ready for the most stressful incoherent disjunctive series of photos ever?

i spent last night, well i would say “out partying” but the salient characteristic of the night was the barfing and freaking out and crying on phone to who i can only assume to have been a very unfortunate friend for 2 hours.

it started when i went to wburg to pick up this video art book that fucking kinda scooped me

ry refused to return my phone calls on his real birthday, sunday, so i took him out to dinner last night instead. i bumped into Kane while walking there so the team then consisted of these guys

except at diner not outside deuce bar

aurel was vaguely involved with something going on at motor city so i went there
my friend christina met me there, only to be harassed by neckface and flirted at by tim

except aurel was a raver not a donkey

i was not an astronaut

overqualified intern alex was david hockney tho

wait that was ssaturday whoops. so saturday jorge meghan teddy threw une early haloweiner party that totally exhausted me for tonight

meghan was not julius caesar

but boy was nikki ever tina!

it was at jorges house (fellow on the right) but spiky phil did not attend (fellow on left)

today, despite enormous pain in all parts of my body i did manage to write this press release. wanna hear it?

JANUARY 6 – 27, 2007


Deitch Projects is pleased to announce a group exhibition of dangerous females featuring Julie Atlas Muz, Kembra Pfahler, E.V. Day, Breyer P-Orridge, Vaginal Crème Davis, Bambi, and Liz Renay. These artists utilize various media for their confrontational, edgy exploits but all share a background in cutting-edge performance. This exhibition will feature not only performance, but also all manner of media to give a truly three-dimensional view of the artists.

Taking on the title WOMANIZER, not in the sense of a womanizing male subject but rather to “ize” with or to saturate with femaleness, this exhibition will illustrate the unique vocabulary of these funny, transgressive, beautiful heroines. Horror, hedonism, pandrogyny and pussies will all figure prominently, as these challenging artists show sculpture, video, photography, and exploring couture.

Julie Atlas Muz is Miss Exotic World 2006 the highest honor available in the neo-burlesque world from which she hails. A performance artist, choreographer, star of the burlesque stage and all around naked lady, Julie has been included in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, and in the 2005 Valencia Biennale in which she swum as a mermaid in Europe..s largest saltwater tank with over 450 fish, two sharks and one giant eel. A Lambent Fellow and recipient of the Ethyl Eichelberger Award, Julie uses arousal and humor to invigorate and manipulate the audience, encouraging an investment of a more intellectualized interpretation. The political evening length show I am the Moon and You are the Man on Me, Julie played the moon with seven men in a race to colonize her, received standing ovations every night, when an American Flag was planted in her asshole by two miniature astronauts. Julie has toured the nation with the Sex Workers Art Show tour and recently returned from London where we wowed audiences with her signature ..Moon Balloon Act.” In WOMANIZER Julie includes one of her most shocking and patriotic characters, Mr. Pussy, to welcome everyone to the exhibition.

Kembra Pfahler is the iconic founder and lead singer for “the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black”; the legendary theatrical shock band which is one part high fashion glamour and one part horror film archetype. Using what she calls anti-naturalism and availabism, she creates a compelling new female paradigm. At her solo show in 2003 at American Fine Arts company she exhibited not only drawings and photographs but also performed the much-heralded ‘Wall of vagina’. Her new work promises to be ”Femorabeliac”, according to the artist, and in this exhibit she will be showing fornicating skeletons and newly-birthed Karen Black babies.

E.V. Day is a sculptress known for her embittered bride battles and exploding couture. In this exhibition she works in black and white to make sculptures that imply action or performance, but seem to freeze it at its moment of obliteration. This series was begun in 1999, in which Day suspended women..s dresses in space with fishing line and hardware. For example, in Bombshell (1999), exhibited at the 2000 Whitney Biennial, Day took a piece of iconic attire (Marilyn Monroe..s white halter dress) and arranged it to feel as if the forces of the implied figure are so powerful that the garment literally blows off, as if outgrowing its stereotype.

Breyer P-Orridge is the conflation of Genesis (from Psychic TV3 and Throbbing Gristle) and Jackie into one pandrogynous identity. Sculptures, photographs, and video will present the extended performance of this work documenting the two artists meeting in the middle of gender through all manner of synthesis, including surgeries. Breyer P-Orridge have had their first solo show under that name entitled “BREAKING SEX” at the Concordia University Gallery, Montreal in March of 2003. They are currently working on a DVD called Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, which shows Genesis getting all of his teeth replaced with solid gold.

