Belshazzar’s feast

 photo IMG_1746_zpsed0d14d0.jpg
you dont have to be an old turkish dude or whatever

 photo IMG_3435_zps10029f02.jpg
to read the writing on the wall

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this post will be too long but whatever just give it a sec to load

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i have done a shit load of … shit since i was back from Brussel/Cologne

 photo IMG_3439_zps171403ab.jpg
and it has piled up like … shit

 photo IMG_3440_zps71ebe7eb.jpg
sorry my vocabulary is stunted after a long day at computer

 photo IMG_3441_zps0143600c.jpg
i don’t say “at work” because that suggests i get to move around and look at trees and spring

 photo IMG_3444_zps588e6064.jpg
i say “at the computer” because my goddam life is ruled by this goddam screen

 photo IMG_3448_zps859f8159.jpg
who wants a Donkey Taco?

 photo IMG_3450_zps71534637.jpg
pickin out paintings

 photo IMG_3454_zps3b98292a.jpg
yellow themed visit overall it seems!

 photo IMG_3455_zps79ce1c47.jpg
the cheese stands alone

 photo IMG_3458_zps33abbe21.jpg

 photo IMG_3470_zpsda5e1cab.jpg
haha looks like joe made a picture of me

 photo IMG_3472_zpsd3ad5567.jpg

 photo IMG_3491_zpse1a32510.jpg
got to visit may
nothing like a pregnancy to make you feel optimistic and put your life in perspective, no?
i mean that

 photo IMG_3492_zps2bf1f851.jpg
pregnancy and spring might be an overused metaphor

 photo IMG_3496_zpsd0fedb69.jpg
esp as for most young ladies as you spend your entire life avoiding it, since teenagedom when your school tells you that if you even touch a penis you will get pregnant

 photo IMG_3497_zpsedbf7f0d.jpg
and then at some point you … feel differently

 photo IMG_3498_zpsf55b00f2.jpg
go figure!

 photo IMG_3500_zps1fbe40a2.jpg
thank goodness it turns out it is WAY harder to get pregnant than you were taught as a teen

 photo IMG_3504_zps8f7e06f2.jpg
sorry i am sure i should be writing some other captions that should be building to some higher purpose but today

 photo IMG_3505_zpsf521f00b.jpg
today is more about the writing on the wall

 photo IMG_3506_zps15101cd1.jpg
i am feeling this

 photo IMG_3507_zps132818be.jpg
i am not feeling this

 photo IMG_3508_zps93e23a63.jpg
it’s nice to be surrounded by much younger friends than you sometimes because they think even dating is like way too big a committment

 photo IMG_3509_zps959c0c8f.jpg
oh, i do not want to be in this, the soup, i can’t help but allow that anxiety to creep into this

 photo IMG_3510_zps90c1c25f.jpg
lets explore the metaphor of pregnancy from the other angle instead then

 photo IMG_3513_zpsb7dcce85.jpg
which is the only angle i am familiar with

 photo IMG_3514_zps659062db.jpg
JA and DINK along the metro north

 photo IMG_3515_zpsb7c30c59.jpg
adek approved haha

 photo IMG_3516_zpsb8bcb50d.jpg

 photo IMG_3517_zps82b6964d.jpg
aw i missed a really good MSKINGS sean did cuz darn train goin too fast

 photo IMG_3521_zpsa0d9de93.jpg

 photo IMG_3522_zps65683507.jpg

 photo IMG_3527_zpsae5fc2fc.jpg

 photo IMG_3531_zps142e7afe.jpg
ah this almost caught somethig cool

 photo IMG_3532_zpsad8c4a25.jpg

 photo IMG_3534_zps60e7ec6f.jpg
yay we are at YALE!

 photo IMG_3535_zps414f2888.jpg

 photo IMG_3536_zpsda759e41.jpg

 photo IMG_3537_zpse0a754d6.jpg

 photo IMG_3538_zpsd4e19636.jpg
looks like the photo department is still down with their old alum d benjamin sherry

 photo IMG_3541_zps46f8b62d.jpg
painting dept had some cool stuff

 photo IMG_3542_zps1e23e350.jpg
you see i am sharing this and not even charging you, rival art dealers

 photo IMG_3543_zps26325bf2.jpg
i can afford to give this shit away free

 photo IMG_3544_zpscd79aefd.jpg
haha i mean the 30bux i spent on train ticket i guess

