A hearkening story

 photo -Robarts5_zps94a38c73.jpg
A shrinkage, try one!

 photo 0dlvug5i6Zi3RkB5zaT4dxRb_dznNjIxsRP9ceuo4hs_zps1fae0baf.jpg
Toys are hankering

 photo 1_1_zpsb35501f4.jpg
Any hero streaking?

 photo 7_zpsd5642fe5.jpg
Thanking eyes roar

 photo 6ac6b-2_zpsf753edb5.jpg
A arty gherkins one

 photo artsy2_zps4e593bd3.jpg
Near yoga thinkers

 photo BERTFINALSIDE_zps0c3884ef.jpg
Hyena ear stroking

 photo Image3_zpsfb5a09ce.jpg
Aye, other rankings

 photo 040212-kembra-pfahler-the-hole05_zps1e57f0a2.jpg
Arty, sneaking hero

 photo 5454254900_4ea607a353_z_zpsdf9993a5.jpg
Sneakier orgy than….?

 photo austinLeeduck_zpse182bcc3.jpg
Yanking heart’s ore

 photo 1035810_zps8d3b1c31.jpg
Yanking hoe arrest

 photo crushedcocacolazero_zps49cd61c7.jpg
Honking artery sea

 photo CR_zps34e04eed.jpg
Groin, knee, ashtray

 photo DASH-0254_zpsc54dd592.jpg
Sergeant Rhino Yak

 photo Gober_Torso534_zps35c63ee4.jpg
Ignorant shark eye

 photo GB3_zpsa40d836c.jpg

How do you like the jarring randomness of anagrams coupled with the contextless desktop cleaning art parade

 photo 3_zps2e811f54.jpg
we could in theory be more organized

 photo 4_zpse124792e.jpg
for example this is our 2014 NADA booth painters studio of unpainted painterly works

 photo 5_zps8a34e567.jpg

 photo 2_zps5c920b34.jpg
some Gabriel Pionkowski on teh outside wall

 photo IMG_2668_zpsef57b0ce.jpg
here is a show back from this summer

 photo StorageWars_zps43505dcc.jpg
CRATE CITY adapted from our 2013 NADA miami booth to be a joint storage show

 photo IMG_2681_zpse616da5d.jpg
“Storage Wars”

 photo IMG_2674_zps13c807b2.jpg
August 2014 at Eric Firestone in East Hampton

 photo IMG_2683_zps79b51222.jpg
omg it was super fun

 photo IMG_2673_zps53026193.jpg
beautiful Shane Bradford works

 photo IMG_2672_zps061ea3f9.jpg
beautiful Evan Robarts

 photo IMG_2690_zps0a862c62.jpg
beautiful plexi Matthew Stone

 photo IMG_2694_zpseec4828d.jpg
Beautiful Anders and Misaki and Nathan Ritterspusch poodle

 photo IMG_2703_zps4dd17ac2.jpg
jaimie warren classics

 photo IMG_2713_zps98172888.jpg
a cool Eve Falci from the Firestone side of the “wars”

here is what is up right now at the Hole
do you find the jumping around disconcerting?

 photo aurelschmidt_zps991a7157.jpg

 photo barry1_zpsaa1b1095.jpg

 photo austinlee_zpsd5cb5a61.jpg
austin lee

 photo BHQF3_zps0d3c6cf6.jpg
bruce high quality

 photo bjarne1_zps54104e15.jpg

 photo bjarne4_zps4665039d.jpg
some bangin’ bjarnes

 photo cave1_zpsdc70875a.jpg
lol the cave!!!
a beautiful installation by Dennis Hoekstra

 photo cave5_zps9be090cd.jpg
with some Fran paintings

 photo cave3_zpsb07c35b6.jpg
some amazing Pappaceno sculptures

 photo davidshrigley1_zpsb9d57220.jpg

 photo ericyahnker_zps2b8283c5.jpg

 photo DTS3_zps1bc8ee54.jpg

 photo FrancineSpiegal_Trish_zps9f1b03cd.jpg
fran fully lit!

