I know why the caged bird tweets part 2

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i left my dog eared Deronda at home so I have no fun quotes or tidbits for you

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all i have are the various things i do to distract myself from myself

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who remembers this guy from Sonnabend I can never and right now as well am forgetting his name

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kissing is gross

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who could possibly be sitting at work after midnight trying to remember what it feels like

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not me

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got a very interesting tour of a collector’s home yesterday or was it yeah i guess yesterday jeez

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remember when Rafael de Cardenas tought me the expression “made his lipstick come out” and I used it ad nauseum afterwards? Well it’s back

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oh yeah!

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the camera was so intimidated by the major Basquiat it refused to print it

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my guess is ’82

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you will see something relating to this as you scroll down

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somethign was brewing tonight at Grand Central! I spotted Ann and Mel at the entrance

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Nick Cave and Creative Time private performance kicking off what will be an amazing thing for peo[ple

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ooh and I see cool guys Sherry and Joel Mallin over yonder!

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Christos maybe a harder working blogger than me working it!

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spotted a Mattheu Placek but didnt spot too many others!

 photo IMG_2463_zpse55c36bf.jpg
my crowd

 photo IMG_2466_zps4f9ba31a.jpg
they are starting to run!
sometthing has spooked them

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this kinda thing makes me wish i had a kid on my shoulders because jeez the couple tots that were on the VIP list probably had their wee minds blown

 photo IMG_2472_zpsf9807a83.jpg
i am indeed not such a grown up that I didnt have a big ol grin plastered on my face as well tho

 photo IMG_2477_zps2f103fd9.jpg

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haha look at that kid he is like WTF

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then the butts detached and went butt crazy

 photo IMG_2497_zpsf76b0b77.jpg

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there was a lot of “tribal” drumming

 photo IMG_2502_zps9e43b3bb.jpg
joe thought it was too pan-tribal as opposed to specific but you know white people they love anything that feels “multicultural”

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that is not fair but i couldnt figure out exactly how to argue with him on that point

 photo IMG_2504_zps7c2dba4a.jpg
the piece is not about that anyway, but maybe joe also wanted to know if not that then indeed what the piece was about

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see my above photo that says FORCEFIELD

 photo IMG_2508_zps3d5bf8fe.jpg
I interviewed Nick Cave for i-D Magazine back in like 2006

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he set the meeting for 7am i mean indeed 7fuckingam at Brown for breakfast

 photo IMG_2510_zps0fdf2495.jpg
in 2006 i was always still UP at 7am so that made it quite a journalistic challenge for me

 photo IMG_2511_zpsf5138b90.jpg
I talked to Cave about Forcefield of course
and he had never heard of them
and promised to google them or whatever there was back then when he got home

 photo IMG_2512_zps64987c8f.jpg
Forcefield’s artistic gesture of covering the face in costume performance music video etc was a very mega move that influenced and excited young people around the world

 photo IMG_2514_zpsab088bf5.jpg
an impulse that Nick Cave in Chicago had as well unbeknownst to anyone

 photo IMG_2515_zps2fa96579.jpg
his artwork came out of dance and performance and music as well, making artworks that made music when activated, SOUND SUITS as he calls them

 photo IMG_2522_zps7a8553d7.jpg
shit they are getting loose!

 photo IMG_2526_zps2b765ea0.jpg
imagine if you are a tourist in Grand Central and one of these things trots by
i guess touritsts are already like “new york is crazy” so they probably just take it in stride

 photo IMG_2528_zpsb6425e1d.jpg
and then go home to middle parts and tell their friends how magical it was
this is Anne Pasternak of Creative TIme and the artist Nick Cave

 photo IMG_2535_zpsa9831ea4.jpg
I was totalyl down
Like the Deitch Art Parade I was won over instantly with human feelings that flooded my art brain

 photo IMG_2537_zps43eb9a5a.jpg
who needs their art brain all the time? their skepticism and irony

 photo IMG_2540_zps8a76ae56.jpg
i read a tweet just now that said “irony is the white man’s burden”

 photo IMG_2538_zps01c16ef2.jpg
oh brother is that a stereotype people have?

 photo IMG_2541_zps19725191.jpg
irony is a whimper from a cage

 photo IMG_2542_zpse45b2dc9.jpg
and who is into cages?
besides perverts

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