photo IMG_2196_zps253720dc.jpg
been watching a lot of Sopranos DVDs with Joe and learning all kinds of fun new words

 photo IMG_2197_zps5ac476bd.jpg
Schmalenberger brought a performance to the last day of library

 photo IMG_2198_edited-1_zps8fe71618.jpg
i wish i had shot video because it was hilarious

 photo IMG_2199_zpsfe762507.jpg
i can imagine how from a photo you might not be as wowed as I was but that my friends is the nature of performance art
usually looks like crap!

 photo IMG_5496_zpsef8ee69f.jpg

 photo IMG_5554_zpsad848121.jpg
I got a new doo from Roxy

 photo IMG_5553_zps8cdce8a0.jpg
god it takes forevvvver

 photo IMG_5573_zpseed5775f.jpg
i look like this now!
almost back to normal
just a bit of pigeon thrown in

 photo IMG_2201_zps2b9c0680.jpg
a quiet night for me

 photo IMG_5634_zps78820ceb.jpg
yes yes quiet

 photo IMG_5639_zps9adc23e6.jpg
I like those “turn the table of drinks over and dance on the bar” kind of nights better but ho hum

 photo IMG_5640_zps3aad106f.jpg
sorry I took a lot of photos of my new David Shrigley book Knight brought over for the reading room

 photo IMG_5638_zps53b7c22b.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zps8f1464f8.jpg

 photo IMG_5643_zpsa808fde2.jpg
ate some schnitzel with may and julian and nellie

 photo IMG_5664_zps481c7f3f.jpg
julian took this

 photo IMG_5661_zps294bc81e.jpg
julian painted this!
remember from teh baby shower?

 photo IMG_5670_zps3358a8c6.jpg
well i guess i didnt learn TOO many words from the funny TV program

 photo IMG_5672_zps825b0098.jpg
i like the word goomah
not the content just the sound

 photo IMG_2203_zpsb646d602.jpg
i like calling a thousand dollars “large”
im going to tell people the prices on Kadar works by saying ten large or fifteen large and see how that goes

 photo IMG_5681_zps75fbd46d.jpg
packing up fun show is sad

 photo IMG_5684_zpsb9e05a97.jpg
good thing i have a wee adventure up my seleve!

 photo IMG_2206_zpsfd65bdf9.jpg

 photo IMG_2218_zps354372da.jpg
we are all just parasites

 photo IMG_5691_zpsb22eb390.jpg
who play with toys

 photo IMG_5690_zps684e0217.jpg
had a cookie monster bloody mary cuz i was nervous

 photo IMG_2221_zps8ae03375.jpg
some of america looks like this!

 photo IMG_5693_zps6b18ed7a.jpg
and this

 photo IMG_2222_zpsa05609b8.jpg
and this

 photo IMG_2223_zpscd1bf9a6.jpg
i am in Tulsa Oklahoma!

 photo IMG_5699_zps2398f47d.jpg
this made me have that Modern Lovers song “goverment center” in my head almost the entire trip

 photo IMG_5698_zps7b9975b8.jpg

 photo IMG_5703_zps7a4724e7.jpg

 photo IMG_5710_zpsc16de25c.jpg

 photo IMG_5716_zps2563f964.jpg

 photo IMG_5718_zps0a81d223.jpg
lonely wandering

 photo IMG_5721_zps4a67cb1f.jpg
this guy was cool i talked to him for a while

 photo IMG_5720_zps09e87962.jpg
oh had the best food, i forgot i grew up on dad’s southern cooking and that is really the only food i really really like

 photo IMG_5724_zps203d29bc.jpg
i think ill pass on the gravy tho. this is just too much

 photo IMG_5727_zps46a6d254.jpg
ooh and then!

 photo IMG_5731_zps5f865a58.jpg
fun friend from the internet met me and took me to fun drag queen bar

 photo IMG_5738_zps2f2e870d.jpg
not a drag queen
but a good karaoke singer!

 photo IMG_5742_zps30626fb6.jpg
i want to try this pie

 photo IMG_5743_zpsa1911d13.jpg
instead i will sit at a diner and be intermittently stared at by the locals

 photo IMG_5767_zps5c45120c.jpg
oh shit
Operation Dog Fetch was a success

 photo IMG_2234_zps16dc49eb.jpg
i picked this guy up at a shelter in Sallisaw, i found him on petfinder the adoption site, i love him so much!!!

 photo IMG_2241_zps405cf664.jpg
im so nervous tho it is so stressful i have this weird lump in my stomach now at all times

 photo IMG_2244_zps76bb7c4e.jpg
i dunno maybe i just need to adjust
i keep worrying im going to hurt it or kill it accidentally

 photo IMG_2254_zps2d88bafc.jpg
irrational i know but still, he tries to eat staples and all kinds of terribel stuff!

 photo IMG_2255_zps29a8c5e8.jpg
he was a really good boy when we went ot go see katherine bernhardt tho

 photo IMG_2257_zps84cc0c3d.jpg

 photo IMG_2259_zpsab93c217.jpg
good boy!

 photo IMG_2264_zps0fefeb65.jpg
i dont want to spoil surprise so u just get one more

 photo IMG_2267_zps15794100.jpg

 photo IMG_2268_zps711c2bf1.jpg
i gotta go home and put the dog to sleep
what a weird thing to type
never thought i would type that

 photo IMG_2269_zps759ff62f.jpg

 photo IMG_2273_zps474beb33.jpg
yesterday kadar stretchin the new works

 photo IMG_2278_zps494fdf7b.jpg
a lot of fun thigns happening here

 photo IMG_2282_zpsc7525b7a.jpg
definitely gotta come see these in person on wednesday

 photo IMG_2290_zpsf593a77a.jpg
oh its going to be great

 photo IMG_2297_zpsaa88e0a8.jpg
holey moley

 photo IMG_2330_zps584e0386.jpg
some hounds

 photo IMG_2336_zpscfab48d3.jpg
some baloons

 photo IMG_5679_zps51a73ed1.jpg
a spaghetti

 photo IMG_5674_zpsdfe26229.jpg
a Gelitin that reminded me of that Moreno

 photo IMG_5581_zps3c364ca2.jpg
and a hole
come to our Hole on wednesday!!!

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  1. Love your hair!
    Love your little bear!
    Did you ever name him??
    Interesting selection for next show.
    Welcome back English Joe.
    Please keep blogging .

  2. Dont delete people’s post who call you on your shit.

    Hey, maybe you can start a new trend as an appropriation blogger. The Richard Prince of the blogging world!

    Only if we all could be McManus or El Gato, right

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