 photo giovanni2_zps96965322.jpg
some very odd self portraits from

 photo giovanni3_zpsfa26a6fc.jpg
giovanni garcia fenech

 photo Giovanni1_zpsd32ed45b.jpg

 photo giovanni4_zps0311e300.jpg

 photo 2006Winning_22x20__zps8d163737.jpg
but seriously I am just cleaning off literally what was on my desktop today so you that is all the structure you have i think
this is an old Scott Reeder painting that I had in my “Early Man” inspiration folder

 photo 923cc47a5661ed8abddba7e02430c4e5_650x_zps452d9a34.jpg
this too tho I dont know how inspirational this is

 photo 548_zps4818554d.jpg

 photo 47751_ca_object_representations_media_6447_small_zpsa80bf3eb.jpg

 photo article03_zps2685ca88.jpg
aw the deitch book party!

 photo butts102_zps9bb2b9f1.jpg
october show

 photo FINALEMAIL_zpsba9d9a5c.jpg
october show

 photo Image8_zps6d981bbc.jpg
october show rando detail group photo!

 photo groupshot_zps9d5a602a.jpg
OMG nada collector visit photo lol

 photo CoolDead-565x513_zpsea36f171.jpg
another Scott Reeder from Early Man inpsiration

 photo IMG_0325_zpscd605d1d.jpg
this inspires me on a daily basis

 photo IMG_0535_zps848d781a.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_0777_zps4d590910.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_1581_zps81735ac5.jpg
random photo of me sam moyer chris rosa in… berlin?

 photo IMG_4679_zpsb2a07b3b.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_3973_zps0a024398.jpg
amazing Holton Rower pour

 photo IMG_5251_zps7d9671ef.jpg
old kadar detail

 photo IMG_1455_zps576c91b4.jpg
aw! me and patty pat pat

 photo IMG_5283_zps383acaff.jpg
bertie bert bert

 photo IMG_5332_zps8bb65591.jpg
ooh this is october upstate-ing

 photo IMG_5345_zps93676c82.jpg
pickin apples

 photo IMG_5732_zpsbe4be29a.jpg
trying to get a good photo of a difficult kadar
that neon yellow jsut wont photograph!!

 photo IMG_6068_zpsc7b7478e.jpg
ooh december details

 photo IMG_6056_zpsaccf9778.jpg
so sick

 photo IMG_6057_zps7d6c79c9.jpg

 photo IMG_6115_zpsefed78c3.jpg

 photo IMG_6174_zpsec5d6dd3.jpg
this photo from a year and a half ago is when the Early Man show was born
too bad we didnt get to breakdance as planned with Joe Bradley….

 photo img-thing_zps3ac1a42e.jpg
this i saved on my desktop for bert i think

 photo jose-lerma-and-hector-madera-paper-busts-designboom-05_zpsb9cbdada.jpg
what is this?

 photo JP-Brenner-Joe-Rushe-2_zps5e719bb1.jpg
an old photo of joe!!!

 photo katherinebernhardt_zpsc585d677.jpg
katherine bernhardt for “Early Man” which i think she chose to interpret as “breakfast” :0

 photo Kathy_zps4d80f6aa.jpg
me at my cousin’s wedding

 photo kasper2_950_zps718d1e9b.jpg
this beautiful Kasper chemical burn i hung upside down for an hour and a half before fixing!!!

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSkullsplat_zps11b35528.jpg
mat brinkman sculpture

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSamaraGolden-view1_zps8592c3dd.jpg
somehow i missed ever seeing images of this show from loyal long ago but yeah!

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSkullsnake01_zps5619fc27.jpg
really good
we gotta get Mat over here again soon

 photo matthew_zpsa3e04c94.jpg
the most perfect Matthew

 photo MK1_zps6fe5ea7e.jpg
misaki studio shot!

 photo MLgUOnHK9rBXPExUbtACqSz8EhbLS06g0Tx3iBN9a6A_zpsa71a4295.jpg
the coolest crushed can

 photo moffat_zps1aea532c.jpg
a Moffat Takadiwa recycled keyboard piece from VIGO in london

 photo NI2_zps6d361969.jpg
a nicole einsenmann i really wanted to be in early man 🙁

 photo p16r64adp5nur6oq19rb1hub1473-large_zpsec404470.jpg

 photo p16r63bsmrskn1g563t3efn8lr3_zps972469d7.jpg
finally getting these fabricated and for sale!
misaki bananan bench

 photo o-FUTURE-900_zpsbf2fe5c0.jpg
this was september, more on that….sometiem!

