Bower Bird

we are super behind
i apologize team

 photo IMG_1755_zps13619cda.jpg
and i worry that maybe there is some reason for my lack of burning urge to blog

 photo IMG_1775_zps796e2ca5.jpg
my interest in blog is fragile and has been wavering and daydreaming of instagram instead

 photo IMG_1787_zps98a5511b.jpg
i just really dont want to buy an iphone

 photo IMG_1791_zps796b3271.jpg
when i was in high school i interned for Senator Bingaman the chair of the joint economic committee

 photo IMG_1795_zpscd8f5669.jpg
and I worked (ha!) on the Microsoft anti-trust case that was big what in the late 90s i am old

 photo IMG_1800_zpsdc98b51c.jpg
and now fucking Apple is being the biggest dick of them all

 photo IMG_1802_zpsba381ab4.jpg
and i find myself on team microsoft at least for the nonce

 photo IMG_1806_zps51b5c286.jpg
i am just so annoyed to like be forced to purchase something

 photo IMG_1811_zps461ce69c.jpg
and everyone wants to be popular lets admit that

 photo IMG_1815_zps2c9ce12d.jpg
oh so much is going on here how can i make this go faster

 photo IMG_1816_zps8f5fa095.jpg
look at this amazing puddles everywhere

 photo IMG_1821_zpsa160b1fc.jpg
hole-y crap

 photo IMG_1731_zps6920cdeb.jpg
installing these shows was really hard and really fun lets look at the opening photos

 photo IMG_1732_zpsffb75bc4.jpg

 photo IMG_1733_zpse09e7559.jpg

 photo IMG_1736_zpsa1980085.jpg

 photo IMG_1737_zps634f6478.jpg

 photo IMG_1739_zps8e1fd56c.jpg

 photo IMG_1744_zps99e31566.jpg

 photo IMG_1746_zps5420b0b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1747_zpsc691ec2a.jpg

 photo IMG_1748_zpsba3ed72a.jpg

 photo IMG_1749_zps1a139dea.jpg
paul and leo!
helped me make show awesome

 photo IMG_1752_zps440e53e7.jpg
our lighting guy nico makes our dinners look awesome

 photo IMG_1754_zps8579926e.jpg

 photo IMG_1756_zps29514881.jpg

 photo IMG_1757_zps07be3fcc.jpg

 photo IMG_1758_zpsc5dbec4c.jpg
look at our funny hanging wall

 photo IMG_1760_zpsb84f65a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1761_zpsb2c5d810.jpg

 photo IMG_1764_zpscb5d140f.jpg

 photo IMG_1765_zps3efce892.jpg

 photo IMG_1766_zpsccd9f5d6.jpg

 photo IMG_1767_zps6eb25064.jpg

 photo IMG_1770_zpsfc03bd8a.jpg

 photo IMG_1772_zpsee79ac53.jpg
do you know what a “bijoux residence” is? i love that phrase

 photo IMG_1773_zps38edb08f.jpg

 photo IMG_1776_zpsf7cbeede.jpg

 photo IMG_1778_zps2a585a07.jpg
wendy white!

 photo IMG_1779_zps5e9d03a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1780_zps70781362.jpg
i think Anita had my camera set on “night photo” or something?

 photo IMG_1781_zpsf0e6908c.jpg

 photo IMG_1782_zpse562e7e0.jpg

 photo IMG_1783_zpsc1dfded4.jpg

 photo IMG_1784_zps8e437f62.jpg

 photo IMG_1785_zpsedd9938c.jpg

 photo IMG_1786_zps2e87982c.jpg

 photo IMG_1788_zps70412e63.jpg

 photo IMG_1790_zps6c40b7b4.jpg

 photo IMG_1794_zps248f9b3f.jpg
this awesome work is at framers!

