something of the dog and plenty of the manger

let’s not be complacent about complaisance

let’s aim to plaise!

 photo katsu2_zps0a0631a4.png
there is no logical way to post this blog as all images from past months are all golly-wompus

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this will thus just be a list of JPGS really tehn

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 photo 1794695_10151828660430356_217067631_n_zps1f4dde96.jpg

 photo 12ab1j-1_zps97b05d61.jpg

 photo INSTALL_Rower_2014_09_zpsf76c8f5d.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-05at75907PM_zps9245545a.jpg
this is from our current show closing tomorrow 3-6pm!

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-11at44854PM_zps1a5ae6cc.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-11at45059PM_zps7baeb071.jpg
the minotaur

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-11at45628PM_zpsd161a2ba.jpg
the chick that bones the bull to make the minotaur

 photo 29_zpsaa78d8c5.jpg
lauren luloff!

 photo 57_zpsbd6179be.jpg

 photo 55_zps2a430df4.jpg
more on our webiste or in person .. tomorrow!

 photo 39_zpsa28848f8.jpg
SKIT by tisch abelow
“chumley alone”

 photo 50_zps54b050aa.jpg
nicholas buffon

 photo 18_zpse2cd4f55.jpg
will stewart

 photo 10_zps8bb101d1.jpg
dammit and i dont think i even ever posted hte JJ show in Jan

 photo Image9_zpscbc1db45.jpg
time flies by
who’s counting

 photo 6_zpsa2f19fa5.jpg
ezra tessler

 photo 5_zps967766c1.jpg
ok ill do a post tomororw that is 31 images of the 31 works he showed over the 31 days

 photo IMG_3590_zpsf9d76521.jpg

 photo IMG_3583_zpsde1b7e21.jpg
studio visit
up close n personal

 photo MStonePanelCorners1_zps8f17b612.jpg

 photo MStonePanelCorners_zpsbac541bf.jpg
sneak peak at the body of work we will be showing March Matthew Stone Madness

 photo IMG_3471_zps73049c84.jpg

 photo 07_zpse033da90.jpg
thinking up future shows

 photo IMG_6294_zps32918483.jpg
oops looks like i’ve hit a bert vein in the photo sediment

 photo KathyGraysoncopy_zps1fb717e6.jpg

 photo preview_BFA_7147_835690_zpsc66c27e3.jpg

 photo IMG_2624_zps0eb9fd1b.jpg
bert is too cute for just me
some by the galery and share in his cute

 photo IMG_2620_zps4353cb80.jpg

 photo IMG_5857_zps3458fff8.jpg

 photo IMG_5803_zps45e44d2f.jpg

 photo tumblr_mtwc13LtM21rzbqy3o1_1280_zpsb90f28b8.jpg
bert makes all of this worthwhile

 photo tumblr_mtwc3bnRVx1rzbqy3o1_1280_zps18b82cd6.jpg
bert is into these evan robarts works because bert loves balls

 photo IMG_0322_zps8dd763d5.jpg
bert still has his balls actually i havent quite decided what to do about the balls situation

 photo IMG_0317_zpscb663dbe.jpg
he should probably keep them, right?

 photo IMG_0310_zpsc758f077.jpg
three nos and a yes

 photo IMG_0303_zpsc760064a.jpg

 photo IMG_0289_zps2e4df7dc.jpg
bert loves studio visits
here is another nic buffon

 photo IMG_0285_zpsc36e3168.jpgv

 photo IMG_0284_zpse69549f5.jpg
that is one tough squirrel

 photo IMG_0281_zps9b6283ff.jpg
i want this one to be mine

 photo IMG_0268_zpsed7e8cf6.jpg
bert n harley

 photo IMG_0264_zpsb561d283.jpg
laurel nakadate

 photo IMG_0207_zpsc7dbaaa6.jpg
not in show Lauren super cool one

 photo IMG_0185_zps0cd73ff9.jpg
katherine bernhardt

 photo IMG_0184_zps01c963ac.jpg
at canada

 photo IMG_0183_zpsfffde498.jpg

 photo IMG_0182_zps92782219.jpg
yeah baby

 photo IMG_0174_zpsa786f708.jpg

 photo IMG_0170_zps4eba57ae.jpg
this looks suspiciously like LA

 photo IMG_0169_zpsf48a331b.jpg
christian rosa

 photo IMG_0168_zps1cc69be6.jpg

 photo IMG_0167_zps6e82a8c9.jpg

 photo IMG_0166_zps2b2d2325.jpg
rosson says insulation painting fail

 photo IMG_0163_zpsecf2da34.jpg
bert says stop installing your booth i want to play

 photo IMG_0157_zps9d512a13.jpg

 photo IMG_0153_zps576d9f5e.jpg
bert loves to fly~

 photo IMG_0152_zpsdf02a546.jpg
vim and vinegar

 photo IMG_0148_zps94a6b882.jpg

 photo IMG_0147_zps8c22a3fb.jpg
lew lew

 photo IMG_0146_zps06278b7c.jpg
skip to ma lew

 photo IMG_0139_zpsfdad69cd.jpg

 photo IMG_0135_zpsc621a041.jpg

 photo IMG_0134_zps3a8e2834.jpg
more ‘loff

 photo IMG_0133_zpsb675af63.jpg
is this post too long

 photo IMG_0127_zps5044a5a4.jpg

 photo IMG_0125_zps49c9b303.jpg
you guys like art right

 photo IMG_0113_zpse0f65913.jpg

 photo IMG_0100_zpsf26c5ee4.jpg

 photo IMG_0092_zps060680ad.jpg
matthew from ALAC

 photo IMG_0079_zpscf7b6bed.jpg
kasper sonne details

 photo IMG_0073_zps254c6d3b.jpg
chemical burns

 photo IMG_0056_zpsee03297d.jpg

 photo 011811-trespass02_zps6c450217.jpg

 photo frank_gorshin_riddler3_zpsf126d238.jpg
looks like im outta photos
better dump my iphone then cuz winter was sparse but not this sparse!

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