photo IMG_2019_zps58628b32.jpg
oops ran outta titles

 photo IMG_2017_zps103a651c.jpg
too many posts and my current dog-eared Wodehouse left at home

 photo IMG_2020_zps3d00b552.jpg
who coulda provided us with some bon mots

 photo IMG_2021_zps58c9b7b9.jpg
this made me think of sharks

 photo IMG_2022_zps43490d2e.jpg

 photo IMG_2024_zps1186ccd5.jpg
now i get to sleep here just like old times!

 photo IMG_2025_zps3001de4a.jpg
now I have to go
and find where the images of Matthew’s awesome show went

 photo IMG_1904_zpsea96a735.jpg

 photo IMG_1905_zps500a3893.jpg

oh  photo IMG_2025_zps3001de4a.jpg
ok i figured it out i think

 photo IMG_1756_zpse8b55e06.jpg
they just uploaded wrong cuz had same filename as opening photos here oddly enough

 photo IMG_1757_zpsec9773a4.jpg
they just put the final spire on this guy i heard!

 photo IMG_1761_zps6c0895f4.jpg
somethign going on up on top of me too

 photo IMG_1766_zpsd39b9a5b.jpg
this is old news
but to me still pretty fun

 photo IMG_1797_zps29f53f22.jpg
how “the magic happens”

 photo IMG_1799_zps3a6ead8e.jpg
also how the magic happens!

 photo IMG_1813_zpsc95a418a.jpg
also how the magic happens!

 photo IMG_1830_zps01e86ace.jpg
man! lots of magic today

 photo IMG_1831_zpsd5748c97.jpg

shit now i lost the photos ag photo IMG_1838_zps58bc1019.jpg
shit now i lost the photos again!!

 photo IMG_1841_zpsa139c7d7.jpg
talking about upgradin to an iphone i also need to upgrade to some sort of stable and easy and sustainable bloging situation i cant hunt through photobucket for lost photos out of order naymore

 photo IMG_1851_zpsad77b642.jpg
and porbably need to learn where the spellcheck button is too

 photo IMG_1854_zps602b473e.jpg
ooh there it is! see not so hard

 photo IMG_1857_zps99ca0a1f.jpg
dressed like a girl but nobody cared so i changed in the car halfway

 photo IMG_1859_zps2d91dc24.jpg
the reason the photos were so hard to find

 photo IMG_1860_zpsbf596071.jpg
is cuz i only had a chance to take a few before the people showed up

 photo IMG_1861_zps89cbb28f.jpg
matthew stone and shepard fairey!

 photo IMG_1862_zps779b155f.jpg
typed out their full names for the google alert 🙂

 photo IMG_1863_zpscfe21fc9.jpg
the exhibition is up at Subliminal Projects for a few more weeks

 photo IMG_1865_zps60a5b408.jpg
you guys should go check it out it is a super interesting show in a cool space in Echo Park or Silverlake or somewhere cool

 photo IMG_1868_zps59de0e90.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zps6bf41879.jpg
the lady who runs the hotel was super nice and gave us croissants and we talked about Jeffrey

 photo IMG_1879_zps8d00521f.jpg
unfortunately didnt SEE jeffrey as he was home writing on the one day i had to move about freely

 photo IMG_1883_zps55af1e43.jpg
and as a writer person who can never make time to write i wanted to respect his privvacy

 photo IMG_1884_zps7b935f68.jpg
i love these flowers and i didnt know they came in this color and i am really happy in this photo
even if i look a little pinched

 photo IMG_1887_zpsbb693bd7.jpg

 photo IMG_1888_zps9a934571.jpg

 photo IMG_1893_zps559fbad8.jpg
i gues those were the last few randos

 photo IMG_2027_zps2bc0b2f0.jpg
i swear only one more post maybe and then we can all go to sleep

 photo IMG_2030_zpsa54a018f.jpg
i have a back ache something fierce and think i will have to lie down like an old person for a few hours

 photo IMG_2032_zps7ef7dcfe.jpg
if only i had someone to play tennis with i would stop aging rapidly i am sure of it

 photo IMG_2036_zps23cbbbb6.jpg
i need to run and hit stuff and sweat i feel so

 photo IMG_2037_zpsa247a0ab.jpg
i want to feel Xhausted
for a real reason not just staring at a computer screen

 photo IMG_2038_zps0fd980fb.jpg
hum hum hum what else

 photo IMG_2039_zps3a7d4cb2.jpg
a few more art things

 photo IMG_2040_zps9c442c05.jpg
ayan farah

 photo IMG_2041_zps18e8048f.jpg
the show kinda started with her actually!

 photo IMG_2043_zps9d44ebce.jpg
wyatt kahn
the last piece secured!

 photo IMG_2063_zps199bb286.jpg
i think this is where davina semo get’s her X from actually!

 photo IMG_2064_zps8c24e30f.jpg

 photo IMG_2067_zpsbba279ef.jpg
ooh! this actually was the last piece secured
just hung the new Chris JOhanson!

 photo IMG_2070_zps53c6b1af.jpg

 photo IMG_2072_zps02406def.jpg
these remind me of the show that just closed at the moma
gotta track that book down somewhere
probably should check
the moma

 photo IMG_2077_zps3945a905.jpg
truded and extruded

 photo IMG_2079_zps072554a1.jpg

 photo IMG_2080_zpsf12a9ff2.jpg
this Cory piece i thought was a refreshing and obtuse addition to show, really happy with this piece

 photo IMG_2084_zps6b43bf1a.jpg
love the Dianna MOlzan like crazy too

 photo IMG_2085_zps50424129.jpg
ew i just think i accidentally smoked some cigarette filter

 photo IMG_2088_zpse0d1382b.jpg
need to watch what the fuck i am doing over here

so there is one last one and it will just be NYC art fairs so dont worry
just a million photos of
art fairs
actually that does worry me

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