For herself to mar

i wonder what “flirt gills” were
or “skains-mates”
or “ropery”

 photo IMG_1284_zpscd85b9b7.jpg
go home hippy haha

 photo IMG_1285_zps547095f7.jpg
this dog

 photo IMG_1287_zps46f09231.jpg
i use all my camera battery in the dog park and none left for the art

 photo IMG_1290_zps96aa3095.jpg
in youssef and katherine’s studio

 photo IMG_1291_zpsa5eaf1f0.jpg
leading up to the show!!! so behind on these photos damn

 photo IMG_1293_zps65d311ae.jpg
then me and joe and enno drove up to Brant Foundation house for the Julian Schnabel opening
this is a portrait of may!
it really looks like her, huh?

 photo IMG_1294_zpsc439e1ee.jpg

 photo IMG_1295_zps459c8823.jpg

 photo IMG_1296_zps5ef7539e.jpg

 photo IMG_1299_zps501d8080.jpg
super weird piece!
loved this one

 photo IMG_1301_zps7f094ca5.jpg

 photo IMG_1305_zps029f5647.jpg

 photo IMG_1306_zps17a56886.jpg
greek hurricane!

 photo IMG_1307_zpsb7980143.jpg
may and bros

 photo IMG_1308_zps388f3d68.jpg

 photo IMG_1309_zps67b88f90.jpg

 photo IMG_1310_zps36a65063.jpg
todd eberle shooting some after hours portraits of the big man and the big man

 photo IMG_1311_zps630d0164.jpg
lola and stella and may and julian

 photo IMG_1315_zps38cdc8f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1317_zpsfdc081c6.jpg
they have been buddies for like 35 years!

 photo IMG_1318_zps89baf014.jpg
this is a great piece too

 photo IMG_3408_zpsd1a6e808.jpg
wheres bert

 photo IMG_3409_zps623a443d.jpg
wheres bert

 photo IMG_3410_zpsdabdde0f.jpg

 photo IMG_3411_zps6759ccce.jpg

 photo IMG_3412_zps5c8585f3.jpg
now we are checking out Devin Troy Strother at Marlborough new downtown location

 photo IMG_3414_zps12f9c00b.jpg

 photo IMG_3413_zpsd8e9819a.jpg

 photo IMG_3415_zps577b49ee.jpg

 photo IMG_3416_zpsf8594994.jpg

 photo IMG_3417_zpsf5bd39b0.jpg

 photo IMG_3418_zps6cbf65f0.jpg
the basement is full of cowboys n indians paintings

 photo IMG_3419_zpsa97739ec.jpg

 photo IMG_3420_zps6754a919.jpg

 photo IMG_3421_zps86a4d80f.jpg

 photo IMG_3422_zps37d88ed2.jpg
i saved the checklist so i could type the titles as they are important but then i used the checklist to pick up dog poo

 photo IMG_3423_zps61c0c986.jpg
im sorry the dog poos and i never have baggies

 photo IMG_3424_zps3c7fba6a.jpg

 photo IMG_3427_zps0f8db08b.jpg

 photo IMG_3429_zpsd9a4e8be.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zps91beb2e6.jpg

 photo IMG_3431_zpsffdface1.jpg

 photo IMG_3432_zps856a6ee1.jpg
what do you guys think of this work?

 photo IMG_3433_zpsdd52acf8.jpg
i am psyched on it

 photo IMG_3434_zps5e2aef0f.jpg

 photo IMG_3435_zpsd77f9589.jpg

 photo IMG_3436_zps5b539218.jpg
here is a LINK to read the titles for the pieces they are important

 photo IMG_3437_zpsee25144f.jpg
what else

 photo IMG_3438_zpscb7be2f6.jpg
now i am at oh man what are they called again

 photo IMG_3439_zpsabb828e3.jpg
reena spaulding

 photo IMG_3440_zpsa53d4f08.jpg
looking at the K8 Hardy show

 photo IMG_3441_zps676999e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3442_zps7a4e5d32.jpg
with “my man” Andreas!

 photo IMG_3443_zps16ae8317.jpg

 photo IMG_3445_zpsf9f8e048.jpg
time to reflect, Bertie

 photo IMG_3447_zps92c014f7.jpg
now we are at Max Levai’s house for DTS marlborough dinner after

 photo IMG_3448_zps2711e667.jpg
dont even think about it Bert this is all for me

 photo IMG_3451_zps13d13165.jpg
cool Andrew Kuo painting

 photo IMG_3453_zps18af7af5.jpg
and that is it for now I suppose as it’s Sunday and I made all the checks I needed to make and met all the people and received the Devendra drop off and emailed the press the images and my to do list now just includes going to eat dinner somewhere nice

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  1. Yay, been looking forward to a new post for ages. Kathy, could you please take a photograph of your bookcase, or have you got any recommendations atm? BW

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