Tear the word

what is in a name?

 photo IMG_1538_zps677b31b5.jpg
Bertie dreams

 photo IMG_1513_zpsdff273d6.jpg
Bertie sells art
I wish every fair we could have Crate City
Going to ALAC next month and wanna crate it up again but will have to find another fun idea

 photo IMG_1539_zps7bfff34f.jpg
Here are some images of other NADA boohs

 photo IMG_1540_zps08803663.jpg
the puerto rican gallery by us Roberto Paradise

 photo IMG_1541_zps797b14cc.jpg
Bill Brady printouts 🙁 sad cuz i thought they were paintings but they just have clear gel medium on top to make it look painted

 photo IMG_1542_zps915a01a8.jpg
Adam Henry one of my favourite artists but weird on that wallpaper huh?

 photo IMG_1543_zps1df2ecc5.jpg
forgot but i like it

 photo IMG_1544_zpsa35c39a1.jpg
forgot his name but Cahan likes this guy

 photo IMG_1545_zpse761c258.jpg
Jay Heiks is that it?

 photo IMG_1546_zpsda7840dd.jpg
loading more images one sec

 photo IMG_1548_zps8448be21.jpg
oh brother in a cute way

 photo IMG_1549_zps632ecdf6.jpg

 photo IMG_1581_zps24ecad21.jpg
Untitled fair
paint logs!

 photo IMG_1584_zps03f8cbc9.jpg
Division Gallery

 photo IMG_1585_zpse47f0eb4.jpg

 photo IMG_1587_zps1c12e818.jpg
argh forgot his name already

 photo IMG_1588_zpse037eb56.jpg
i got to take photos of those wall labels fuck me
oh wait ! that says TODD KELLY i think

 photo IMG_1589_zpsa3f1d7d2.jpg
now THESE are real paintings and they have hte logic of photoshop but not the cop out of photoshop

 photo IMG_1590_zps70eedd2b.jpg
an awesome Brian Belott notice the red dot yeah baby!

 photo IMG_1591_zps6cbb5db0.jpg
this guy
Zurcher also

 photo IMG_1593_zpsc04f2823.jpg
Ara killing it with the new piece

 photo IMG_1594_zpsef59cc9b.jpg
and the old one

 photo IMG_1595_zps0caf2644.jpg
best booth goes to Ayan Farah pictured here with her works in Vigo Gallery booth

 photo IMG_1596_zps9ffbcb18.jpg
she was in Xstraction here in may and these new works kick ass and sold out first hour

 photo IMG_1597_zps4d019d1f.jpg
they are forensic abstraction, fabrics exposed to natural processes, buried underground or exposed to light or heat or bleach or volcanic activity -ooh!

 photo IMG_1598_zpsa30fb6af.jpg

 photo IMG_1599_zpsc52184c2.jpg
damn Toby save some for the rest of us!
(our Ayan in the booth sold too)

 photo IMG_1600_zps7286b8c3.jpg
almost there

 photo IMG_1601_zps23171984.jpg

 photo IMG_1602_zpsbbf9c918.jpg
i was so late to go pick Krysta up that I couldnt stay to learn much more except that they were resulting mess from performances collaged together

 photo IMG_1603_zpsd349795a.jpg

 photo IMG_1604_zps1ae1b48e.jpg
love this photo

 photo IMG_1605_zps8eba68cb.jpg
wendy white is great and ready for her close up!

 photo IMG_1606_zpse54feaaa.jpg

 photo IMG_1607_zpse36f71b4.jpg

 photo IMG_1608_zpsda8a4769.jpg
these i did shoot the label!

 photo IMG_1609_zps96319aa5.jpg
hard to focus with the beach right there huh buddy

 photo IMG_1610_zps9deb6c6d.jpg

 photo IMG_1611_zps4ab40fbf.jpg

 photo IMG_1612_zps92b9030b.jpg

 photo IMG_1613_zpse934b941.jpg

 photo IMG_1614_zps580dfd53.jpg
with anonymous gallery a Katherine Youssef work these are great works

 photo IMG_1615_zps0be99875.jpg
jocelyn hobbie

 photo IMG_1617_zps20bb2c75.jpg
young NJ artist Jamian Juliano Villani (previous studio visit last month on blog)

 photo IMG_1618_zps6265cda6.jpg
not bad for year two guys!!

 photo IMG_1619_zps1de2667c.jpg
bert had fun
they woudlnt let him into basel fair poor little shitter

 photo IMG_1622_zpsd69ba2db.jpg
i know its not fair i should have said you were my service dog sniffing out my allergy to pineapples and raw pecans

 photo IMG_1623_zpsd6479a34.jpg
zonin out

 photo IMG_1624_zpsfcbef3ee.jpg
zzooming in

 photo IMG_1627_zps7c81dfc3.jpg
things on wires

 photo IMG_1628_zps30f753d9.jpg

 photo IMG_1630_zps2aadcd41.jpg
its friendswtihyou at erm at Mondrian!

