Monkey ‘n’ Parrot Time

Finally found a website that satisfies my need for slang

 photo Image6_zps95987629.jpg
It’s raining dung head-first

 photo Image3_zps81135fc8.jpg
It’s raining cobbler boys

 photo Image2_zps105a5cc6.jpg
Dog poo is falling

 photo Image1_zps93b96972.jpg
It’s raining like a pissing cow

 photo Image4_zpsd53416e2.jpg
It’s raining pilot whales

 photo Image5_zps518605f3.jpg
It’s raining puppies

 photo Image8_zpsf300073e.jpg
It’s raining troll women

 photo Image11_zpsfa1fad18.jpg
It’s raining frogs

 photo Image10_zps0f6a1a58.jpg
It’s raining pocket knives

 photo Image9_zps5945c40d.jpg
The rain kills the mice

 photo Image13_zps569bc4d9.jpg
It’s raining old women with clubs

Those were all different countries’ translations for “raining cats and dogs”

 photo Image15_zpse01909ee.jpg
Dressed up like a sore finger!
apparently that means dressed up nice

 photo Image14_zps3cd71d03.jpg
All mouth and no trousers
(all talk no action)

 photo Image17_zps686226ba.jpg
Eating dried apples
that one means to be pregnant
look at this painting he just left one boob totally hanging out, how is that ok?

 photo Image18_zps24649c20.jpg
Couldn’t sell a statue to a pigeon

isnt it weird to think that the ocean used to have stuff in it?

 photo Image7_zps9bf216b8.jpg
Make it moo
(put some milk in my coffee)

 photo Image16_zpsf9b5a49b.jpg
A Chicago pineapple
(a grenade)

 photo Image20_zps84b5ebae.jpg
The clean potato
(on the straight and narrow path)

 photo Image12_zps25034c65.jpg
Tulip sauce
(making out! yay i love this one)

 photo Image19_zpsd05414d2.jpg
Sugar report
(a letter or note from your sweetheart)

 photo Image21_zps454e3180.jpg
Two-dog night
(not a bad threesome, just means cold as in you have to sleep between two dogs, which i guess WOULD be a pretty bad threesome)

 photo Image23_zpsa0da186d.jpg
Mutton dressed as lamb
(an old lady all tarted up)

 photo Image26_zps3088a985.jpg
All his geese are swans
(an exaggerator)

 photo Image24_zpsa72ad915.jpg
Acknowledge the corn!
(wait i forgot this one)
(i had to google it: By folk tale, attributed to an instance of a man who stole several horses and the corn to feed them but in court only admitted to stealing the corn. thus: acknowledge defeat and admit to a mistake, cop a plea)

 photo Image25_zps97dfea14.jpg
Dining room chairs
(teeth. i thought that was pretty clever)

 photo Image28_zps9b23b2e8.jpg
The big white telephone
(toilet euphemism)

 photo Image27_zps23c4d4d9.jpg
Have a hairy canary
(freak out)

 photo Image22_zps2c23253d.jpg

 photo Image34_zps310e7433.jpg
Take the number 11 bus
(to walk somewhere, legs look like 11 i guess?)

 photo Image35_zpse03d8cfe.jpg
these are fun these are codes people would write on an envelope to their girlfriend:
BURMA – Be Undressed, Ready My Angel

 photo Image33_zps30c94650.jpg
HOLLAND – Hope Our Love Lasts and Never Dies

 photo Image36_zpsb5754d71.jpg
ITALY – I Trust And Love You

 photo Image37_zps3db22af5.jpg
“alewife” is a really good word in and of itself

 photo Image29_zps9a053122.jpg
LYKAH – Leave Your Knickers At Home

 photo Image39_zps9d5a5f4f.jpg
NORWICH – Knickers Off And Ready When I Come Home

 photo Image38_zps57c80fa7.jpg
POLO – Pants Off, Legs Open
(photo is me driving big truck up to RI and Boston and so grumpy probably not good caption for this, no)

 photo Image33_zps30c94650.jpg
SWANK – Sealed With A Nice Kiss

 photo Image40_zpsbc9d1664.jpg
SWALCAKWS – Sealed With A Lick ‘Cos A Kiss Won’t Stick

 photo Image41_zpse1db9d7f.jpg
that last one was pretty lame

 photo Image43_zpsc657eea8.jpg
so i drove up some crates to Ara to visit him and also

 photo Image42_zpsc703a70e.jpg
jim drain! hypnogoogia reunion!
i think that was the first show i got to curate at deitch 2004 or so

 photo Image45_zps76063883.jpg
they were cranking out the pinwheels as a collector commission
this time enamel on aluminum! wow!

 photo Image47_zps9c9d9986.jpg
this is polenta fries on steamed mussels

 photo Image46_zps6396d51c.jpg
ara collects and restores vintage pinballs

 photo Image48_zps4a8a48ae.jpg

 photo Image49_zpsfc51b86e.jpg
then in Boston had a great time at the ICA!
this is dianna molzan

 photo Image50_zps5c2cc254.jpg
klara liden
they had a sorta mini “xstraction” show up

 photo Image52_zpsfea7349c.jpg
not sure how she fits in
but this makes me think of “Pinkberry”
a chain i am sure is successful because of the subconscious nipple thoughts

 photo Image31_zpsc97df740.jpg

 photo Image30_zps6ba627f5.jpg

 photo Image53_zps594f585a.jpg
they had a great small mary reid kelley show up too

 photo Image51_zpsd5bdbeb1.jpg
the Barry McGee retrospective
the reason for my etre

 photo Image55_zpsfa6d0c41.jpg

 photo Image57_zpsbfc0489f.jpg

 photo Image59_zps59453fd4.jpg
the caption for all of these will be “yay!”

