guise guys

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a jumbly

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things have lost their order now that the art calendar has a down spell

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Scott Ewalt opening at Participant caught the last day of hte crazy week i think

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one of the boxes has a photo of Tony Danza when he was a gogo boy and his huge uncircumcized cock

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too hot to handle

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this is way too horny for me right now i have finalyl settled back into a monkish mood and joe tried to convince me i was a sex addict at dinner and now i am all selfconscious about how much i think about sex

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art is supposed to be the sublimation of libido or something

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and i hate horny art, i hate T and Art

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had lunch with May, both of us eating for two it looks like haha!

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here is a full photo of this beautiful painting by Ella Kruglyanskaya who missed the last post

i have a shakespeare quote on the tip of my tongue about who is the devourer or the devoured but i cant grab it, all i can think of is Hamlet talking about dead Polonius being at dinner, not where he is eating but where he is being eaten

and now im thinking about sex again


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i fixed the headline on this thing
it is ok cuz you know newspapers are all going out of business and they probably had to fire the fact checker cuz of the internet and stuff

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oh yum! it looks like the John Copeland up close scroll down

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a fun surprise as well

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those Ts dont really do it for me but that A looks A OK

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isn’t it strange how we know what a few other people’s buttholes look like, but we all do not know what our own buttholes look like?

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deep thoughts here on Art From Behind

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had a client interested in this sloppy joe so shot some more details

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kadar detail of a new one

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thought you might enjoy reading about the show, since Jesper and I took the time to write them I think you might be interested to read them, and for other reasons too

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like to help me check for typos

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and so you can gossip about how old or young or Canadian anyone is

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 photo IMG_2252_zps79cfc84b.jpg

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did you know that people read 1/3 as fast on a screen as opposed to in a bok

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that is why everyone is such a dumbass now

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i cant read which is which while pasting them so i cant tell any funny jokes this is really dispiriting

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oh fucking fuck and i can smell the rice burnin now

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i never post blogs from home (ok the rice is ok actually) but i was so hungry and the hole didn’t have any food and it was 2am

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and someone barfed outside the front door so i went to take a photo of it and then thought, “what if i just keep walking”

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i guess its st patrick’s day but it also could just be saturday night in this neighborhood

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the drunken yelling is of similar decibel

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do you know i have never had a boyfriend who showed any interest whatsoever in my writing

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i would spend a month on a catalogue essay that was like ten pages and the day it was due beg for some feedback

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and they all acted like it was homework and would look at it for one second and say “its fine”

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real winners

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ack now im thinking about ex sex!

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i actually do see some typos sorry guys

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the new york times thing on me had typos too they wrote Polyandrous instead of Polyamorous and then one other one im forgetting

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and they kept spelling the word “art” as “party” and it really confused a lot of people i think


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happy st patty’s day!
i’m off to art with my friend joe haha!

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6 thoughts on “guise guys”

  1. Kruglyanskaya

    “a painter from Lativa via Cooper Union and Yale” really? She came from CU then Yale to Lativa? Check the meaning of “via”

    “vibrancy of life throughout that runs like an electric shock through the piece” throughout/through is redundant. Reword this bitch.

    The oldest technique of painting the figure is egg tempura? Really so neanderthals and soot ink don’t count as figure painting? Fucking species-ist! You’ll have protesters and a write up in the Post within the week.


    “and, and, and” give the ands a rest.


    Get rid of the – use as semicolon and make the “quite often a mixture” and independent clause.


    “… Somali pirates, who are smoking…. grenades,”

    Your writing generally kicks ass, Kathy but holy shit how you’ve fucked your grammar on these. I’ll do more if you make me your internet boyfriend.

  2. There’s a toilet cubicle at MONA in tassie with a mirror setup where you can check out yer own butthole.

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