photo IMG_1110_zps48f79e95.jpg
photobucket deleted a big group of photos for content or whatever but they didn’t delete this one
instagram did
dont you feel that this should be looked at? is somethign wrong with me?

 photo aurel_schmidt_banana_dick_zpsafdc0f6d.jpg
i saw this awesome new aurel drawing and hoped it was inspired by my photo above
but maybe it just means we have somethig both wrong with the same part of our brains

 photo SHERRY_bust_zpse954b3ea.jpg
while on the Fireplace site i saw this
i never have seen this Dave Sherry before!

 photo SHERRY_You_And_Your_Frequecopy_zpsf9e13c1d.jpg
or these!

 photo IMG_2703_zpsca811261.jpg
what else is going on

 photo IMG_1922_zps1c6f63aa.jpg
I guess i’m going to just post some photos and then like go out and take some more photos on my real camera and post a real blog

 photo IMG_1929_zpsbe6e7046.jpg
that is “about something”

 photo IMG_1946_zps9fd628e0.jpg
when I get back from my wee trip

 photo imgR3AP214-04-LORES_zpsfb35a854.jpg
i get to go to Providence RI tomorrow and visit Ara Peterson who made this awesome artwork then to Boston then Connecticut I think

 photo IMG_2099_zps3319894b.jpg
because of instagram i strongly believe that jim drain might also be in providence…

 photo IMG_2100_zps8247120c.jpg
so a real 2004 Hypnogoogia reunion!

 photo IMG-20130801-00015_zpsd63697ee.jpg
kadar is readying himself for September 4 solo show

 photo IMG-20130801-00018_zps71ff609b.jpg
i got to walk on some

 photo IMG-20130801-00019_zps405460bb.jpg

 photo photo1_zps4835c8bd.jpg
part of my attempt to make new friends
creepily photographing them without their knowledge is my strategy but not working so well. yet!

 photo photo2_zps08319b59.jpg

 photo photo3_zpsc46863fe.jpg

 photo Photoon7-28-13at1213AM_zps132cf089.jpg
anytime someone opens their photobooth program, a puppy dies

 photo Photoon8-4-13at1200AM2_zps84546cd0.jpg
they have some fun new features tho

 photo photo5_zpsa73f33e8.jpg
googling myself

 photo photo4_zpsedba82a1.jpg
visiting Jesse
who is also preparing a big show for fall with Vito
and also preparing a big saltwater fish tank that is super exciting

 photo Image142_zpsd25b6885.jpg
Lovely Day

 photo Image141_zpsbc596ba8.jpg
oh i forget his name he is sailing somewhere in Maine by now

 photo Image140_zps232da5ba.jpg
delivery guy disappearance

 photo Image139_zps1c64d531.jpg
movin’ on 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

 photo Image138_zpsf5157060.jpg

 photo Image137_zpsaa3794d4.jpg

 photo Image136_zps58a052a6.jpg
got “drunk under the table” or whatever the past tense of that colloquialism is by another danish person, this is becoming a “spree”
in the same way that i wanted to be the only girl on the baseball team, i really think that i can drink like 15 drinks and with guy friends and be fine but it doesnt work, it will never work, i need to come to some peace about this

 photo Image135_zps7bceae4a.jpg

 photo Image134_zps0b21d1d6.jpg

 photo Image133_zps37a5deca.jpg
forgot their name but it is not carol dunham i remember that

 photo Image132_zps4027abca.jpg
i think about sex way too much and it doesn’t help with this sexy art around

 photo Image130_zps3fc71b20.jpg
this does help actually

 photo Image128_zps84362016.jpg

 photo Image131_zpsda17d500.jpg
the art is sleeping

 photo Image129_zps8376b43f.jpg

 photo Image127_zps0bde52ed.jpg
i like to think that my instagramming this van the day before helped it get a new paint job that night!

 photo Image126_zps1aaf4939.jpg
inflated sense of self importance still goin strong i guess!

