La Hoot

I like to tell the puppy that it is made out of puppies

 photo IMG_2573_zpsed08dbfb.jpg
i like to tell it it is made from other puppy’s puppies

 photo IMG_2574_zps06beb1ce.jpg
i sing a song to it telling it that is is made from puppy skins

 photo IMG_2575_zps96f01027.jpg
am i disturbed?

 photo IMG_2577_zps0a13ce42.jpg
dogs unfortunately are mirrors and amplifiers of our bad behaviour

 photo IMG_2578_zpsa79a8315.jpg
the dog will grow up disfunctional and only other people will be able to see why as only other people can see my faults

 photo IMG_2579_zpse733b063.jpg
i am completely oblivious to my own faults

 photo IMG_2580_zpse52a97c3.jpg
however i AM aware that that is one of my faults

 photo IMG_2582_zps620cd009.jpg
so how bad could i really be?

 photo IMG_2583_zps8119a694.jpg
so many people stop me and want to pet the puppy and ask me a million questions

 photo IMG_2584_zpsd77aadf9.jpg
what kind of puppy
a pomeranian maybe mixed

 photo IMG_2585_zpsd0ff8c17.jpg
how old is that puppy
he is six months old

 photo IMG_2586_zps25bedde1.jpg
what gender is the puppy after i already heard you say HE and i am looking right at his peen
this is a male puppy

 photo IMG_2587_zps2bf615e2.jpg
will the puppy get larger
i assume the puppy will indeed get larger

 photo IMG_2588_zps2db5bbd6.jpg
where did you get the puppy
a shelter in oklahoma

 photo IMG_2589_zps63dcd312.jpg
omg can you believe somethign that cute was in a shelter
yes i believe it because i am the beneficiary of it

 photo IMG_2590_zpsf867451d.jpg
you must get this all the time
yes i do

 photo IMG_2593_zpsd87c28bd.jpg
he looks like a bear!
he looks like a koala!
he looks like a little fox!
oh that is so interesting

 photo IMG_2594_zpsa2ba3e46.jpg
im just kidding i really like how happy the puppy makes strangers

 photo IMG_2595_zpse3e383ea.jpg
but i am going to start wearing a sign around my neck that just says
this is a six month old male pomeranian puppy who will probably grow bigger and is from a shelter in oklahoma and looks like a bear and yes you may take a photo

 photo IMG_2596_zpsb7827659.jpg
i really liked this show BTW

 photo IMG_2597_zpse823d932.jpg
dont want to spend all the photos grumbling about puppy pestering

 photo IMG_2599_zpsfa8283f8.jpg
and i really wnat to go home and watch this Harry Potter movie before Joe gets home and catches me

 photo IMG_2600_zps052622b6.jpg

 photo IMG_2601_zps9afb7048.jpg
so beautyfull

 photo IMG_2602_zpsc99933e7.jpg

 photo IMG_2603_zps5f7f11e2.jpg

 photo IMG_2605_zpsaf10d319.jpg
the dog was sleepy so Jesper and I went to Marie’s Crisis and listened to LL bean guys sing show tunes

 photo IMG_2606_zpseb36b974.jpg
the bar is just a piano and everyone singing songs from musicals
i know all the words to the score from “Little Shop of Horrors” so I sang along to the Evil Dentist song

 photo IMG_2607_zps69f3e860.jpg
“everyone is staring at me that is because i am king of the dog park”

 photo IMG_2608_zps4e8f4f38.jpg
“all the dogs are staring at me because they are jealous of my abs”

 photo IMG_2611_zps2aadb808.jpg
i get to hang out in dog parks now

 photo IMG_2615_zps052401dc.jpg
look a three-humper

 photo IMG_2616_zps1ebba213.jpg
oh man so fun dog parks!

 photo IMG_2617_zpsbd423132.jpg
this guy named his pom puppy MACCHIATO

 photo IMG_2618_zps43679640.jpg
everyone in the dog park kept saying “oh have you met Macchiato” and then the guy showed up with the thing and they played puppy sniffing games

 photo IMG_2621_zpsc66f049c.jpg
then Jaimie Warren and I had a wee artist meeting at a burger place

 photo IMG_2624_zps25e9cc6e.jpg
i couldn’t resist ordering the dog a kids menu burger extra rare

 photo IMG_2620_zpsbed80bda.jpg
what a greedy piggy

 photo IMG_2625_zps66d2a992.jpg
the doggie was really shy in the dog park until yesterday when he finalyl decided to participate! i was so proud of him

 photo IMG_2626_zps8bd4c47c.jpg
what else

 photo IMG_2627_zps35157d7f.jpg
shit there are so many fucking photos still
no more of hte puppy tho! i promise!

 photo IMG_2630_zpsb60c3bcc.jpg
kembra and siobbahn

 photo IMG_2631_zps9c4b873b.jpg
goin up to teh RX art benefit at Lever House

 photo IMG_2632_zps1073e979.jpg
KAWS Célèbre

 photo IMG_2634_zpsa2f9edf7.jpg
Glori in her cute blue outfit
and Scharfman the honoree of the evening

 photo IMG_2635_zpsb0fdcd0d.jpg

 photo IMG_2636_zpsefe5097e.jpg

 photo IMG_2638_zps4170a1b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2640_zps1e823638.jpg

 photo IMG_2639_zps13170182.jpg

 photo IMG_2641_zps74a96337.jpg

 photo IMG_2642_zps89978651.jpg
dave sherry what else i cant see
Kadar and Kasper had good works there too

 photo IMG_2637_zps6d0a852d.jpg
this was my favourite piece
by Leo Fitzpatrick

 photo IMG_2645_zpsd9cbb144.jpg
what else
i think we have ONE MORE day of openings to do

 photo IMG_2646_zps56d1c36d.jpg
last night!

 photo IMG_2647_zpse67eb84c.jpg
paola pivi at the new Perrotin Uptown NYC space

 photo IMG_2648_zps50ebdece.jpg
cant believe i didnt get this in focus

 photo IMG_2649_zps3c6124ce.jpg

 photo IMG_2651_zpsbcc45818.jpg
there was a weird sculpture downstairs that pooted out money!

 photo IMG_2650_zps25dcae96.jpg
if you see my instagram you can see where Puppini caught a dollar bill in his mouth so cute!

 photo IMG_2652_zps1de27038.jpg

 photo IMG_2653_zps2f44b100.jpg

 photo IMG_2654_zps790e3580.jpg

 photo IMG_2655_zps1e2bc66d.jpg

 photo IMG_2656_zps13be89d0.jpg

 photo IMG_2657_zpsd4c05737.jpg
russian tea room
so pretty

 photo IMG_2658_zpsfb8abbf7.jpg
moo moo moo

 photo IMG_2659_zps7e92c46e.jpg
the other floor had art carnival!
i saw jeffrey there he looked happy
he was watching people win Murakami stuffed animals outta the claw machine

 photo IMG_2660_zps5db8a941.jpg

 photo IMG_2661_zps8701ac49.jpg
i didnt get a ping pong ball through the hole but Kaws still have me a wee Kaws doll that was nice
everyone is in such a good mood in September it is contagious!

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