Account Ability

I can’t quite get the hang of this I think i’ve lost the urge to word splurge
Writing things a bit embarrassing or weird or over-sharing (which is crucial to posting)
no longer comes naturally

I gotta remember what it feels like to have “nuthin to lose” and “to give no fucks”

 photo roseemailimage_zpsaa50dc19.jpg
until then, let’s look at some artworks only as they will not tempt me to compromise myself

 photo roseimage2_zps4839e89d.jpg
we have had so many great shows here since March, and have so many great shows for 2015~!!

 photo roseagain_zps0ccf7d69.jpg
right now we are looking at painted ceramic sculptures by Danish artist Rose Eken

 photo roselast_zps0e3c65b4.jpg
she was our October solo show in Gallery 3 space

 photo IMG_5195_zps75c0ba8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5193_zpseba28747.jpg
they are all pretty much to scale, maybe a fraction smaller than real life as the clay shrinks

 photo IMG_5192_zps81a8ff12.jpg

 photo IMG_5189_zps8c58ebd2.jpg
her show here seemed like everything you might dig up in a fossil dig of CBGBs

 photo IMG_5188_zpsbec7fb7d.jpg
maybe not champagne tho!

 photo IMG_5187_zpsf37b131b.jpg

 photo IMG_5183_zps3ef6faf1.jpg
this is such a lovely piece

 photo IMG_5182_zpsadf2faed.jpg

 photo IMG_5177_zpsbda96a6b.jpg

 photo IMG_5175_zps38c27be3.jpg
they are so fun to touch; im sorry that the public didnt get to handle them all, one of the priviledges fuck i cant spell privileges oh there i got it of running a gallery

 photo IMG_5174_zps02759bdc.jpg

 photo IMG_5173_zps2e0693aa.jpg

 photo IMG_5067_zps48420d55.jpg
ooh think how good this feels to hold!!!!

 photo IMG_5063_zps69459237.jpg
and the caps!

 photo IMG_5057_zpsc8845df3.jpg

 photo IMG_5054_zps83df0ec2.jpg

 photo IMG_5051_zps78d8570e.jpg

 photo IMG_5049_zps381f237c.jpg

 photo IMG_5042_zps84171c90.jpg
oh these feel so good too and solid and yeahbaby

 photo IMG_5039_zpsed5543f9.jpg
they look good in groups 🙂

 photo IMG_5034_zps149f41ff.jpg
big boi

 photo IMG_5033_zps1e4815b3.jpg
there are some fun euro and danske thingies mixed in too

 photo IMG_5032_zpsefce7173.jpg

 photo IMG_5030_zps4c267c33.jpg
this is a great piece

 photo IMG_5028_zps5cdf00d1.jpg
this is too!
so early 2000s

 photo IMG_5027_zps30216019.jpg

 photo IMG_5026_zps2f5aa43d.jpg

 photo IMG_5025_zpsd80cb476.jpg
a kicked in monitor

 photo IMG_5023_zpse25de6c0.jpg
music section

 photo IMG_5022_zps6ae5738f.jpg
the tapes are randomly some of hte best works too

 photo IMG_5021_zpseb7be49d.jpg

 photo IMG_5020_zps5a219368.jpg

 photo bassstrap_zpsbd4496ed.jpg

 photo IMG_4685_zpscea118df.jpg

 photo IMG_4676_zps67fc55b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4675_zps83aa874f.jpg

 photo IMG_4674_zps07cecbe7.jpg

 photo IMG_4671_zps4475f4a4.jpg

 photo IMG_4670_zpsa53f9f13.jpg

 photo IMG_4669_zps63182d76.jpg

 photo IMG_4668_zps20b0b1ce.jpg
but yeah kinda euro too

 photo IMG_4666_zpse5553bda.jpg

 photo IMG_4917_zpsb0a3304c.jpg
this is the install

 photo IMG_4924_zpsf58547d7.jpg

 photo IMG_4920_zpsff6b2429.jpg

 photo IMG_4922_zps91329715.jpg
i think we counted and i think this show had

 photo IMG_4923_zps6b5eb2ab.jpg
498 works!

