slow your role

 photo IMG_0375_zpsf92648c2.jpg
ok so with almost a thousand photos to upload and post since last blog i’m not sure how much is even interesting anymore
i remember how small the elevator at the Hotel Beaumarchais was
and I suppose I am still interested in it

 photo IMG_0379_zps5f340a8d.jpg
this is me in paris during FIAC

 photo IMG_0382_zps19ce96d9.jpg
what art sticks with you when so many weeks pass without looking at is a second time?

 photo IMG_0388_zpsfcd49ef2.jpg

 photo IMG_0389_zps4bbb80f2.jpg
the dog with the pink leg running through the Pierre Huyghe show stuck with me
but perhaps that was tied into missing Bertie feelings

 photo IMG_0397_zpsef329288.jpg

 photo IMG_0407_zps6593b5a0.jpg
i even visited a pupppy store while i was in paris cuZ i missed puppy smell 🙁

 photo IMG_0425_zps520201b8.jpg

 photo IMG_0433_zpsd60dd72a.jpg
Cartier foundation or Prada foundation I forget

 photo IMG_0434_zps6307dfe3.jpg

 photo IMG_0436_zps0d3b7c8f.jpg
Ron Mueck

 photo IMG_0438_zps76eee573.jpg

 photo IMG_0439_zps475cdc16.jpg
these are all hand carved by the way very important to know that detail

 photo IMG_0440_zps0281b4ae.jpg
months and months and months and months

 photo IMG_0442_zps3901ae0f.jpg

 photo IMG_0445_zps6aea55e3.jpg

 photo IMG_0449_zpsa3c76620.jpg
had dinner with Korakrit

 photo IMG_0450_zps2d7b9bb3.jpg
at some artist designed restaurant that was wack

 photo IMG_0455_zps8469352e.jpg
installed Holton and Matthew at Salon Zurcher

 photo IMG_0464_zpsbc8b9f97.jpg
it was fun

 photo IMG_0458_zps926f0234.jpg
sorry for the occasional instagram overlap

 photo IMG_0461_zpsf3d74bdd.jpg

 photo IMG_0466_zps8751f065.jpg
went to check out Rosson Crow at Nathalie Obadia

 photo IMG_0473_zps7ff6834f.jpg

 photo IMG_0474_zps709f956c.jpg
this photo is so derp hahaha

 photo IMG_0475_zpsa69a62f9.jpg

 photo IMG_0476_zpsfa604aa6.jpg
which ones do you like best i like the abstractions

 photo IMG_0478_zps851491a8.jpg

 photo IMG_0479_zps412d6fd9.jpg
instagram filters never hurt nobody

 photo IMG_0482_zpsbc75bba9.jpg

 photo IMG_0484_zps48934fd5.jpg

 photo IMG_0485_zps5ba2342a.jpg

 photo IMG_0487_zpsa131c15c.jpg
spent a lot of time by myself

 photo IMG_0488_zps66aad359.jpg
that i think will be a theme of all these catch up posts

 photo IMG_0533_zps985d5446.jpg
and am in the process of extricating from my life my one friend at the moment so we will see how that goes

 photo IMG_0520_zpsd3253d59.jpg
then i can finally be completely by myself, just how i want it

 photo IMG_0534_zpsf53ff63d.jpg
oh but then theres the puppy i cant get rid of him…

 photo IMG_0540_zps027fbd89.jpg
so i went to do a big gallery tour of all the paris galleries (that were open :))

 photo IMG_0543_zps5c7a56e4.jpg
marian goodman i think
and what is that guys name
Richard Tuttle i had to google that

 photo IMG_0545_zps4ef58efd.jpg
oh and this i have to google too dammit

 photo IMG_0546_zpsc39c3fe9.jpg
pioneering neon artist multiply ripped off today
Keith Sonnier
Man that took a lot of googling and even google maps
waiting to long to post shit is bad, memory gets real messed up

 photo IMG_0547_zpsbad8141d.jpg
some nice space but not so interesting show

 photo IMG_0550_zps45eef7a4.jpg
and this i loved these so much

 photo IMG_0551_zps29af1862.jpg

 photo IMG_0552_zps71d56dbb.jpg

 photo IMG_0554_zpsdc687abb.jpg

 photo IMG_0555_zps087a24f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0556_zpsf65d6d4f.jpg
in this weird basement storage gallery