Vaginal Davis is an originator of the homo-core punk movement and a gender-queer art-music icon. Her concept bands — including Pedro Muriel and Esther, Cholita! The Female Menudo, black fag, and the Afro Sisters — have left an indelible mark on the development of underground music. Like Ron Athey, Ms Davis made her name in LA’s club performance scene, and has earned herself a similar notoriety as a cultural antagonist and erotic provocateur. Her live works feel collagist in nature as she layers memory and pop culture inextricably.
Set apart from gallery-centered art, and Hollywood movies, and from those systems’ necessities of high-polish, low-substance production, Vaginal Davis’s low-budget—often no-budget — performance, experimental film and video practice has critiqued exclusionary conceits from the outside. Davis has been a prolific producer of club performance, video and Xerox-produced Zines, and other forms of antagonistic low-cost, high-impact work. Such as in her drag reconstruction of Vanessa Beecroft’s Navy SEALs performance, Ms Davis derails collector-friendly raciness in spectacles of femininity, queerness and blackness. She critiques both the gallery system and the larger cultural trend that it mirrors, with tongue-in-cheek self-exploitation and rude provocations of racial and gender confusion.

Liz Renay’s extraordinary life could almost be a movie script. Raised by fanatical religious parents, she ran away from home to win a Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest, and become a showgirl during the war. She eventually became a gansters moll and when he was arrested she refused to co-operate with the authorities and was sentenced to three years in Terminal Island prison, where she wrote her autobiography. On release she became a stripper, and self-publicist, performing the first mother and daughter strip and the first grandmother to streak down Hollywood Boulevard.
Liz, nee Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins (b. April 14, 1926 in Mesa, Arizona) is an author, actress, and convicted felon who appeared in John Waters’s Desperate Living. In her book, My First 2,000 Men, she claimed flings with Joe DiMaggio, Regis Philbin, and Cary Grant among many other male celebrities. She and her daughter toured with a striptease act. Her other books include My Face for the World to See and Staying Young (Lyle Stuart, 1982). My Face for the World to See was reissued in 2002, headlined “A Cult Classic,” with a forward by John Waters.
Bambi the Mermaid, Queen of Coney Island is a performance and fine artist and co-curator of the long running Burlesque at the Beach at Coney Island USA. Bambi will be showing a selection from her ongoing series Freak Pin-ups which stem from traditional pin-up vocabulary yet celebrate physical flaws as beautiful. Using the backdrop of Coney Island and traveling carnivals Bambi enlivens and reenacts extreme characterizations of human oddities witnessed from her exploration of the worlds of freak shows, strip clubs, pornography and fetish role play. Her artwork is at once both transgressive and accessible, appealing to both adults and children in the tradition of Pee Wee Herman. Her photos are all created live with no effects or retouching. Bambi..s Freak Pin-Ups have been shown at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, CBGBs, the Williamsburg Historical Society Museum, the Coney Island Museum, and many other locations.


any typos in that please let me know !

so i was looking through my old iphoto thing because i was trying to upload a decent photo of this damn painting i made way back whenever it was i used to care about things like this

im sorry. that last bit was the overwhelming depression talking. i will try to keep it at bay

so anyway what the old ipoto upchucked was the most stressfull stew here it is:

the most stressful photo ever

the second most stressful photo ever


poop patrol





wait read that one more time

remember when keegan didnt make art like this but rather

like this or

this? i remember

i remember this show too! one of my favourite curatorial efforts evvvver

one thing accompanied by another thing exactly like it but much smaller : cute!!!!




oh man

see press release above for any insight into that one

my childhood pet: a guinea pig named Chewbacca

i just gave myself the worst headache ever


NEW YORK TIMES today on the TAUB:::::

In her intriguing New York solo debut, Tauba Auerbach, an artist from San Francisco, is all about codes and letters. Using various linguistic and writing systems, working mostly in ink or acrylic on paper, she achieves what might be called abstraction by other means.

For example, she derives seemingly modernist, if peculiarly arranged configurations by simply diagramming the semaphore alphabet (which yields white fields scattered with small squares divided into red and yellow), or by making patterns based on the binary language of digital technology in which different letters are conveyed by signals that are either on or off (yes or not yes). This lack of ambiguity inspired gridded fields of white and black triangular checks that look more or less gray (and ambiguous) depending on the size of the grid. They could be collaborations between Victor Vasarely and Brice Marden, with kibitzing from Daniel Buren.

