does, that is

sunday i ended up walking around w burg for the first time since i used to live out there (lies) but no not lies slight exaggeration it’s been a long long while. clovis books is now a cheese store? exactly

i kept seeing old friends’ tags and wanting to take pictures of them
see above no wait the one above is new

i know it’s sorta dorky of me but just you try to stop me

i think i started getting on their nerves a little? this is christina writing TOENALE on this wall in ballpoint pen. i think she was trying to make fun of me…..

tepper and christina just wanted to relax and eat tofutti cuties and not go on graffitti williamsburg tour

christina was houseitting (>?) at a huge fancyperson loft that looked like this

rich people get to have pianos

and flowergardeny porchthings

and funny art (this isnt that bad, right?) (i kinda like it)

and- holyshit!

this was in the kitchen. the person who lived there had seen it at the biennial and was inspired to make her own. it would take someone with a doctorate in ethical underground to decide whether this was ok or not.

the cat had great eyes but drove me from the premisis sneezing and snotting

might as well walk home since no train goes to grand n ludlow

saw this from the bridge wait let me get closer

look at this fucking stupid ugly monster. its a fucking idiotmonolith. and we all thought the rivington hotel was an eyesore….

i, however, just ate a bunch of split pea soup and feel like a homunculous, which might be worse. actually i feel exactly like this:

im drunk off two beers from the studio visit i just came back from so i dont know whether i posted this or not

ben! did i frame that last drawing upside down or no??? i need answers people

oh! and i know i havent posted this yet: new matt leines death from above!

studio visit: eddie martinez

ready? we will go fast in a circle

ok now YOU GUYS pick one to buy; i am too drunk

patrick is up working on a presentation on photographic interiors so ive been sending him a bunch of Dash’s interiors. this, patrick kindly alerted me, is actually an exterior

in return i got these:

monkey, goat, golden gopher:
patrick is such an animal

lastly: im off to london so next installment will be art damage / the random loves
oh my!

Disco 2000

im at my office, trying to recover from this weird Dartmouth wedding i just got back from…
sobering up, also known as COUNTENANCING but not really i mean, right?

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joel got married on this thing…. in bushwick. chris thor et al turned a weird like raversquat into a polished weddingable venue: is it called third base? no that is gross. its called third… monosyllable. it used to look like this inside

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wait lemme back up: tauba afterthingie i think was the occasion for andrea looking cute in funny night vision
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but then again, last week is une blur

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jd says its october but coulda fooled me. i thought it was still march

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i spent all afternoon 48foors above reality trying to figure out subtle interior design issues such as: should this wall be “heather” or “taupe”? or “tauba”?

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i did spend some time playing with what art this guy owned that i matched
i match jeff koons

so back to the dartmouth parrty: congratulations to the shudson and his new carido esposa. salud! or something. other than the warm fuzziness of people who care about eachother in lasting ways, there was the trauma of all the old Dartmouth people: weird girls who refused to shake my hand or some who wouldnt even look at me: weird ex’s who said inappropriate things, one dude who leaned me against a wall with a “where have you been all my life?” one dude who wanted to talk about various human groth hormones and their respective value to varying professional sports, one dude who told me all curators are phonies who have no place in the artworld…. and then asked me for my card so he could send me slides in the mail…..

the only people i enjoyed were hillary miller and her girlfriend. they told me all about everyting i wanted to know and were a total joy. someone buy hillary a playhouse! then eveything will be perfect

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after a fellow named “gunther” recounted to me an anecdote where he drove me home from his frat house in my car and then proceeded to drive 100+ mph in my MX-6 all around hanover NH for fun, i escaped to “go buy cigarettes” but really just to sit on the corner staring at this derelict building listening to Pulp blaring from the windows

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and wait for !@..$ing northside to come save me from this freakshow.

if i hadnt seen this on the way home:
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i wouldnt have a smile on my face right now

Head pile

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horay! i just sent this fellow to the framer as it just SOLD and will live in the trump towers for a bit. it will live across from barry’s headpile. i love this piece! but it might be upside down. ….ben?

here are some video stills from the Kitchen thing that i dissed, or tried to diss. this part was not the object of the diss. this part was great:

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speaking of no fear, i feel this intense electrical storm of anxiety building along my horizon. it looks like this:
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its caused by this huge project whose deadline was just moved up, and whose properties were just expanded. more tasks, less time, more urgency, less mulling, all doing no thinking ACK!!!!

this plant will help the project considerably though:

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is that a gym sock?

and i found a page that both barr and tauba are on:

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yes and not yes!

Gimme an A!

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the taub opens tomororw night.

this is the best piece:

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get it? its the alphabet spelled out in digital clock moving from the center outwards???
i think.

i was going to post a photo of her and then was like wait if it was a dude opening would i post a big phot of hte dude or just of his art?

and sadly the answer was ok if he was cute i would post photo, if his art was cuter than him then his art.

which is a SHIT answer by the way
so from now on, you will not learn the faces behind the art you will only see art!

for example:

bjorn copelands which one is better???

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that was a trick question 1) becaue you already know what bjorn looks like and 2) because these might be the same piece just upside down? no wait nevermind! theyre different

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this was in teh same show with the bjorns but was already sold


that is the shape of my client’s face right now

in other news:

i went to the thing at the kitchen last night wait let me find the proper term:

They Heart a Computer

Tuesday, October 3 8pm
Tickets $8

Curated by Lauren Cornell as part of Rhizome..s Tenth Anniversary Festival, this evening of live performances and video screenings explores forms of expression, desire, and anxiety prevalent in a culture increasingly influenced by the Internet. Doo Man Group (made up of Ben Jones, Jessica Ciocci, and Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad) interweaves live percussion with a dense collage of web-based visual ephemera. Jona Bechtolt (of Yacht) and Claire L. Evans combine music, dance, and PowerPoint to explore the possibilities and fallacies embedded in online communities. In addition, videos by Michael Bell-Smith, JODI, Shana Moulton, Takeshi Murata, and humorist Ze Frank investigate how the Internet amplifies and exaggerates life offline.

whateverwhatever: so the most uneven thing ever unevenever. is going on when i walk in really late, its like the nutcracker suite with untitled descktop folders and error messages. actually it was great

then this thing: Jona Bechtolt (of Yacht) and Claire L. Evans combine music, dance, and PowerPoint to explore the possibilities and fallacies embedded in online communities.

ive never been so annoyed in my life.

i stayed totally steaminghead annoyed all the way until takeshi’s amazing SILVER debuted on the big big screen, and then paper rad fixed everything and gave me another new DVD after. thank godness for paper rad! or else i would have demanded my complimentary $8 ticket back. oh wait

ok and i forgot the best part of tomorrow: afterdinner at lovely day if u wanna come email me and then AFTER of course 205 chrystie these guys will be playing around 1AM! please feel free to root around in my pockets for drink tickets too

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but only cute boys or talented female artists