 photo IMG_0557_zps2e53c155.jpg
yvon lambert was closed lame

 photo IMG_0561_zps4bb145a2.jpg
something or other

 photo IMG_0563_zpsd3e531ea.jpg
some Cy Twombly drawings somewhere

 photo IMG_0564_zps349d9013.jpg

 photo IMG_0567_zps82a6438e.jpg
i liked this found art on the street

 photo IMG_0569_zpsd1cc327f.jpg
Ropac was real impressive with some not so interesting Chinese painter

 photo IMG_0570_zpsd77eff7b.jpg

 photo IMG_0571_zpsf5bf0331.jpg
perrotin had its weird circus vibe going
funny how jeffrey was called circusy but to me Perrotin aesthetic is so different than jeffrey’s

 photo IMG_0572_zps5fb1ffac.jpg

 photo IMG_0573_zps022d1b28.jpg
dude look at this

 photo IMG_0574_zps91464a95.jpg
this show was crazy

 photo IMG_0575_zps3abad8d2.jpg
i wish i were the writer asked to review these shows
think how fun it would be just to describe the works let alone critique them

 photo IMG_0576_zpsc1a97fe3.jpg

 photo IMG_0581_zpsc070b5bc.jpg

 photo IMG_0582_zpseb22f3bb.jpg
kinda liked this

 photo IMG_0589_zpsfc7bb5e4.jpg
REALLY liked this

 photo IMG_0590_zps6c48a1e2.jpg
and bought a toilet paper mug in the gift shop

 photo IMG_0591_zpsbe6af28a.jpg
Perrotin again
imagine if this was the entrance to Hole!

 photo IMG_0595_zpsaed1455e.jpg
oops sorry

 photo IMG_0600_zpsba513108.jpg
moving right along! in the rain

 photo IMG_0601_zps5b18a73f.jpg
Agnes B finally

 photo IMG_0602_zps54d6310c.jpg
some strange street art situation

 photo IMG_0603_zpseda133a1.jpg
but not all bad and very diverse

 photo IMG_0605_zps28692405.jpg
an artist who N Dash knows who i cant remember

 photo IMG_0606_zps4a8cb9c3.jpg
this was the gallery not the art

 photo IMG_0612_zps5f71fe66.jpg
looking for restaurant

 photo IMG_0615_zpsb777a991.jpg
finding restaurant

 photo IMG_0617_zps0cba0dcb.jpg

 photo IMG_0618_zps8416ef98.jpg
snails taste gross

 photo IMG_0622_zpsd6ff8a15.jpg
what is the surprise???? i never found out i don’t have grindr

 photo IMG_0625_zps44d6c597.jpg
bleh! go away go home

 photo IMG_0627_zpsfe4103f2.jpg
i will after the FIAC preview i promise

 photo IMG_0628_zps3fb0381f.jpg
getting up early is fun sometimes

 photo IMG_0629_zpsb49fbc32.jpg

 photo IMG_0634_zpse8fd3688.jpg
weird detail of mark flood

 photo IMG_0636_zpsfc73219d.jpg
so everyone is just kidding about david ostrowski right?

 photo IMG_0637_zpsd92017db.jpg

 photo IMG_0638_zpsdfce30db.jpg
Eddie Peake seems like an interesting artist

 photo IMG_0640_zps4f6f20a1.jpg
a Brendan Lynch painting whoda thunk it remember that dude?

 photo IMG_0641_zps5e93cfc5.jpg
korakrit hmm there seem to be more burn denim printies around

 photo IMG_0642_zps7445be7e.jpg
ramiken crucible what is that

 photo IMG_0643_zps8eab8f16.jpg
i am down for this

 photo IMG_0645_zps4ea25d2e.jpg

 photo IMG_0646_zpse27eba67.jpg
theres always a clever palette knife painting somewhere in an art fair

 photo IMG_0648_zps68efc640.jpg
liek the photo

 photo IMG_0650_zps924706d3.jpg

 photo IMG_0652_zpse7af23bf.jpg

 photo IMG_0651_zpsa6964061.jpg

 photo IMG_0654_zpsefd81d50.jpg

 photo IMG_0657_zps66b25236.jpg
what do yu’uns think of Parker Ito booth?

