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March 30th, 2013

 photo IMG_2567_zps481176ae.jpg
let’s just chill

 photo IMG_2568_zps9f3d3f16.jpg
no quotes no feelings

 photo IMG_2569_zps847d9a97.jpg
just a fun baby shower!

 photo IMG_2570_zps01ac7e88.jpg
and thinking about our friend’s life and future and thinking very happy things

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 photo IMG_2586_zpsf004bb7f.jpg
Murano glass factory Im gonna go there again this summer!

 photo IMG_2588_zpsb12f7b80.jpg

 photo IMG_2589_zpsb329f207.jpg
this hat makes Jaimie sooo lady Gaga

 photo IMG_2590_zpsaa1d716e.jpg

 photo IMG_2592_zps777c0646.jpg
i had such a good time
i have no comment besides


 photo IMG_2565_zps647f0d79.jpg
that is a Kandinsky and I will be going to finally see that show Tuesday!

 photo IMG_2593_zps55c456cd.jpg

 photo IMG_2597_zps5a6f4fc1.jpg
this is the next thing coming up

 photo IMG_2595_zps84daec38.jpg
here are the details!
today is a issue-free zone


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  • waitforsteadylight

    may is cuter than cicciolina :) )

  • El Gato

    Love May she shines.
    Love Julian he looks happy.
    Love Kathy she is why I keep coming back.

  • anna

    may looks so happy : )
    i absolutely love your blog, i’ve spent hours just poring over the archived posts.

    is there any way i could get the password for the album on photobucket? i’d like to view all the pictures in a thumbnailed format if at all possible ^__^

  • John Creek

    Some people don’t look so enthused, particularly some of the women, may does though..

  • admin

    i can’t, i upload lots to peebucket that i don’t end up posting here, the real juicy stuff that woudl get me in trouble i hate to say it but it’s true!

  • anna

    oh ok : / i understand, thanks for replying/explaining : )

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