photo IMG_3459_zpsb2015955.jpg
matthew borrowed my camera to shoot his new works for NADA

 photo IMG_3471_zps626669e5.jpg
bertie says to bring these too

 photo IMG_3466_zps1f268e76.jpg
too cold to move

 photo IMG_3474_zps2f561f7b.jpg
wandering the bleak freezing streets

 photo IMG_3475_zps91d59b71.jpg

 photo IMG_3476_zps46eb86be.jpg
but then!

 photo IMG_3478_zps3e7d3789.jpg
miami finally came to heat things up

 photo IMG_3486_zpsbfe65209.jpg

 photo IMG_3490_zps11bc9415.jpg

 photo IMG_3491_zpsd4af4d0f.jpg

 photo IMG_3510_zps8be4a6f9.jpg
thats a happy puppy right there

 photo IMG_3492_zpsc9f17a9e.jpg
our nADA booth was craze

 photo IMG_3494_zps3fb2f817.jpg

 photo IMG_3498_zps5bc68860.jpg

 photo IMG_3499_zpsaf15ba70.jpg

 photo IMG_3502_zpsf3fe5aa3.jpg
we wanted to highlight the sorta behind the scenes nuts and bolts of art fairing, and the lifespan of the artwork, and art as physical (heavy delicate) reality

 photo IMG_1321_zps45f25d4d.jpg
oh balls and now i am way out of order from the iphone camera situation

 photo IMG_1323_zps4c7fd685.jpg
my phone is back in the Parisian Laundry Valerie Blass show

 photo IMG_1324_zps91ddc7b8.jpg
installing Katherine And Youssef

 photo IMG_1325_zpsbe17e0be.jpg
goog one

 photo IMG_1326_zpsdb95cca1.jpg

 photo IMG_1327_zps067776e0.jpg
returning a TODT piece from AREA whoah

 photo IMG_1328_zps97919b86.jpg
back before we needed hats scarves and gloves every damn day

 photo IMG_1329_zpsa4c95864.jpg
ja it sucks

 photo IMG_1330_zpsf33a6a13.jpg

 photo IMG_1333_zps454761c7.jpg
damn look how small Bertie is wrapped in joe’s shirt

 photo IMG_1340_zps7c41553f.jpg
at our November openings

 photo IMG_1341_zps313775db.jpg
giaccometti steppin out

 photo IMG_1343_zps83540838.jpg

 photo IMG_1344_zps2fba4c7e.jpg

 photo IMG_1345_zpsc164f9b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1347_zpsb9190b5a.jpg
whats funny about this photo is both these guys are like 6’5″ but look normal here

 photo IMG_1351_zps0b738f28.jpg
stefan and bert

 photo IMG_1356_zps9550da3a.jpg
bert totally partying

 photo IMG_1359_zpsbe59dae7.jpg
well at least one day in teh past year i was awake to eat brunch

 photo IMG_1362_zps7d091db0.jpg
bert and joe have same eyes

 photo IMG_1373_zps4391a193.jpg
oh yeez and then this happened

 photo IMG_1378_zps4520a42a.jpg
this show was really interesting

 photo IMG_1386_zpsb1f58e75.jpg
i liked his oddly timed and autotuned rants imbetween songs

 photo IMG_1394_zpsf3d0e856.jpg
he talked about art snobbery too

 photo IMG_1400_zps1ebaae18.jpg
matthew was amidst planning his miami basel opera for Shore Club, the guys Thunderhorse who did Salem 2010 with us and also Yeezus tour also did Matthew visuals

 photo IMG_1404_zps14e77e0a.jpg

 photo IMG_1409_zps351b41ef.jpg

 photo IMG_1426_zps95491ab0.jpg
guess who else worked on the show?

 photo IMG_1433_zpsfeabe7eb.jpg
if you guessed Vanessa Beecroft you are righT!

 photo IMG_1436_zpse8c5c213.jpg
i liked this guy the best

 photo IMG_1441_zpsbe6344ec.jpg
there were lots of religious things happening

 photo IMG_1442_zpsa843a944.jpg

 photo IMG_1456_zps4c6a043e.jpg
jesus came down from the mountain

 photo IMG_1460_zps61ba84e0.jpg

 photo IMG_1472_zps77003a48.jpg

 photo IMG_1474_zpse56e54e1.jpg

 photo IMG_1478_zpsb0916806.jpg
and there you have it
i cant copy all the things that he said during the concert but it was pretty interesting stuff and made me think more about this guy as an artist and the power of mainstream success and the art world etc etc

 photo IMG_1485_zps50c4aa6b.jpg
went home to DC for thanksgiving

 photo IMG_1486_zpsf0b75eb2.jpg
checked out the Alex Prager show at the Corcoran

 photo IMG_1494_zps79ef2154.jpg
emailed out about Stefan’s show

 photo IMG_1495_zps3fd8246b.jpg
baltimore training

 photo IMG_1498_zps396a75d1.jpg
hmmm i guess i didnt take any thanksgiving photos whoops

 photo IMG_1499_zps24af09e5.jpg

 photo IMG_1500_zps13652845.jpg
did you guys see Detroit recently??
google nekst detroit

 photo IMG_1524_zps2701833a.jpg
oops back in miami i guess sorry about this

 photo IMG_1532_zps6bc9ad0c.jpg

 photo IMG_1550_zpsabe969bc.jpg
our neighbor rachel uffner

 photo IMG_1551_zps98ec13f4.jpg
peter linde busk

 photo IMG_1552_zpsbc5f9c2f.jpg

 photo IMG_1554_zps44a4f6c9.jpg
katherine and youssef selling rugs!

 photo IMG_1555_zps330abf67.jpg
the name is
the name is coming it is
Gina Beavers

 photo IMG_1556_zpsd259f928.jpg
what a relief!

 photo IMG_1558_zps5822c27b.jpg
jon on his vespa

 photo IMG_1559_zps80a5e99d.jpg
Davina Semo at Marlborough harumph

 photo IMG_1562_zpsf129562e.jpg
and Tap Tap

 photo IMG_1746_zpsd29c9bae.jpg
the bear
wait i have a lot more photos where did they go
they will have to be tomorrow as the fingers have now completley frozen

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