 photo IMG_0658_zpsf29d2e18.jpg
i think… pleasantly surprised but maybe pleasant is not the best emotion in contemporary artmaking

 photo IMG_0661_zps28984cbc.jpg
FIAC is so fancy i want to be in FIAC next year

 photo IMG_0663_zpsaecd95b4.jpg
miriam cahn

 photo IMG_0664_zpsec880569.jpg
nicolai wallner booth

 photo IMG_0666_zps34b5fc41.jpg
that mattress artist always makes that BIG song stuck in my head

 photo IMG_0667_zps7a18b5cd.jpg

 photo IMG_0668_zps569e379b.jpg

 photo IMG_0669_zpscd0be705.jpg
interestin or not interestin?

 photo IMG_0671_zpsfc31724f.jpg
mark barrow i really like this one

 photo IMG_0673_zpsc6746bbb.jpg
this guy!
i was finally going to learn his her name and then the photo of the wall label was too blurred to read

 photo IMG_0675_zps0abede5f.jpg
another miriam cahn

 photo IMG_0677_zps6fc86d30.jpg
klara liden everyone loves these
well i guess i do too

 photo IMG_0678_zpsb84d9b6b.jpg
k8 hardy

 photo IMG_0681_zpsa57f8e62.jpg

 photo IMG_0682_zps08370e33.jpg

 photo IMG_0685_zps8f72f1f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0686_zpsad4e2ac0.jpg

 photo IMG_0687_zps1d24cf5b.jpg

 photo IMG_0688_zpse18f8cfb.jpg

 photo IMG_0690_zps19fe4983.jpg

 photo IMG_0691_zpsfccc9a46.jpg
will never remember this artists name as long as i live i think

 photo IMG_0692_zps126967dd.jpg
love peter halley

 photo IMG_0693_zps180742f5.jpg
katharina grosse too

 photo IMG_0694_zps867e6684.jpg
is that nikki de saint phalle”?

 photo IMG_0695_zps4caf5b74.jpg

 photo IMG_0696_zps6c4fd965.jpg
Emin-ed out from miami cant even look

 photo IMG_0697_zps558c6e15.jpg
alex prager having soon show in NYC!

 photo IMG_0698_zps806f821f.jpg

 photo IMG_0699_zps951dc5d5.jpg
oh no one told me i had to read at the art fair bo-ring

 photo IMG_0700_zps9dde0cbc.jpg

 photo IMG_0701_zpsddd7c9e7.jpg
this painting should be the cover of my wee Paris album

 photo IMG_0703_zpsa97e3faa.jpg

 photo IMG_0704_zps314b870b.jpg
is definitely art

 photo IMG_0707_zps4da73db7.jpg
sam falls im guessing

 photo IMG_0708_zpsf19e80e1.jpg
roni horn and rob pruitt im guessing

 photo IMG_0711_zpsa40c8b9c.jpg
jules de balincourt

 photo IMG_0712_zps7fcd5979.jpg
yo yo yayoi

 photo IMG_0713_zpsebb27d64.jpg
Recent address; stuck you for your stash in your pissy mattress; Your mom’s an actress didnt wanna show me the safe; It’s okay, she was old anyway

 photo IMG_0716_zps4232cb1d.jpg
“Get Money” would actually be a good song to play in the background for art fair postings esp this silver guy what is his name argh i just don’t care
it’s not ryan sullivan it’s
it’s on the tip of my tongue
jacob kassay! got it not dead yet still tickin up there

 photo IMG_0717_zpsfc297556.jpg
aiken awesome

 photo IMG_0718_zps4d195c39.jpg
joan mitchell official

 photo IMG_0719_zps1db1bc1d.jpg
this should have been way better than it was

 photo IMG_0720_zpsf1fe76f6.jpg

 photo IMG_0721_zps9575fde7.jpg
Two Hundo Hunley

 photo IMG_0722_zps20c43487.jpg
actually i don’t know how much it was

 photo IMG_0724_zps47516cd3.jpg
everything in this room is expensive

 photo IMG_0725_zps6dd8dcff.jpg
these letters are expensive

 photo IMG_0727_zpsf8aa1997.jpg
this messy thingie is expensive

 photo IMG_0729_zpsa2d647ab.jpg
laura owens is expensive

 photo IMG_0730_zps4ee1b4f3.jpg
alex katz is expensive
i don’t need to say it each time you guys know
this painting is beautiful

 photo IMG_0731_zps2c98d0de.jpg
this painting is super sweet i thought theo rosenblum would like it

 photo IMG_0732_zps6928884a.jpg
i hope this is the right label i cant see when so small thumbnail

 photo IMG_0733_zpsa421c573.jpg
a new Sterling Ruby

 photo IMG_0734_zps3141c5b4.jpg
Argh i forgot already

 photo IMG_0739_zps93b68232.jpg

 photo IMG_0741_zpsc20bb815.jpg
spencer just kidding

 photo IMG_0744_zpsadd31c2b.jpg
this guy older artists is it artschwagger?

