enjoy your stay but be careful

August 4th, 2009

still all turned around

things arent lookin up yet

decided to escape to DC for my mom’s 69th birthday party
funny birthday for a parent to have
kind of embarrassing

she bought me these two fashionable dresses at Costco

i met my friend from high school, nikki sorg at a tennis party
for the legg mason tournament that was about to start
for the tennis players
but i didnt meet my only irrational crush Roger Fedderer so i was bummed

these russian teens were at least 6 inches taller than me and stuck a temporary tatoo on me
that was pretty much the most tittilating part of the night

dc scene!
its a funny one

i took my parents to Great Falls Virginia

it was handicap accessible

the potomac is angry

i planted a tomoto plant for them
they named it “kathy memorial tomato plant”

then wee wee wee all the way home
i had wanted to get away from death and dying but it was all my parents are thinking about

let’s try this tomorrow night as a death escape


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