August 7th, 2013

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i haven’t done shit with my summer but yeah, you can see that for yourself right here right now

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Porn, dirty stinking, horrible porn right here, right now and you are looking at it. You will go to hell for this. -David Shrigley

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This is what I was doing year ago
Sorry I do that to myself sometimes
And now I am doing it to you!
It was funner when my Myspace blog still existed (WANKERS!!!!) because I could go back and be like “i wonder what i was doing on august 7th in 2007″ and pretty much always it was something way awesomer than 2013 lemme tell you that

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you might recognize these from instagram
after booting off i am now HERE

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i did take a lot of photos from my regular camera but they got deleted somehow

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and the camera i have right now has the zoom broken so it has caused a lack of alacrity to pull it out

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since it sucks. so the plan is to buy a new camera at staples tomororw that works and build back some enthusiasm for using a camera again

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when i think of my friends who are still shooting film and developing it and blogging it makes me feel liek such weak sauce

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like the laziest in the world

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i need to push myself harder, i think i mgiht have even gotten lazy at gallery

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there is so much to do here and i think i get used to things and forget that i must always have fire under butt i must always be hungry and always going extra mile

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no room for laurel resting, though i don’t know the etymology of that one

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oh last night!!! some guy taught me this great etymology that i had never heard of
what the fuck was it

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i’ve gotten into this habit of hanging out with serious drinkers and drinking shots instead of regular drinks and then waking up in my clothes going WHERE AM I

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it’s not cool. i like to wake up in pyjamas or at least naked

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ha ha yeah right like ive been on a date in months
ha ha yeah right like i would only sleep with someone i went on a “date” with

sorry i am just being a self-asshole ill stop

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Jay Z and Sandra Gehring went on a date!
it was cute
there were a lot of people watching

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oops i have more Jay Z but these are outta order

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this is what i have actually been practicing this summer because i realized

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one night in July when i was baking cupcakes out of loneliness

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that i have no friends and have to do something about that fast

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i always just left the gallery to be my friend magnet, because i learned really quick when i got hired at deitch that all i had to say in new york was that i worked at deitch and all these people wanted to be my friend all of a sudden

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looks like i had an important meeting somewhere
i only wear necklaces when i have meetings

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hmm. i guess posting instagram photos on this kinda lets me tweak the levels and make them a bit better

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and lets me post shit like this i think
unless photobucket catches it with their Butt Algorithm

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i put all my friend eggs in one egg basket and that basket is still in the fucking UK for another two weeks

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need more baskets, more eggs, more people to make omelets for, more metaphors, more everything!

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Seymour Butts

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Barbeque face

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more graffiti, more hugs

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i turned the dick pasta into some kinda salmon dill salad thign it turned out pretty good actually

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whatever the boy orders is always better tho

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one lovely day last month!

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this thing
denmark’s dog has invaded the gallery and is slaying everyone with that fucking face!@

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remember when dash spent a whole night tryign to get ry to put his dick on this shelf? we had built the shelf and everythign but he woudlnt do it

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there we go!
knew there was some more embarrassing white dancing at the jay Z thingie

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i have a lot of thoughts on this but i just finished this interview about it so i dont wanna talk about it any more righ tnow

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this place rules

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one ill advised night i decided to try making “green bean casserole”

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i bought a bike!
but it is currently in the Funch stables in greenpoint with the rest of its kind until i go pick the stupid thing up

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you can see more of that when I go visit may in montauk soon
i promise to bring real camera
but baby isnt down to be on the internet so you dont get baby

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i wear this hat all the time now

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i still huddle in the office during events and hope no one notices me

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toilet paper

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munisipal waste

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lost lock and found

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driving to DC to pick up my art book collection i had plopped on my parents

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summer reading
super meta

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amazing Alex Rodriguez box of paintings from Bogota!

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more TP

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some intern action

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some sidwell friend behaviours

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vizie blocked me on instagram
isnt that sweet of him

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sandy kim maggie lee vice photo issue collabo awesome

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whenever he or i or whoever was caught up in some kinda too many girlfriends/boyfriends too much fooling around oops situations he would make this face and go “situations galore”

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just words

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THIS well this as you know has been a thing happening in july, a big thing! i have had a rollercoaster of feelings so far and im sure more to come!

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these are all from this super photogenic birthday party for asger i went to

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super photogenic

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jeffrey deitch show 1992
its funny that people acted all like he was just a “dirty” art dealer when he has curated more museum shows than most museum curators

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sometimes i take ambien to fall asleep and wake up to some weird shit
if you ever got an email from me that sounded like this photo looks, please delete!

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my PG Wodehouse obsession IS getting worse!

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argh that DOG!!!!

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cehcekd out the new KARMA bookshop and glalery around the corner

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i burned myself with a cigarette trying to drain some gnocchi
i guess peg bundy made smoking while cooking cool but it is NOT!

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why not indeed

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did a wee lower east side gallery walk with paul bright

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ceramics are SO in right now

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all you artists go out and buy some CLAY trust me i am an art dealer with my finger on the market

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home alone 2 gallery

 photo Image105_zpsfc55bba3.jpg

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oops spell check!

 photo Image104_zpse1c6a92f.jpg
S – PO?

 photo Image106_zpsaedb618f.jpg
our intern has a crush

 photo Image112_zpse5158b72.jpg
i tweeted earlier this summer “It’s boner season” but i was wrong

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some great sunday studio visits!

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 photo Image114_zpsb2ec4f6c.jpg

 photo Image111_zps9f653c79.jpg
scott hug

 photo Image110_zps77d58eeb.jpg
ok i guess i DO have a lot of photos to post so i promise to buy a camera tomororw, shoot some photos, and then post the rest of these instagramatical leftovers

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i’m sure like me you are hungry for more


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