 photo IMG_0747_zpsa216449c.jpg
cute tiny found photo somewhere

 photo IMG_0748_zps598abd48.jpg
everyone loves to copy this everyone go home and make one right now!

 photo IMG_0750_zpsfaf54b8e.jpg
these are great Ken Price poots

 photo IMG_0752_zpsd4858d11.jpg
this is a sculpture by KAWS

 photo IMG_0754_zps27098d2d.jpg
razor blades on a Hirst

 photo IMG_0756_zpsd8f796fe.jpg
mcginleys tumbling down at team

 photo IMG_0757_zps7fc8418c.jpg
murakami smiles for miles

 photo IMG_0758_zps51c47f91.jpg
painted really beaufitully actually

 photo IMG_0761_zps482838a9.jpg
everyone loves this too

 photo IMG_0763_zps5914235d.jpg
quick buy one have you bought one oh down low you’re too slow

 photo IMG_0764_zps5b7bc8e6.jpg

 photo IMG_0766_zps3cc12603.jpg
i liked this better in case anyone was comparing

 photo IMG_0767_zps23413db8.jpg

 photo IMG_0768_zps54f4d237.jpg
an oscar murillo painting

 photo IMG_0771_zps7f6bf729.jpg
a dan colen wall cut out
apparently there was a second component to this piece but i didn’t bother to go see what it was

 photo IMG_0774_zps680c4513.jpg
a sterling expanse

 photo IMG_0776_zps35e9f30b.jpg
new too i guess!

 photo IMG_0778_zpsfb7b68b8.jpg
this is cool again

 photo IMG_0781_zpsb0aec95b.jpg
this too

 photo IMG_0783_zpsbb7da83b.jpg
this is amazing

 photo IMG_0789_zps39665c23.jpg

 photo IMG_0792_zps8f738d32.jpg
holton’s bro and his wife

 photo IMG_0793_zpsb25c992c.jpg
a man on a mat of bats

 photo IMG_0798_zps63f483f9.jpg
pretty fun way to spend a morning i would have to say

 photo IMG_0799_zps89198620.jpg

 photo IMG_0802_zpsdf0854d5.jpg
andrea cashman sold the piece behind her!

 photo IMG_0805_zpsf2563cdb.jpg

 photo IMG_0810_zps66cc9c74.jpg
ok lets git

 photo IMG_0820_zpsf59be724.jpg
check out the palais de tokyo on the way out but who is the artist again

 photo IMG_0825_zps6934e26a.jpg
parreno and friends
for example this involves tino seghal it just must

 photo IMG_0828_zps8fdd53f3.jpg
haha out of order ADEK was not one of the collaborators

 photo IMG_0830_zpsd986e9ab.jpg
i think i got stuck in teh bookstore
oh me and tony had a fun time with this one
fond memories!

 photo IMG_0831_zpsd2181d8c.jpg
love this photo

 photo IMG_0832_zps495073b7.jpg
i wish Dash could have seen the Hole

 photo IMG_0833_zps70435ec7.jpg

 photo IMG_0834_zpsa31d8be3.jpg
now we are at some emerging fair i think

 photo IMG_0837_zpsa50e933a.jpg

 photo IMG_0839_zps96872191.jpg

 photo IMG_0841_zpsebb307c5.jpg
i spy Jim Joe

 photo IMG_0843_zps020a16f4.jpg

 photo IMG_0844_zpsdf43232b.jpg
more on that soon

 photo IMG_0845_zpsf3e7ecc8.jpg
those last two pieces if put in the main fair and a fancy booth and a huge price tag coulda totally held up in there

 photo IMG_0846_zps30d717ba.jpg
haha not this one

 photo IMG_0847_zpsc6c0feb6.jpg
oh ok i have to go to airport now, or then, or whenever

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