festina lente

celerity should be contempered with cunctation!

 photo IMG_1685_zps12e88869.jpg
which i take to mean don’t get too excited and throw yourself into something or someone without some forethought and hesitation
or you might get burned!

 photo IMG_1686_zps6f55afab.jpg
i made the best homemade meatballs and mushroom union rigatoni but jeez i need to work on presentation

 photo IMG_1688_zps5593d632.jpg
things Joe and I do for fun

 photo IMG_1687_zps9245b9ad.jpg
i think because my mom had big hooded eyes and was so pretty when she was my age and i inherited the tiny black deep set eye-lidless eyes of my dad I am so drawn to what essentially amounts to protruding eyeballs covered in skin

 photo IMG_1689_zpsc3132b64.jpg
humans are silly

 photo IMG_1691_zpsa7e7b619.jpg
walking around is my favourite hobby

 photo IMG_1692_zps8d3076a3.jpg
and taking pictures of things

 photo IMG_1693_zpsad6374b3.jpg
like this sign
which seems to say that taxi drives have an hour limit to drink a hot beverage at a table

 photo IMG_1695_zpsd61be80d.jpg

 photo IMG_1697_zps72324e62.jpg
ari showing my buddy something through the window

 photo IMG_1698_zps827bfbc4.jpg
oof! 3 outta 5?

 photo IMG_1699_zpsaa7aec94.jpg
these dogs looked stuffed but then they moved a bit
they got the block covered between em

 photo IMG_1700_zps04e5c5c7.jpg
jesse took me stu and colin out to dinner

 photo IMG_1701_zps6d98146a.jpg
look how bulemic this little branzino looks!

 photo IMG_1705_zps857c44d2.jpg
look how bodacious these todd james works on paper girls are!

 photo IMG_1711_zps1507d60a.jpg
big nipples scare me!
is there any evolutionary basis for that?

 photo IMG_1715_zpsf96fb5b1.jpg
have been doing so many studio visits but so disinclined to spoil the big surprise that will be Chicken or Beef here March 6 that you dont get to see much sorry

 photo IMG_1716_zpsdfebd888.jpg
ooh! a found Kadar building!

 photo IMG_1717_zpsf4a6428f.jpg

 photo IMG_1718_zpsd98bb5f8.jpg
this makes me want kadar to go a big installation here if you know what i mean,,,,

 photo IMG_1720_zps3d56f399.jpg
this makes me happy

 photo IMG_1722_zpsf6c7a1d0.jpg
close to happy

 photo IMG_1723_zps8e07cfb0.jpg
man i really want to launch a new 12oz that is way better. the market is ripe for it! anyone want to do it??? I will be your first investor

 photo IMG_1724_zps41c14ad5.jpg

 photo IMG_1725_zpsb1235fb6.jpg
oh man farthest studio yet!

 photo IMG_1726_zpsd0a974bc.jpg
where am i going??

 photo IMG_1730_zpsf2def6d8.jpg
to see jocelyn hobbie!

 photo IMG_1728_zpse7431615.jpg
i love these human skins sloughed off and draped on wall

 photo IMG_1733_zpsb0d429af.jpg
i love these transparent T’s and frilly A’s!

 photo IMG_1738_zpsa45b0342.jpg
this painting is amazing

 photo IMG_1740_zpscac19210.jpg
this one too

 photo IMG_1749_zpse26083f8.jpg
so many great pieces!

 photo IMG_1753_zps422be9af.jpg
man my buddy i guess goes to all these neighborhoods already!

 photo IMG_1754_zps2dead097.jpg
came in the next morn to this Devin Strother piece. i am really feeling this piece!!!

 photo IMG_1755_zps0af567dd.jpg
one more to go

 photo IMG_1756_zps9ea7d63c.jpg
Ella Kruglyenskaya!

 photo IMG_1760_zps0d0e4263.jpg
i hope i spelled that right!

 photo IMG_1762_zps476269aa.jpg
had so much fun here!
curvy girls everywhere!

 photo IMG_1763_zpsfddcd8c1.jpg
ooh egg tempera

 photo IMG_1764_zps90eea92d.jpg
some badass bummed butts over there

 photo IMG_1765_zps9b311ae5.jpg
check out this funny piece
remember that Kanye West joke about fish dicks?

 photo IMG_1770_zps57e9ae79.jpg
i dont wanna give away the work for our show so i must move on

 photo IMG_1772_zps8eb7bddd.jpg
garbage cat!

 photo IMG_1773_zps1334e192.jpg
i have spotted you

 photo IMG_1776_zps2d9f83b7.jpg
lingering over the leftovers

 photo IMG_1778_zpsc4baf2ac.jpg
then i got obsessed of tryign to take these multi-circle full moon photos

 photo IMG_1780_zps749008a1.jpg
they didn’t quite turn out how i wanted

 photo IMG_1785_zps8bcb9101.jpg
this piece is called “Sit Still Bitch I’m Trying to Render”

 photo IMG_1786_zps4f7d7eb4.jpg
it’s hard for girls to sit still when they are so excited!!!

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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  1. I want to finish my uni degree and be like a famous art blogger like you but it is so sucking balls! All the students are like so not emotional, they need like to look at a board of emotions and at least pick one.

  2. Wow!
    Everyone is gonna want to get a new Hobbie.
    Great work.
    Also like Ella , don’t stop now, show me more!

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