 photo IMG_1633_zps48310b5e.jpg

 photo IMG_1645_zpscc404ef3.jpg
me and Bert fighting over a jalapeno margarita

 photo IMG_1647_zpsf203ee60.jpg
Bushwick meets Basel or whatever it was called

 photo IMG_1648_zpsac14f88a.jpg
Jaimie Warren on deck
she told me she had to drink a lot so she could pee her pants on stage

 photo IMG_1649_zps99a1d7d5.jpg
the blob!

 photo IMG_1651_zps7ede10b4.jpg

 photo IMG_1652_zps8645f0d9.jpg

 photo IMG_1654_zps1df68721.jpg

 photo IMG_1661_zps83f69195.jpg
Little Richard

 photo IMG_1677_zps7f05b73b.jpg
and then GG Allin!

 photo IMG_1682_zps34f2b24b.jpg
let’s watch Bert eat this doggie bagel from bagel shop

 photo IMG_1681_zpseb02722f.jpg

 photo IMG_1683_zps1b315456.jpg

 photo IMG_1684_zps51f4f26f.jpg

 photo IMG_1685_zps8e1ee689.jpg

 photo IMG_1686_zps731ec257.jpg

 photo IMG_1687_zps25efeac4.jpg

 photo IMG_1694_zps96a7a28f.jpg

 photo IMG_1688_zps8c6767f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1689_zps6b83bb95.jpg

 photo IMG_1690_zps4f6d7971.jpg
shot while driving down Alton Rd btw dont try this at home

 photo IMG_1691_zps1a744fe0.jpg

 photo IMG_1692_zpsa1ef56f4.jpg
oops a daisy

 photo IMG_1695_zps86d7ec53.jpg
ok gnight

 photo IMG_1700_zpscde57acd.jpg
one day off of tennis lessons then beach, so psyched and so done!

 photo IMG_1709_zps9cabb655.jpg

 photo IMG_1714_zps6a20404e.jpg
used to be a gymnast as a kid can u tell?

 photo IMG_1716_zps47ab1a57.jpg
i found a toy shovel and dug a big hole for bert

 photo IMG_1724_zps86b1884a.jpg
bert what are you doing

 photo IMG_1729_zpsbb861051.jpg
dig bertie dig!

 photo IMG_1728_zps4fc88c3a.jpg
ok ill come get you

 photo IMG_1742_zps17877a48.jpg
i love you you are my little buddy

 photo IMG_1756_zps63279dc9.jpg
im so happy you came into my life little guy! you are so sweet a little brown angel

 photo IMG_1759_zpse262393b.jpg
i will protect you

 photo IMG_1755_zps4f29d01e.jpg
from stranger strangle

 photo IMG_1761_zpsdba11045.jpg
came home to snow and this!

 photo IMG_1763_zps9c7b8400.jpg
in Stefan Bondell’s painting show

 photo IMG_1764_zps8db48804.jpg
Bob Hollman of Bowery Poetry Club

 photo IMG_1765_zps6fc3a708.jpg
it was 20 degrees but the people want their poetry!

 photo IMG_1768_zps8554cccd.jpg
richard kirshenbaum is the guy that like invented guerrilla media but he also writes for the observer

 photo IMG_1770_zpsd845dfa6.jpg
and was hilarious making fun of art collectors

 photo IMG_1773_zps438a2c59.jpg
Jonas Mekas read from his diary

 photo IMG_1774_zpsfad203cf.jpg
Lizzi Bougatsos sang a song

 photo IMG_1776_zpsd50055c6.jpg
had fun putting this Untitled Scott Reeder 2012 painting on instagram and asking the public to suggest a title for it

 photo IMG_1780_zpsd274b610.jpg
our photographer for Stefan show got a great shot of Bertie too that I will love forever!

 photo IMG_1784_zps44704d76.jpg
then Kembra took me to John Waters christmas show

 photo IMG_1806_zpsadd7156e.jpg
i tweeted some jokes as he told em so check twitter I cant remember anything except how he called some gay dude a “blouse” and they asked why and he said they were a “feminine top”

 photo IMG_1813_zps43d7c7a8.jpg
just noticed that Aggie Gund is in this photo too whoops!

 photo IMG_1817_zpse0bd5372.jpg
ok who wants to see more bertie photos? i do and this is a dictatorship

 photo IMG_1818_zpsa435f111.jpg
pancake face

 photo IMG_1820_zps1da10932.jpg
Bertie’s first snow! He was born in Feb in Oklahoma and this is his first time in his life seeing snow

 photo IMG_1821_zpsd9d9bbdf.jpg
look at his face

 photo IMG_1845_zpsd553bb28.jpg

 photo IMG_1825_zps581f6eba.jpg
my most previous cargo!

 photo IMG_1826_zpsc2332fb9.jpg
and Santa Claus taking a big ol drunk piss

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