 photo Image125_zps9bc6038a.jpg
i dunno the iphone camera isnt terrrrrrible

 photo Image124_zpseae86826.jpg
well sometiems it is

 photo Image123_zpsec2ea2f2.jpg
i got stoned and took this picture of myself and then stared at it for hours worrying that i was a robot

 photo Image122_zps896f3dde.jpg

 photo Image121_zps4defbc58.jpg
i have no friends and i have a compulsion for photography so this is what you get

 photo Image120_zps3c667df1.jpg
i made really gourmet potato salad one day for fun
i dont own plates or silverware, you know that right?

 photo Image119_zps0d157868.jpg
i read a book in central park one day for fun

 photo Image118_zps168ffa0c.jpg
i walked home at 4am from work one day for fun

 photo Image117_zps8db1fd98.jpg
does my life seem that fun? cuz its not right now

 photo Installation2_zps17ffdfae.jpg
the summer show tho is super fun and every day there are people camping out here reading books and that is the only thing that keeps me going!

 photo Installation6_zps0ab13a63.jpg

 photo Installation5_zpsc924cb64.jpg

 photo Installation7_zps3ee81e5a.jpg

 photo Installation8_zpsd56d3673.jpg

 photo Installation9_zpsa46fab47.jpg
is it weird to not have close friend relationships but to have this weird public friend relationship with “art audience” in this generalized way?

 photo Installation10_zps613035e8.jpg
because in the same way that i feel like i am friends with no one i also feel that i am friends with everyone!

 photo Installation11_zpsdc44163e.jpg
that sounds better than it feels to be honest

 photo Installation12_zpsb3a6e7a8.jpg
im just being dramatic

 photo Installation13_zps80f82bec.jpg
wow there are a lot of these

 photo Installation14_zps92d5313d.jpg
EVERY ANGLE very thorough

 photo Installation4_zps147aa81d.jpg
the thing is that it is the books on the shelves that are also so amazing

 photo Installation15_zps1c9df296.jpg
they aren’t just filler books, there are shelves and shelves of really interesting and often rare art books

 photo Installation16_zps031dd4df.jpg
and one whole shelf of PG Wodehouse and one whole shelf of Shakespeare criticism

 photo Installation17_zpsc7b93ca4.jpg
oh, so satisfying!

 photo DS5_zps9b56fe65.jpg
shit there’s more random shit in here

 photo DSC00954-1_zps01e6834c.jpg
richard jackson wow the art world really slept on him!

 photo DS2_zpsbdc6f2b6.jpg
i hope one day to own a nice wee Davina Semo

 photo 2h3dhya_zpsfb6f3e0a.jpg
PG Wodehouse liked this illustrator so i looked him up today

 photo 2rn9c9w_zps4b0daff0.jpg
very happy i did

 photo gallery-harland-miller_zpsaee25278.jpg
Edsel did a show with Harland Miller and I looked it up and i am glad i did

 photo Image-31_zpsd1f99862.jpg
a fist to cry on!
that is all i have
not in a gay way

 photo IMG_9281_zps07dc5b0f.jpg
this reminds me that i get to go to Paris for FIAC end of October which makes me feel slightly less despondent

 photo IMG_8456_zps40dfac8f.jpg
my favourite photo of Holton

 photo tumblr_m7u9872sba1rxuczeo1_500_zpsde6b267b.jpg
yes but what about dirty filthy whores? how do they find the right incurable romantic?

 photo IMG_7458_zps534c9f48.jpg

 photo IMG_6315_zps6937ed4c.jpg
i guess that’s all i’ve got
maybe this trip to RI and then to see Barry in Boston ICA and EV at Glass House CT on way home will cheer me up
at the very least it will give me some awesome actual photos on an actual camera, promise

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  1. ewww the last time I got stoned it was nye and I had an existential crisis because I didn’t know what to do with myself.

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