 photo IMG_1796_zps14fea0b4.jpg

 photo IMG_1797_zps122e2d0b.jpg
look at my cool lawyer! he is awesome

 photo IMG_1798_zpsa0ce2444.jpg

 photo IMG_1799_zps9ea747d8.jpg

 photo IMG_1801_zps3b85ec59.jpg

 photo IMG_1803_zps9b94ba3d.jpg

 photo IMG_1804_zps00da13d4.jpg

 photo IMG_1807_zpsfe2ae242.jpg

 photo IMG_1808_zpsa1f8f97a.jpg

 photo IMG_1810_zps771d1d8a.jpg

 photo IMG_1813_zpsc4bd01c0.jpg

 photo IMG_1817_zpsa98a17bc.jpg

 photo IMG_1818_zpsd78fc5a9.jpg

 photo IMG_1819_zpsf9e40a45.jpg

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 photo IMG_1824_zpsfba666b5.jpg

 photo IMG_1825_zps4d386b22.jpg

 photo IMG_1827_zpsabf9cfb9.jpg

 photo IMG_1829_zps330336f4.jpg

 photo IMG_1830_zps8419f92b.jpg

 photo IMG_1831_zpsebbd8257.jpg

 photo IMG_1832_zps00d77822.jpg

 photo IMG_1833_zpsbf65591d.jpg

 photo IMG_1834_zpsabcf277e.jpg

 photo IMG_1835_zpsd574bd65.jpg

 photo IMG_1836_zpse787b292.jpg

 photo IMG_1837_zps081caa27.jpg

 photo IMG_1839_zpsd15d00eb.jpg
Tim is in show!

 photo IMG_1840_zpse731e4cb.jpg
 photo IMG_1841_zpsc8000e30.jpg

 photo IMG_1845_zps3a6ff543.jpg
tethered to her iphone see what i mean??

 photo IMG_1847_zps4f75ba8c.jpg
ethan cook and his piece

 photo IMG_1849_zpsc60b03b6.jpg
devin and peace

 photo IMG_1852_zps1a38655b.jpg
bro down

 photo IMG_1854_zps53b196e7.jpg

 photo IMG_1857_zps6b41116e.jpg

 photo IMG_1860_zps5c873230.jpg

 photo IMG_1861_zpsce73257e.jpg
thomas ovlisen manhandling

 photo IMG_1863_zpsbd3f8082.jpg

 photo IMG_1865_zps8950bd03.jpg

 photo IMG_1867_zpsa45e5c1f.jpg
francesca gavin!

 photo IMG_1868_zpsd07f7740.jpg
andrew sutherland in show too

 photo IMG_1869_zpsbd2591ee.jpg

 photo IMG_1870_zps65318b7c.jpg

 photo IMG_1874_zps68d65714.jpg

 photo IMG_1875_zps2e7be0de.jpg

 photo IMG_1877_zps4f49ceee.jpg

 photo IMG_1879_zpsdcfbae3a.jpg
whoever brings that cute bulldog to our openings
is welcome back anytime!

 photo IMG_1880_zpsb39276ec.jpg

 photo IMG_1882_zpsb79e6f2e.jpg

 photo IMG_1883_zpsfe345fa0.jpg

 photo IMG_1884_zps4a5cf514.jpg

 photo IMG_1885_zps613452e9.jpg

 photo IMG_1888_zpse7b531a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1890_zps1b937b42.jpg

 photo IMG_1891_zps4cee83d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1892_zpsbc9b4d07.jpg

 photo IMG_1893_zpsa4829d3c.jpg

 photo IMG_1895_zps74001186.jpg
oh brother

 photo IMG_1896_zpsa70c107b.jpg

 photo IMG_1897_zps287e504c.jpg

 photo IMG_1900_zps408347db.jpg
now we have at least covered the opening
hope you could see some cool abstraction behind all those ugly people haha!
just kidding you are all beautiful

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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  1. ~and everyone wants to be popular lets admit that~

    “To want for fame is to prefer dying scorned rather than forgotten.” Cioran

    And with that in mind, cheers to those who do what they do not because they need people to know they did it, but because they simply believe the work needs to be done. To those who have chosen to live live as a force rather than an identity.

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