knock down drag out

December 10th, 2009

im knocked down so im going to drag out the blogging to keep my fingers busy

this is barry’s mural for the Wynwood walls

oh shit

i had to sit outside the clemente for ten minutes while the rain splloshed


looks much better here than before actually!

grabbed nikki from there as the clouds parted

the os one was a little weird

kenny scharf


that other dude

sigh! as much as i hate to admit it, whatever you call what he made made a pretty great “mural”

marty cooper making of photos

lets tag!

oo jim looks cute

what is ara doing you ask?

he and jim made this!
its so confusing
it is suzanne’s favourite

there was a little interior show too

kind of random

this looked really good there

ok more murals:

the girl who was kicked outta FAILE

Stelios Faitakis

pretty technically neat but then kinda Juxtaposey i dont know


the setting is pretty great
adding some new artists next year!

right around the corner is a restaurant Joey’s where nikki and i had the best italian food

there are so many great handpainted signs around miami
i wanted to take photos of them all for pat but most places i couldnt get outta the car
or was too lazy

im sure i did somethin between eating lunch and eating dinner but my camera says otherwise!

i had conch stew at Tap Tap
my favourite!

everyone else ordered these gruesome fishes!

aurel did too of course

there are little lights at the bottom of the pool to make it look like stars

so! the BEST BEST night i had out i ddint have my camera at all so it has POOF disappeared
but it included going to the V magazine roof party, someone sharing their e with me, going to the basement of the delano
and dancing
going to the standard late and jumpin in their pool, and then who knows. at some point the sun came up but no one cared

rosson was wearing the coolest dress that night too

the beach looks gross with autolevels

so im gonna end this post
its over


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