Recovery mode

so it looks like I had some blog already in a folder back from March and just never uploaded it
here are images from a wee slice of life I no longer remember perfectly and can’t conjure
i wonder what i was thinking back then!
well if it was important i woudl have remembered it

 photo IMG_0340_zps7dcce545.jpg
Bert in a turtleneck is pretty unforgettable

 photo IMG_0342_zps133208cc.jpg
i guess i was taking a photo of the MALVO tag?

 photo IMG_0378_zps5b579ad0.jpg
ooh we can check out the Matthew Stone show from last March with Krysta for scale haha

 photo IMG_0379_zpsd6a75f29.jpg
i like using Krysta for scale because she is petite

 photo IMG_0380_zpsab1b8d6c.jpg
i guess i like using Bert for scale too

 photo IMG_0381_zps2fe8740a.jpg
i should do a wee test of my art offerings of which works get purchased more, those with Bert or with Krysta

 photo IMG_0382_zps38439e4e.jpg
i think the ones with Bert just make clients think “hey maybe I shoudl get a chocolate pomeranian instead”

 photo IMG_0383_zpsdec68e2b.jpg
i love this one
i want it 🙁
it is sold

 photo IMG_0384_zps24c76017.jpg
same with this

 photo IMG_0385_zps00844dcb.jpg
whatever i keep missing the boat on buying works i want for posterity

 photo IMG_0386_zps887b5080.jpg
i have been snoozing ergo i have lost

 photo IMG_0387_zps52e40a25.jpg
i can either sit and think about all the works I shoudl have bought over the years (tauba, joe bradley, katherine bernhardt dan colen ryan mcginley barry mcgee etc etc etc)

 photo IMG_0388_zpsc53bfc79.jpg
or I could just start buying shit now

 photo IMG_0389_zpse44dbc76.jpg
like this one!

 photo IMG_0390_zpsd93635b2.jpg
or this one
so edible!!!

 photo IMG_0417_zpsb5833b80.jpg
ooh now it looks like this post is captuing the first DRONE paintings KATSU made
this is literally the first one

 photo IMG_0445_zpse93ef750.jpg
he has improved on this method so much since this March test

 photo IMG_0508_zps68f6b143.jpg

 photo IMG_0669_zps69bc80b0.jpg
this is Graham Wilson in his studio way back when, before he started showing with this LA advisor, lol, what does that even mean, i guess it shows you how silly the words get in “the new artworld”

 photo IMG_0763_zpsb8afba59.jpg
ooh now this is amybe somethign i should buy

 photo IMG_0764_zps9880f538.jpg
ive been looking at holton rower focus works for almost two years now and still have no idea how he made them

 photo IMG_0765_zps3c1728f0.jpg
and stupid holton wont tell me!

 photo IMG_0766_zps3fc88d60.jpg

 photo IMG_0791_zps396380ee.jpg
ooh a wee old Kadar Brock I think this work was from Art Cologne last year

 photo IMG_0831_zpsd110d485.jpg
yup because here we are installing

 photo IMG_0832_zps3e7726a6.jpg
our amazing Ayan Farah

 photo IMG_0834_zps0fa5def0.jpg

 photo IMG_0835_zpsffdf565c.jpg
Jesper and Josephine

 photo IMG_0557_zps6c4b32c7.jpg
hmm thats odd I must have more photos but now we are at Jaimie Warren;s opening her show was…. april??

 photo IMG_0728_zps9e2b4fc9.jpg
ah this is fun here are my studio visit photos with David Pappaceno
Whose VENUSES are now on view in the cave room of Early Man right now!

 photo IMG_0729_zps22fb9d88.jpg
bumping up to the present

 photo IMG_0731_zps4e82fdcd.jpg
feels good

 photo IMG_0732_zps804d4a7f.jpg
hate being stuck in the past

 photo IMG_0733_zpsf3fd1d0d.jpg

 photo IMG_0734_zps23c2edc7.jpg
these are super affordable guys
imagine the look on your loved ones face as they open one of these ladies for Christmas lol

 photo IMG_0736_zps9f4ac3c9.jpg

 photo IMG_0737_zpsf3e0cd5f.jpg

 photo IMG_0795_zpse600ae2c.jpg
oh no its getting random again

 photo IMG_0796_zpsb22d4517.jpg
spring styles i think

 photo IMG_0797_zpse7d82948.jpg

 photo IMG_0798_zpsc1b73321.jpg
this is on the way to

 photo IMG_0807_zps42816947.jpg
graham’s studio
this work was shown in Warp and Woof our weaving show I curated with Toby

 photo IMG_0967_zpsebc17266.jpg
last few

 photo IMG_1065_zps546af3a1.jpg
getting a-holed

 photo IMG_1079_zps1cb04875.jpg
someone looking at a Sam Moyer

 photo IMG_1179_zps91abb7c6.jpg
Bert looking to pounce on Lily

 photo IMG_1284_zps9378913d.jpg
to farm or to pirate?
not a hard decision

 photo IMG_1316_zps001c1155.jpg

 photo IMG_1349_zps0d7b8416.jpg
jaimie in NYMag

 photo IMG_1333_zps3babc189.jpg
this being built!
where errol and i danced through dinner and then set off fireworks this august much to everyones annoyance

 photo IMG_1335_zpsfcee52fb.jpg
love this one

 photo IMG_1339_zps4d7513d4.jpg
love this one tooooo

 photo IMG_1345_zps6fdc13c3.jpg
as we descend now into deep winter

 photo IMG_1359_zps4da460f7.jpg
some fleurs from the past

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