 photo photocopy5_zps0e75d20e.jpg
bert is a pretty princess

 photo RB3_6407_TheHole_Matthew_Stone_Repros_zpscbd0c68e.jpg
a beautiful diptych someone should jump on this fast

 photo re1_zps14db7c6e.jpg
one of the best rose eken sculptures ever

 photo ScottReederPostCats2013_zpsa5e13340.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-04at22911PM_zpsec073190.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at70108PM_zpsc4bed998.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-04at22954PM_zps8aa95b39.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at60236PM_zps9a1dea8b.jpg
matt leines illustration for NYtimes

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-07at35245PM_zps8391f36c.jpg

 photo lorahersh1_zps265de5b7.jpg
more rose imaage group

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-11at85720PM_zps00da30be.jpg
oooooh Monster Movie still by Takeshi playing right now in our cave!!!
ten years after debuting at Tedious Limbs at Deitch!

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-15at70512PM_zps3bd661c8.jpg
hot damn
def keeping this on my desktop
to look at when no one is around

 photo shiggg_zpsa70d55bd.jpg
lol lol lol

 photo theorosenblum_zps713be503.jpg
beautiful sculpture by Theo Rosenblum in “Early Man”
in the front window scaring everyone!

 photo tumblr_ljwuhtrofr1qz6f9yo1_500_zps88620862.jpg

 photo tumblr_m11b9gUhq51qzjvruo1_500_zpsd92d5efc.jpg
from the future feminism folder
ann snitow i think

 photo tumblr_n1gr67UyTr1snqwcjo1_1280_zps7ea73a91.jpg
who wore it better?

 photo Untitled-6_zpsddfee24a.jpg
i miss my man

 photo V1_THEARTOFTHEJOKE_13-11_zpsd49f7c9c.jpg
a few more days until he is back

 photo V1_THEARTOFTHEJOKE_13-5_zps7baf0a11.jpg
dying dying dying to see him

 photo Wadden_Almine_Rech_The_Decline_Installation_view_02_76180_zpscdf1992d.jpg
“absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”
or something

 photo week_in_pictures_12_13_13_13_900x450_c_zps9e089570.jpg

 photo wearefools_0_zps1c790648.jpg

 photo MS55_zps5e96149b.jpg
is this fun looking at my desktop or is this like a huge bummer

 photo IMG_7661_zpsd5ecb726.jpg
after “waiting” for “months”

 photo IMG_7651_zps12bb9a1c.jpg
its funny that CC rentals has a strong overlap with the graffiti community and then sends these HUGE “popcorn” tins as thank you presents in December I mean, they are just asking to get all the stores a-holed for the holidays

 photo IMG_7650_zpse03caf7b.jpg
miami grey area misaki and devin and FWY pool party

 photo IMG_7655_zpsa4bd4b22.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_zpsd36ba0cb.jpg
hot n bothered

 photo IMG_7676_zps74844518.jpg
steve! by todd

 photo IMG_7679_zpscf3997ea.jpg
eddie is sleeping while i am making desert

 photo IMG_7660_zps24936875.jpg
bert apparently “ain’t shit”

 photo IMG_7677_zpsdb116393.jpg
bert humping his caterpillar toy

 photo IMG_7688_zps6c33cab9.jpg
bert you are a dirty morning doggie

 photo IMG_7671_zps1ee99918.jpg
rikers art, paid for with butt tobacco
i love this <3 <3 <3  photo IMG_7681_zpsbf619872.jpg
this is supposed to be me
get it? im really messy
and bert shits on the floor if i dont wake up in time

 photo IMG_7682_zps584d138e.jpg
oh man i have to finish this painting at home it is due for a show in two weeks and argh i just cant finish it
not htis one this one is months old and dry

 photo IMG_7717_zps8d944322.jpg
KATSU is our next show, this is an oil painting that is amazing
robot selfie

 photo IMG_7757_zps35ab5f23.jpg
my hair is about to get pinked dont worry my hair game is NOT slipping

 photo IMG_7759_zpsb836ffaf.jpg
HOUND and GOOG continuing to crush the city cool little abbot and costello team

 photo IMG_7764_zps84caac10.jpg
BERT is about to get up all over the bowery with his new stickers methinks

 photo IMG_7648_zps4f555d52.jpg
matthew with his amazing crumpling video sculpture in miami a few days ago

there, was that so jarring was that so upsetting a computer full of old data this is what computer desktops deal with every day come on guys its fine

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