 photo IMG_4652_zpsa1e2fc12.jpg
last few fabourites

 photo IMG_4644_zpsd8192d20.jpg

 photo IMG_4640_zps0b9d12b7.jpg

 photo IMG_0500_zps89bc6733.jpg
even just hte lone ciggis are awesome

 photo IMG_0469_zps671fbfa6.jpg

 photo IMG_0448_zps2cb81277.jpg

 photo IMG_0437_zpsace6f251.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zps28e1ff52.jpg

 photo IMG_4581_zps67ed0d64.jpg
maybe the crushed cans are my favourites….

 photo IMG_0335_zpsa2b3a1e8.jpg
the title of the show: REMAIN IN LIGHT

 photo 2009_Selected_Reading_Nausea_zps7154b2f8.jpg
now lets look at some other fun stuff!

 photo 2009_berry_astonished_zps0e45bd79.jpg
found an old desktop folder of Eric Yahnker drawings and sculpture

 photo 2009_AR_004_zps391a352a.jpg

 photo 2010_Tits_o_Clock_zps3a2c9ac7.jpg

 photo 2011_ADirtyPair_zpseae7e31a.jpg

 photo 2012_TheSellOut_79x72_zpsb16fc785.jpg
read the titles!

 photo ARMORY001_zpsbc80b2e7.jpg

 photo 2012_Cross-Sections_zps68bb4c56.jpg

 photo 2013_Ebony_Benghazi003e_zpsc88e8666.jpg

 photo 2014_SticksDrones010_zps76a61cb9.jpg

 photo 2014_SticksDrones018_zps7b32410d.jpg

 photo jeff_mclane_lalouver_zpsf3194728.jpg

 photo ER20_offer_11_zps3b069f61.jpg
now lets look at some very odd works on paper by Evan Robarts

 photo ER22_offer_34_zpsecd55fd9.jpg
colored resin and sticks

 photo Image2_zpsfa1c274e.jpg

 photo Image1_zpsffddc580.jpg

 photo Image3_zps362bb82f.jpg
so amazing I want one of these too

 photo IMG_5250_zpsfcf916f7.jpg
this is kinda a work on paper too, its magic marker on emulsion photo paper with matte medium mounted on panel
pretty sweet

 photo evannew2_zpsec299547.jpg
some other Evan Robarts

 photo evannew1_zps75dadad0.jpg

 photo ERob4_offer_17_zpsc6b33ba0.jpg

 photo ER13_offer_25_zpsa736c9ba.jpg

 photo ER17_offer_29_zps99c8de90.jpg

 photo ER16_offer_28_zpse4393ee0.jpg
these are “line drawings”

 photo ER15_offer_7_zps9861eca0.jpg
making a drawing with a hose and using plexi as armature to hold it up, amazing

 photo ER14_offer_6_zps4a2dae90.jpg
these are mockups for hte final works done in thick mirror class insteada plexi, you can just imagine how amazing they look!

 photo _MG_6545_zps5d294980.jpg

 photo _MG_6557_zps2856700b.jpg
you wont have to imagine for long however as his first solo show here will be March 2015

 photo _MG_6535_zps7b74dd67.jpg

 photo _MG_6527_zps2681a4ac.jpg

 photo _MG_6513_zps2457158d.jpg
new scaffolding works

 photo _MG_6466_zpsa96b8d9e.jpg
im so psyched about htis

 photo ER6_offer_18_zps0d555d30.jpg
i think im… psyched about everything?

 photo ER10_offer_22_zpsde2808df.jpg
when I asked joe to give me like a pared down core of my being analysis of my personality he describerd me as “psyched”

 photo ER9_offer_5_zps20c5f006.jpg
which is LOL because psyched of course requires a substrate on which to be psyched

 photo ER1_offer_12_zps294f5538.jpg
tho I guess here today are three things upon which my personality is activated !

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