F’erf f’oomph f’ooey f’uck the world

today stinks too! but i cant help but thrust phots into the public domain. its is now a desperate need. desperate! can u feel a sense of urgency in these?

um sidenote: so my very competitive girls soccer thing growing up our coach wouldnt let us pee before games in this weird pathological way abusing small children because he said it would help us play “with a sense of urgency”



ring ring

ding dong


eating face


glub glub glub


random love

i mean PROFESSOR random love

dash cop cum

koh bunn rotting crack heads




car clutch is on the other side of the room


museum gala + antibiotics

um sorry the commentary is so terse i just dont CARE about ANYTHING (see previous post) as the rug of life has been pulled briskly from underfoot. rug of life! see how fucked up i am i wrote RUG OF LIFE

but the above phots can be summed up as: USA TODAY, the PS1 shows, the frieze, the whateversville, makes me think curators are either woefully in the dark:

(saatchi didnt even bother to LIGHT dan’s wall properly!!!)

or have their heads up their own arses:

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