Maneater International

 photo IMG_2090_zps82a44a50.jpg
i told you i ran out of titles

 photo IMG_2091_zps3212cb30.jpg
so that is what it says on this check on my desk

 photo IMG_2092_zps93f23972.jpg
it’s aurel’s company hahaha

 photo IMG_2093_zps7d7b6f4b.jpg
jesper sold one of her artworks outta my show there at V1 way back when and we r just waiting
to feed maneater international their just desserts i guess you could say!

 photo IMG_2094_zps55ca16de.jpg
man it reminds me i need to hang around aurel more

 photo IMG_2095_zps3da9e45c.jpg
i really could use some good old female empowerment

 photo IMG_2096_zps7d0f363a.jpg
i am used to wearing the pants and i have felt recently like i am wearing instead a frilly lace pink tutu

 photo IMG_2097_zps7a756f0f.jpg
as in

 photo IMG_2098_zpsc6ecd88b.jpg
which is what i assume would be the opposite of pants wearing

 photo IMG_2099_zps11e19deb.jpg
maybe i should try wearing neither pants nor skirt for a while and see how that goes

 photo IMG_2087_zps906b919d.jpg
actually i have been dressing like this lately
dont worry, i have no urge to look attractive
so we are all on the same page with that

 photo IMG_2100_zps0ea4ca1d.jpg
this is in CUTLOG
a fair we forgot to promote fully!

 photo IMG_2101_zps826f1263.jpg
oh fuck maybe this is why

 photo IMG_2102_zpse1bb4640.jpg
no but the fair is in this big building on the LES
suffolk and rivington
and has some really interesting things in it and we DO want everyone to go!

 photo IMG_2103_zps4558d648.jpg
joe took this where was he oh yeah in Mile End actually!

 photo IMG_2104_zps11c5a770.jpg
where am i now
oh ok we are totally cruising now
on the way to Frieze opening day

 photo IMG_2105_zps4d6b1a2e.jpg
Asger checking out the Ryans
havent we seen these before?
i thought i had seen them before

 photo IMG_2106_zps0bed8244.jpg
some definitely i had not seen

 photo IMG_2107_zps81cde13a.jpg
man this Theaster Gates woudl have killed it in our Xstraction show
shoulda asked after it damn!

 photo IMG_2108_zps009cf324.jpg

 photo IMG_2109_zps348a9cbb.jpg
Rashid I actually did invite to be in the show but the survey says

 photo IMG_2110_zps0889b08e.jpg

 photo IMG_2111_zps2f3f43b6.jpg
honking is MY greatest pleasure!!!!
just ask Nick or Patrick or whoever

 photo IMG_2112_zps5c78328c.jpg
The Nicolai Wallner booth
entertaining me with Shrigley since 2006!

 photo IMG_2113_zps6444cc71.jpg

 photo IMG_2114_zps00b2cd3b.jpg
don’t fret
i took a photo of as many as i had time for

 photo IMG_2115_zpsbcb2c810.jpg

 photo IMG_2116_zpsb6feee31.jpg

 photo IMG_2117_zpsf51d407c.jpg
right in the balls

 photo IMG_2118_zps7e8fd4a2.jpg

 photo IMG_2119_zpsdd8aabfa.jpg

 photo IMG_2120_zpsdd2ba312.jpg
i kept thinking this was Anna Sew Hoy
but it is Amanda Ross Ho
man you think my job is easy????

 photo IMG_2121_zps9a9aaef4.jpg
i have to keep shit like that straight
i forgot who made this actually

 photo IMG_2122_zps9a97f408.jpg
this is an easy one!

 photo IMG_2123_zpsd6aca6b1.jpg
this was perplexing

 photo IMG_2124_zpsd0809a5d.jpg
i know i know
that kinda “any club that woudl want me as a member” line

 photo IMG_2125_zps7ac4c671.jpg
but dammit i could have blown most of this shit outta the water!