In other pieces, Ms. Auerbach takes a surgical approach, most ambitiously in a three-volume version of the Bible in which all the letters (not the words) have been arranged in alphabetical order and the punctuation marks have been similarly sorted. Its title? ..Bbe ehHi lloTy,.. a scrambling of ..The Holy Bible…

A description sheet must be consulted for things to be completely clear. It explains, for example, that a quasi-Constructivist abstraction uses the ..interior shapes of the uppercase letters that have enclosed insides… (There are only seven: A, B, D, O, P, Q and R.) This reliance on what are essentially captions is something of a drawback. But Ms. Auerbach, operating in the gap between Conceptual Art, abstraction and graphic art, still manages to give didacticism a good name. ROBERTA SMITH

im sorry that last bit is TOO FUNNY

so that last weird drawing? i requested to see more by that person and got these:

ugh im never having sex again

Blame Canada

recently walking home at stupid oclock on deserted grand street in chinatown literally silent empty for once, there was this one lone crab in the middle of the sidewalk looking dead whatever so like all dead things i had the urge to kick it but when i did it sprang back to life with its claws up going back and forth threatening me. it was the most depressing thing ive seen in recent years. i thought about putting it in water somehow but i couldnt pick it up, or carry it, or i mean what do you do with a sad helpless almost dead crab that managed to escape being sold boiled and eaten from the fishstalls there and is dying on the sidewalk at like 4am?

at least the fellow pictured above had expired quietly and hopefully peacefully on my neighbors doormat.

this is vaguely what it feels like to have bronchitis: i saw this jeff ladouceur drawing at Zieher Smith when fellow Canadienne Aurel brought/dragged me over there while i was deleriously sick. i really want the one thats in the Kramers Ergot 6 tho…..

speaking of Aurel:

bats aurel bats!

this drawing i saw at Other Gallery website in winnipeg um who made it? Erica Eyres.
i love it i mean ???? do i love it just because im hopelessly depressed and miserable? that always throws off my art eyes….


this is me reminding rosson that she used to be a figural painter and maybe will be inspired to be one briefly again in may in berlin

kinda counts

and my forever favourite:

actually while im at it lets see what some of the first ever paintings rosson made looked like:::



nikki and i are about to go turn into haloween costumes, buy booze, and go to princesse meghan’s house. allow me briefly to reminisce about haloween:

matt siegle

oh my where did this come from!

i was going through old phots to scan for this lecture im doing at Dartmouth and found these weird thing. above is a shot of the gallery me n laura tepper started there called AREA since we couldnt get a whole gallery we just got a part of the main arts building, an area of floor, really. like my font?

speaking of dartmouth, i shoulda been a sorrority girl for haloween no?

photos of what we all decided to dress up as tuesday.

oh man that last photo is embarassing!!!!

Long song

this song is too long. it starts like this:



patrick sent me this. these guys are in a holding cell awaiting extradition
he also sent me these

this is the bridge: life sucks! i hate every possible component of it and everyone in it including myself but ESPECIALLY those around me!!!!!

this is triumphant end part: i wanna curate a show at this berlin gallery and i want it to have all this:::::

kettle drums boom boom boom:

rosson tinkling highhat mini jpegs:

…. or something like that. but of course all new work and all thinking about NEW FIGURATION yadda yadda. plus une catchy title. and maybe even paintingss hung on skate ramps hung on walls

just to make peoples heads EXPLODE!

F’erf f’oomph f’ooey f’uck the world

today stinks too! but i cant help but thrust phots into the public domain. its is now a desperate need. desperate! can u feel a sense of urgency in these?

um sidenote: so my very competitive girls soccer thing growing up our coach wouldnt let us pee before games in this weird pathological way abusing small children because he said it would help us play “with a sense of urgency”



ring ring

ding dong


eating face


glub glub glub


random love

i mean PROFESSOR random love

dash cop cum

koh bunn rotting crack heads




car clutch is on the other side of the room


museum gala + antibiotics

um sorry the commentary is so terse i just dont CARE about ANYTHING (see previous post) as the rug of life has been pulled briskly from underfoot. rug of life! see how fucked up i am i wrote RUG OF LIFE

but the above phots can be summed up as: USA TODAY, the PS1 shows, the frieze, the whateversville, makes me think curators are either woefully in the dark:

(saatchi didnt even bother to LIGHT dan’s wall properly!!!)

or have their heads up their own arses:


i have a million photos of london i have a million photos even of things i did while having “severe bronchitis” but i dont care

i really have severe bronchitis and i really dont care about anything!!!!!! the world has returned to being a sterile promontory and im quite sure will stay so forever this time. the lack of hope part of course being one of the symptoms of the sterile promontory, dig?