 photo Image58_zpsde4c42dc.jpg

 photo Image56_zpsff646cef.jpg
the guy was like “oh this is so clever i never actually thought about how these guys carry the paint that they need”

 photo Image61_zps0ba8a6eb.jpg

 photo Image62_zpsec2cd303.jpg
i like this new little compositional device

 photo Image60_zps99187180.jpg

 photo Image63_zps64f6723e.jpg
cast off childish things!

 photo Image54_zps7c7379e4.jpg

 photo Image64_zps7fa6a1ce.jpg
will THIS be my tattoo?

 photo Image65_zpsa5c8096b.jpg
dash was so mad about this photo

 photo Image66_zpsdcabe11c.jpg

 photo Image67_zpsf7f645dd.jpg
font genius

 photo Image69_zps6403def4.jpg
ok shit these are outta order
this is a weird lamp i bought for 15 buxx on the drive home

 photo Image72_zps91f40324.jpg

 photo Image71_zps9af69373.jpg
oops haha

 photo Image73_zps265662c9.jpg
bought some old xmen comics i love these!!

 photo Image74_zps8521ef55.jpg
yesterday gettin stared at by a dog in a bag

 photo Image79_zps56c47a44.jpg
man i wished these had turned out better
i got really wasted with jesper just and these guys ran out of the bar, jumped in that thing and sped off

 photo Image80_zpsb270f318.jpg

 photo Image82_zps27b1a52a.jpg
this is why i need to use real camera again

 photo Image81_zps70f7124e.jpg
we were drinkin’ till dawn. man i hate the sunrise. it reminds me of coke till dawn and i dont ever want that ever again not even once!

 photo Image77_zpscd08578f.jpg

 photo Image78_zps0976ad68.jpg
jesse edwards rare old studio shot

 photo Image76_zpsd4a0d4e8.jpg
a new acquisition for collection grayson!
a Jamian Juliano-Villani i hope i spelled that right

 photo Image75_zpscee0d3ca.jpg
one of my favourite books as a child

 photo Image70_zps4537f405.jpg
a new addition to teh library
advanced wickering

 photo IMG_2147_zps0708bce6.jpg
this is why i hate using my camera by the way

 photo imgphoto2_zpse1c84d89.jpg
another jamian

 photo IMG_2148_zps670bf00b.jpg
creepy providence house

 photo Image_zps68b72e1a.jpg
out of love

 photo IMG_2151_zpsf716bc79.jpg
more Barry!

 photo IMG_2149_zps72e63c45.jpg

 photo IMG_2154_zps9d66f10d.jpg

 photo IMG_2152_zps3a986cf7.jpg

 photo IMG_2150_zps4ab39152.jpg

 photo IMG_2153_zps469478ed.jpg

 photo IMG_2155_zps3a01593b.jpg
dont worry i took a million photos of everything

 photo IMG_2156_zps11cd46eb.jpg

 photo IMG_2157_zpsece28e83.jpg
his dad’s drawings

 photo IMG_2160_zps71c1e62a.jpg

 photo IMG_2161_zps7e5f453c.jpg

 photo IMG_2159_zps3547c425.jpg

 photo IMG_2158_zpse9efd3de.jpg
i have had to install one of these before it is such a nightmare

 photo IMG_2165_zps6bf3ec93.jpg

 photo IMG_2166_zps91f5cb1d.jpg

 photo IMG_2162_zps9879b661.jpg

 photo IMG_2163_zps465b9941.jpg

 photo IMG_2168_zps5f05ad36.jpg

 photo IMG_2169_zps109acb6e.jpg

 photo IMG_2171_zps6ffba616.jpg

 photo IMG_2172_zps54bb51a7.jpg

 photo IMG_2174_zpsf1958324.jpg

 photo IMG_2164_zps7ef2eeae.jpg
sorry i took a lot of photos of this it was my favourite maybe

 photo IMG_2170_zps8204d2f8.jpg
or this

 photo IMG_2173_zps5bcab1a7.jpg

 photo IMG_2175_zps8579342c.jpg
this nice guy named Jay who reads my blog met me there and hung out with me so i wasnt alone wasnt that nice??

 photo IMG_2179_zps3805537f.jpg
i take photos of this then go home and try to augment my client lists

 photo IMG_2176_zps7af73bab.jpg

 photo IMG_2178_zps94c42008.jpg
try to find mary reid kelley on youtube and check out her videos i hate videos but hers are good i promise promise

 photo IMG_2187_zps19aeaca6.jpg
well i guess i am back home cuz this looks like kadar

 photo IMG_2190_zpsb4a89aa1.jpg
i gotta write a press release tongiht and its almost the pumpkin hour

 photo IMG_2186_zps71d1ea03.jpg
wish me luck!

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  1. What a beautiful post.
    Really great photos. Lots of detail a good artistic blend of what’s out there.
    Your gallery looks great on Hyperalergic web site.
    Please post photos of the great art in your Summer Reading rooms.

  2. Hi Kathy, It’s Ghurron; I agree with El Gato comment; If your oblige post some of the hole galleries Summer Reading exhibition art! best gb’ 8-25-2013

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