 photo IMG_2126_zps83b723bd.jpg
or “off the island” or whatever

 photo IMG_2127_zpsa7dc0f98.jpg
walking around with Peter as Asger was super fun Peter tells a LOT of jokes

 photo IMG_2129_zps7b1c794c.jpg

 photo IMG_2130_zps9a925c2c.jpg

 photo IMG_2131_zps0d79f5c6.jpg
shit you cant see the painting sorry guys

 photo IMG_2132_zps3456e319.jpg

 photo IMG_2133_zpsd8296ab7.jpg

 photo IMG_2134_zps3213917f.jpg

 photo IMG_2135_zpsf255c442.jpg

 photo IMG_2136_zps2e17e468.jpg

 photo IMG_2137_zpsbcd6f8f1.jpg

 photo IMG_2138_zps8cd2afa4.jpg
Keltie and Chris
I guess we are in the M I and Nash booth

 photo IMG_2139_zpsae219b8b.jpg
 photo IMG_2140_zps06d4a2ef.jpg
hey hey a friendly face!

 photo IMG_2141_zps57215932.jpg
ooh and my first “job” or whatever
intern at Whitney working on the Joan Mitchell retrospective

 photo IMG_2142_zpsc8932deb.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps6418326b.jpg
this must be Salon 94

 photo IMG_2144_zps90b8cebf.jpg

 photo IMG_2145_zpsda5b8cb9.jpg
i walked by too fast i should have looked at this longer it looks neat

 photo IMG_2146_zps672e9bda.jpg
and i shoulda taken photo of the label cuz i forgot who made this!

 photo IMG_2147_zps653f596c.jpg

 photo IMG_2148_zpsa9a195e8.jpg
haha lots of photos of lonely ladies texting
what do people think now when they look at this?

 photo IMG_2149_zps1e5cfcdc.jpg

 photo IMG_2150_zps6f2b86ca.jpg
i think

 photo IMG_2151_zps34601d92.jpg

 photo IMG_2152_zps677aed31.jpg
because my brain is MUSH right now but maybe your brains are more firm

 photo IMG_2153_zpsf99309f6.jpg
i think
“sam falls”?

 photo IMG_2154_zps33b89a0c.jpg
and Mark FLood!

 photo IMG_2155_zpse92e8bdb.jpg
who won “best dinner guest” at our last gallery dinner!

 photo IMG_2156_zps81d87652.jpg
this was a curated booth
whose efforts were appreciated

 photo IMG_2157_zpsceb8b364.jpg

 photo IMG_2158_zps77aa221b.jpg
what is that thing

 photo IMG_2159_zpsa8e11f2a.jpg
one sec

 photo IMG_2160_zpsf2808e4a.jpg
see it?
it is a sculpture
of a girl, looking for cell phone privacy or what?

 photo IMG_2161_zpsb1c83ebd.jpg

 photo IMG_2162_zps1beb7530.jpg
yay simon evans!

 photo IMG_2163_zpsed018479.jpg
i tried to get details but its really hard you gotta see his works in person

 photo IMG_2164_zpsa6f52007.jpg

 photo IMG_2165_zpse2288259.jpg
this one was i think about the world that is caused by drug addition

 photo IMG_2166_zpsbb46a308.jpg

 photo IMG_2167_zpsc2d80071.jpg

man i could get titles for a year with just this detail shot

 photo IMG_2168_zps28f55eba.jpg
Daniel Arsham

 photo IMG_2169_zps4f7598b7.jpg
really neat
Nadim, does he fit into your FORENSIC show???

 photo IMG_2170_zpse24e0bc7.jpg
last snaps as they shoo us out

 photo IMG_2171_zpsb593c607.jpg
and tape off their precious floors

 photo IMG_2172_zpsa7fb0774.jpg
i wanted to go back to my idea of wearing a skirt and feeling powerless

 photo IMG_2173_zps6d77e1e4.jpg
its not about, a swath of fabric that separates the legs

 photo IMG_2174_zpsf0586875.jpg
more about the dogged tenacity of sexual stereotyping

 photo IMG_2175_zpsa59ef26f.jpg
the lack of enough words to get away from it entirely

 photo IMG_2176_zps922fcde1.jpg
the slippery slope of powerlessness

 photo IMG_2177_zps396e7c88.jpg
because of course you dont lose it all at once, you lose it more like a COTANGENT graph

 photo IMG_2178_zps4910d51e.jpg
as in, slow at first and then a rapidly increasing negative assymtote

