Battle of the Belge

we lost the battle
but its ok because we are winning the war

 photo IMG_3019_zpsfaa54945.jpg

 photo IMG_3021_zpsfc9dd97e.jpg
i have been gone for over a week and have these old photos to post

 photo IMG_3023_zps1175f8a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zpsd98ca009.jpg

 photo IMG_3026_zpsd6e2ed02.jpg
we are at Leo Koenig

 photo IMG_3027_zpsfd2985d1.jpg
checkin out the Yale lady’s abstraction

 photo IMG_3028_zpsec92ecc0.jpg
Anoka Faruquee that is a mouthful

 photo IMG_3029_zps3fa79231.jpg
fun meeting made me very excited about XSTRACTION

 photo IMG_3031_zps5405e30a.jpg
seeing it everywhere

 photo IMG_3032_zpsceaec3fd.jpg
a studio visit and a cat~!

 photo IMG_3035_zpse4cfeb6d.jpg

 photo IMG_3036_zps67c2e656.jpg

 photo IMG_3047_zps900c5296.jpg
i dont wanna spoil so i guess for now just a detail??

 photo IMG_3051_zps53525bbe.jpg
two of em

 photo IMG_3064_zps8a455d2f.jpg

 photo IMG_3066_zps98b606ee.jpg
<3  photo IMG_3068_zps676a283c.jpg
i missed joe so much!!!~ and eating at takahatchi with him every week

 photo IMG_3077_zps1c02c2b8.jpg
well! ready or not off we go

 photo IMG_3078_zpsfe75b62a.jpg

 photo IMG_3079_zps0c1ff2be.jpg

 photo IMG_3080_zps58a8b94e.jpg

 photo IMG_3081_zps68acae05.jpg
had a nice window seat in the cab and enough traffic to get some flicks

 photo IMG_3082_zpsc3eb5578.jpg

 photo IMG_3085_zpseed5e00f.jpg
oh no what happened to the graffiti

 photo IMG_3087_zpsc7d1fed1.jpg
come for the art fair, then stay for the seafood convention!

 photo IMG_3088_zpse2a00b10.jpg
all this art came on plane with us can u believe

 photo IMG_3090_zpsb7988bb3.jpg
amanda ate all these cold weiners in one day can you believe

 photo IMG_3094_zps04ad7aaa.jpg
dont believe me i am being a twat
the twat is thinking she may redo her gallery ceiling lights in something more like this

 photo IMG_3095_zps0aad86ba.jpg
with her Rood Fruit and Grills

 photo IMG_3096_zps41c2f101.jpg
cherchez la vache!

 photo IMG_3097_zps5480a353.jpg
i liked this

 photo IMG_3099_zps03998c5a.jpg
man euro graffiti can get really visually offensive tho

 photo IMG_3100_zpsf9109b32.jpg
we couldnt read the Flem menu and ended up with–shudder–steak tartare

 photo IMG_3101_zpsa5ceb2c8.jpg
one food i actually have managed to never eat and had wnated it to stay that way

 photo IMG_3103_zps60c00179.jpg
each subway has its own cool design

 photo IMG_3104_zps4d801b88.jpg

 photo IMG_3107_zps540f2ba8.jpg

 photo IMG_3117_zps5b406a03.jpg

 photo IMG_3118_zps563d825c.jpg
check this oot

 photo IMG_3119_zps1427927f.jpg
new matthew stones

 photo IMG_3122_zps11162468.jpg
new lolas

 photo IMG_3123_zps019e1b52.jpg

 photo IMG_3129_zpsf8024ec9.jpg
she and matthew both met us in bruss and we had vietnamese and got excited

 photo IMG_3130_zps8565382b.jpg

 photo IMG_3137_zps489caa81.jpg

 photo IMG_3143_zps49ef7838.jpg

 photo IMG_3145_zpsfbc73ad5.jpg

 photo IMG_3158_zpsd7dca0f5.jpg
bad news is we didnt get our main piece until the fair had already opened

 photo IMG_3159_zpsa5b9d738.jpg

 photo IMG_3160_zpsac63c027.jpg
i shouldnt complain as there were six galeries that had NO art most of the first day
we all used the same shipper and the shipper got stuck in customs

 photo IMG_3161_zpscd8e6d9b.jpg
some galleries staged a walkout of hte fair as the fair did not help us in any way or seem to care until the very last second when it was too late

 photo IMG_3162_zpsa09bb4a6.jpg
but then the works arrived so they chipped out a bit

 photo IMG_3163_zps0f141464.jpg
everyone chill it will be fine

 photo IMG_3164_zpsd96bcf9b.jpg

 photo IMG_3165_zpsf88574fc.jpg
wendy white had a solo booth

 photo IMG_3166_zps36419b29.jpg

 photo IMG_3168_zpsc0046a05.jpg

 photo IMG_3172_zps8c171d28.jpg

 photo IMG_3173_zpsd510d610.jpg
art fair photos

 photo IMG_3179_zps0c6ade9d.jpg
i promise i wont bury you in them

 photo IMG_3180_zps0204a7ca.jpg
especialyl because i have to pee

 photo IMG_3182_zpsf8a24252.jpg
and the BAM auction i am co hosting is starting now

 photo IMG_3183_zps25213672.jpg
there is a cocktail here named after me

 photo IMG_3185_zps134cda03.jpg
being serious

 photo IMG_3186_zpsf82ebdd2.jpg
ah life!! i havent slept in 48ish hours

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2 thoughts on “Battle of the Belge”

  1. Nicely hung LoLa’s.
    You know what I mean.
    Matthew’s work just gets better.
    Can’t wait to see where they both go now.
    It’s fun to see these artist develop and flow into the next thing.
    Thanks Kathy
    By the way you are looking pretty good these last posts.

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