photo IMG_1098_zps9863a820.jpg
what else

 photo IMG_1102_zps4e2a814e.jpg
back november when this was the gallery was thrown into upheaval by AREA the book and exhibition

 photo IMG_1103_zpsd72f7568.jpg
we are still picking nails out of our floor, but we did get some interesting walls out of it

 photo IMG_1105_zpscd5f6cba.jpg
oops looks like i was photographing some inventory

 photo IMG_1106_zps1700dec2.jpg
this is a really good one, no fireworks just slight compositional weirdnesses

 photo IMG_1107_zps8b7f85e1.jpg
Misaki Kawai designed the bar

 photo IMG_1111_zps95b543cf.jpg
steve powers and todd james made the money and money booth

 photo IMG_1112_zps81548c2f.jpg
chuck close in front of his work hanging at AREA bathroom

 photo IMG_1113_zps76408f95.jpg
Andy Warhol presenting “invisible sculpture” at AREA

 photo IMG_1114_zpsdb43840d.jpg
Andy tshirt maybe i cant read the lettering

 photo IMG_1116_zps8a5249ad.jpg
kenny in area with his work

 photo IMG_1120_zps7c8b0e38.jpg
barbara kruger in area

 photo IMG_1121_zps312adb2d.jpg
these people
they are all now 30years older

 photo IMG_1124_zps00a27b9c.jpg
despite very unfun continuing issues in this department, the show went off without a hitch!

 photo IMG_1125_zps3dbd9f8d.jpg
even Andy Spade got into the area spirit with his concert in Sleepy Jones window

 photo IMG_1127_zpse98ce90f.jpg
double Warhol in front Hole window!

 photo IMG_1131_zps32eb3138.jpg
grabbin for cash

 photo IMG_1134_zpsefeac3dc.jpg
“naked office” viewable through peephole

 photo IMG_1135_zpse4c6bf69.jpg
did you know that when i was in college me and Laura Tepper convinved the administration to give us a space to create a student art galery
and we called it AREA
so the first gallery i ever owned was called AREA

 photo IMG_1138_zps195a8f8c.jpg
i thought serge was being silly spending so much time on the little stuff but then it was the little stuff that really made the project
this is ABSOLUT AREA hotel soap jello shot

 photo IMG_1143_zps93b7fb6e.jpg
sandy kim in her bra shooting photos under the chuck close piece in hole AREA bathroom

 photo IMG_1147_zpsb0396d5d.jpg
jerry saltz shooting linda yablonsky as andy warhol

 photo IMG_1149_zpsd5e0dda5.jpg
this guy!

 photo IMG_1151_zps6ce8081f.jpg
we had to have two private openings and both were slammed

 photo IMG_1161_zps6ad296ac.jpg
a view through the Hole floor into our creepy basement!

 photo IMG_1164_zpseec2013b.jpg
a Haring mannequin worth over a million dollars and not behind plexi—heart attack!!

 photo IMG_1157_zpsbe414821.jpg

 photo IMG_1168_zps957f506b.jpg
later at the bowery hotel

 photo IMG_1173_zpsb5929066.jpg
this really made it worth it to me, i got to install and show this historic artwork in my gallery
this was in my art history book in college, now it is on my wee gallery wall SIGH!
you know it is from that nazi dude slogan when i hear the word culture i unholster my gun or whatever, ya?

 photo IMG_1176_zpsb016e12b.jpg
other cool details

 photo IMG_1181_zps994c76b2.jpg
some pens i bought jon

 photo IMG_1183_zps01fc0ed5.jpg
haha joey frank!

 photo IMG_1184_zps6ef05340.jpg
bertie woudl like to serve you our signature cocktail by our sponsor absolut

 photo IMG_1189_zps5304f046.jpg

 photo IMG_1194_zps7eee4676.jpg
survival research labs
there is an interesting historical anecdote behind this piece as well but my fingers are too cold to type

 photo IMG_1195_zps9a5a74ba.jpg
julian schnabel boxer
this was in the movie King of New YORK with Christopher Walken

 photo IMG_1204_zpsdf7f242b.jpg

 photo IMG_1205_zps62ba0f6b.jpg
ben jones videos on teh dance floor

 photo IMG_1207_zpsfcd13508.jpg
degenerate art

 photo IMG_1208_zps756d7c15.jpg
a keith haring odd drawing looks like tarot card

 photo IMG_1209_zps9db0d803.jpg
leroy neiman femlins always fun

 photo IMG_1210_zps8c7aaa17.jpg

 photo IMG_1211_zpsea399e57.jpg

 photo IMG_1225_zpsfbe6b61e.jpg

 photo IMG_1226_zps71ea52bd.jpg

 photo IMG_1227_zps09ec3335.jpg

 photo IMG_1228_zpsad1e584f.jpg
the ephemera room kind cool right?

 photo IMG_1229_zps111f74ef.jpg
this larry rivers!

 photo IMG_1230_zpse4f15e3b.jpg
better view of “mark” 🙂

 photo IMG_1231_zps5c1e6a2b.jpg
then i went to help aurel hang her show in a deli on stanton

 photo IMG_1234_zps8ebc9107.jpg

 photo IMG_1235_zps7328f452.jpg

 photo IMG_1236_zps507532be.jpg

 photo IMG_1237_zps7e683514.jpg

 photo IMG_1238_zps4424a632.jpg
in case you missed the show here are the works

 photo IMG_1239_zps820dd459.jpg

 photo IMG_1240_zps5495f31b.jpg

 photo IMG_1241_zps62654a94.jpg

 photo IMG_1242_zps9561c8ea.jpg

 photo IMG_1243_zps9d5c15fc.jpg

 photo IMG_1244_zps22d82b6c.jpg

 photo IMG_1245_zpscd85ff03.jpg

 photo IMG_1246_zps87dcc0b0.jpg

 photo IMG_1247_zps63311cd7.jpg

 photo IMG_1248_zps16a48d48.jpg

 photo IMG_1249_zps616431ce.jpg

 photo IMG_1250_zps36ad8bd6.jpg

 photo IMG_1251_zps765950dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1252_zpse3adbbaf.jpg

 photo IMG_1253_zps3240ae61.jpg

 photo IMG_1254_zpsc634bb8b.jpg

 photo IMG_1256_zps377febd8.jpg

 photo IMG_1258_zps3bebb7e6.jpg

 photo IMG_1260_zpsac60b20d.jpg

 photo IMG_1263_zpsddabae8b.jpg

 photo IMG_1264_zpse1761d91.jpg

 photo IMG_1266_zpsad83f5f0.jpg

 photo IMG_1269_zpsb35cc6c4.jpg

 photo IMG_1270_zpsd8a385ba.jpg

 photo IMG_1278_zps34ca9561.jpg
aurel wanted to do the show in a space she rented so she coudl avoid the pressures or expectations of gallery drama
whereas area wanted to do their show in my space so they could exploit the pressures and expectations of galery drama
and fucking drama-d the shit outta my life for ten days and were out

 photo IMG_1280_zps8369a43d.jpg
maybe i need to take a lesson from her and when people bring drama my way, tell them no thanks I will just do things by myself

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