 photo IMG_2179_zpsbe03f27c.jpg
man school was JUST long enough ago that i forgot how to spell ASS IN TOTE

 photo IMG_2180_zps2c69ffb5.jpg
this is a bug not art and i guess i will just then spell it ASS IN TOTE

 photo IMG_2181_zps770aa638.jpg
i felt pretty in control of myself and a situation for the past many months even up to just a few months ago shit maybe even a few weeks ago

 photo IMG_2182_zpse00770cf.jpg
when all of a sudden i rapidly slipped down the sea-weedy rock of feelings into the stagnant pool of dependance and neediness

 photo IMG_2183_zpse47ce890.jpg
i can’t UGH not care and the more i try to UGH not care the more i slip down down down

 photo IMG_2185_zps08b993aa.jpg
the more i think about the slipping the more i slip

 photo IMG_2186_zps76fe71eb.jpg
the more i ignore it the more i slip, too

 photo IMG_2187_zps43f46eb9.jpg
there is no path for me to get back on top of this rock and let the
rock know who is fucking boss and that it can’t toy with my feelings

 photo IMG_2188_zps20f1414a.jpg

 photo IMG_2190_zps95a823e0.jpg
which is why i need to buy some stock in Maneater International

 photo IMG_2191_zps5fcb3f38.jpg
and take some sort of power back over what is going on in my life

 photo IMG_2193_zps84eec94f.jpg
whoever cares less wins
that is sadly how the world works
and i am thinking of ways to make myself not care

 photo IMG_2194_zps494d084b.jpg
it’s like “being cool”
because being cool really means not caring what others think
and so if you WANT to be cool, you are already REALLY NOT COOL

 photo IMG_2195_zpsb5e7bbbf.jpg
it is just a wee logic puzzle it is not super complex, it is just some Ps and Qs and stuff

 photo IMG_2196_zpsa3aa4df1.jpg
once i figure it out I PROMISE to let you guys know

 photo IMG_2200_zps382c1487.jpg
many ferries later we were allowed to leave the island

 photo IMG_2202_zps60338723.jpg
i havent seen enough episodes of LOST to make a LOST joke

 photo IMG_2204_zps49586aed.jpg
or ANY episodes of any reality TV show where like, batchelorettes have to leave an island
is that how it goes?

 photo IMG_2206_zpsfeae5b6e.jpg
this batchelorette is excited to leave her island
no batchelorette is an island afterall

 photo IMG_2207_zps232b9dc2.jpg
stopped in with Asger at the JADE hotel a new hotel we did the art for

 photo IMG_2211_zps5718b5ae.jpg
then i guess this looks like the standard?
after destroying ourselves the night before at le baron neither of us felt like drinking anything at all

 photo IMG_2212_zps9d9d7248.jpg
i think i drank so much that night that i made myself sick this whole like last four days to be honest i have felt totally ill for days

 photo IMG_2213_zps5bdf24f1.jpg
im not like making a joke or speaking in some sort of code or even necessarily tying this back into the theme of powerlessness, i really want to start drinking way less and mean to do it

 photo IMG_2214_zps63ec11a6.jpg
it cant be any harder than giving up drugs
can it?

 photo IMG_2215_zpsb63de634.jpg
because giving up drugs but then letting yourself get as blackout drunk as you want at all times is not a real solution to life’s problems

 photo IMG_2216_zpsaeaa2523.jpg
as Joe has told me many a time

 photo IMG_2217_zps1c789221.jpg
and now that i have the whole drug thing down i think i can maybe take baby steps towards the drinkign thing

 photo IMG_2218_zps745af9e5.jpg
i am pretty sick of waking up and being like “oh. look what happened”

 photo IMG_2220_zps35f32306.jpg
and i am mostly referring to bad tweets not casual sex or violence or anything really bad

 photo IMG_2221_zpsd694fe3c.jpg
one reason it has been hard to identify as a problem is because it has never caused me a big problem
just lots of little ones for a really really long time

 photo IMG-20130511-01096_zps6fc827a5.jpg
this is getting too heavy

 photo IMG_1279_zps4d67de5a.jpg
I’m going to have one cocktail and start solving my little power puzzle and keep you posted

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