 photo IMG_3545_zps0d2ca228.jpg

 photo IMG_3546_zps87870d3d.jpg

 photo IMG_3548_zpsf20b5034.jpg

 photo IMG_3550_zps37cfa292.jpg

 photo IMG_3552_zpsdb562b9c.jpg

 photo IMG_3553_zps576cd120.jpg

 photo IMG_3554_zps87fe423b.jpg

 photo IMG_3555_zps48c51d69.jpg

 photo IMG_3558_zps623e79e5.jpg
super sandy

 photo IMG_3560_zps9339daf9.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zps8f9c05ce.jpg
also known as jenna

 photo IMG_3566_zpsbb3f9176.jpg

 photo IMG_3567_zps169a14b7.jpg
man who doesn’t love an airbrush

 photo IMG_3568_zps01188221.jpg

 photo IMG_3569_zps6faad9b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3570_zpse474f6a0.jpg
austin loves airbrush

 photo IMG_3572_zps18e43edc.jpg

 photo IMG_3575_zps42c135b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3578_zps7a4d6bfd.jpg

 photo IMG_3579_zps65a05672.jpg

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 photo IMG_3583_zps4b61b69c.jpg

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 photo IMG_3585_zpsde226671.jpg

 photo IMG_3588_zps47678b13.jpg

 photo IMG_3589_zps31021f77.jpg

 photo IMG_3590_zps5b6a3d45.jpg

 photo IMG_3592_zpsd103e2f1.jpg

 photo IMG_3594_zps1ff666ff.jpg

 photo IMG_3595_zpsba425c8d.jpg

 photo IMG_3597_zpsc768f72a.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpsd30fa5e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3600_zps1a62f195.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zps9285e881.jpg

 photo IMG_3604_zps96589ec4.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zps2da05b01.jpg

 photo IMG_3608_zps80ab6676.jpg

 photo IMG_3610_zps0c2474f7.jpg

 photo IMG_3609_zps6d022668.jpg
undergrads are not alowed to finish

 photo IMG_3612_zpsa00c858c.jpg

 photo IMG_3611_zpsf240ffac.jpg

 photo IMG_3613_zps26b90345.jpg
and there you go

 photo IMG_3614_zpscaf7cfe9.jpg
that was the overview

 photo IMG_3615_zps4462d306.jpg
of young talent

 photo IMG_3616_zps7d0ae9b1.jpg
or somethin

 photo IMG_3617_zpse73499ab.jpg
man i was lookin forward to this but it was closed

 photo IMG_3619_zpsf5d857bb.jpg
i want to go back to my meditations about “writing on the wall” and “reproduction”

 photo IMG_3620_zps7f70a01e.jpg
i was so sure i was getting somewhere

 photo IMG_3622_zps80c86007.jpg
so since i got back from europe there has been a feeling….inside me

 photo IMG_3623_zps730c675b.jpg
and i am not into it

 photo IMG_3624_zps66868fd7.jpg
and i dont know exactly what is up

 photo IMG_3625_zps307d4f25.jpg
but i do not want those feelings inside of me to … grow

 photo IMG_3626_zpsc46ce6f0.jpg
haha from super gourmet tapas place to fried pickles

 photo IMG_3627_zps78798356.jpg
because i am content just the way i am without any growing desired
i have reached my full height i hope
and would only choose to diminish my width

 photo IMG_3629_zpsc641ccd8.jpg
i guess i am down with the feeling part, but not so much down with the growing part

 photo IMG_3630_zpsf9c482b7.jpg
and so i need to flood my feelings with… other feelings so that the previous feeling gets lost and passes, right out of me, and is gone

 photo IMG_3631_zpsc5e99aa9.jpg
does that make sense?
god i hate when people say that all the time
“does that make sense?”

 photo IMG_3633_zpsde397c55.jpg
i have tried to feel very intense feelings since then, and those feelings kept me almost unable to get through the day last week actually

 photo IMG_3634_zps48b70155.jpg
but now i wonder if that worked, if the old feeling is really gone

 photo IMG_3637_zps07366b9f.jpg
life is so long!
and then sometimes
so short

 photo IMG_3640_zps1ce02076.jpg
i promise that is all i will say on the matter

 photo IMG_1734_zpsa45f57d0.jpg
as i dont have any diary or real long term memory capacity, unless i write these things down they do just pass away anyway

 photo IMG_1737_zps19c4672c.jpg
let’s just let them pass away

 photo IMG_1738_zpseb033525.jpg
this morn with peter demos

 photo IMG_1741_zpsc12b6094.jpg
we have a show to do, remember??

 photo IMG_1748_zps36cb8500.jpg
it’s friday and holy shit, we are about to go crazy these next few days!

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