the business end

i took a photo of this exact abandoned doll house two years ago in chinatown

had a weird fight at cafe gitane

he kept letting me win so i woudl forgive him
no forgiveness
i can be a cold and unforgiving sea cliff
right now i am hard as obidian and as unrelentingly cruel as the northern surf
try me!!!!

i dont take photos of homeless people, upton takes photos of homeless people
another reason i disapprove

i have a lot to do and must be a cold rock bluff
don’t take it personal like
“it’s just business”

yeah fucking right
i hate people who say that
that is what people say when they are fucking you over


the REFORM SCHOOL show is October 9- 11
its going to be awesome but it is pretty sad to think the kids just lost their school this summer
providing us a venue
for a show about saving schools

no rest for the wicked

this is last night
fuck seriously the cafe next door is blasting lady gaga
we have a problem
there is a very grumpy gallery owner forced to listed to top 40 by a bunch of mentally challenged “barristas”

hung out with the chicago bleached blond crew again last night hence the hangover

the bleach blondies
the flashers and the bleeders

jack kept stabbing upton’s shoes until i convinced him to stab some beers instead

oops he stabbed other things too

please note the face tattoos

the first time we left the Chelsea Hotel was peaceful

made some friends at Les Bains

like this girl!
she liked me
she gave me her card :0

the second time we left was not peaceful

we again had to go to my fucking house because jack gets all punchy late at night

then as soon as he gets somewhere he immediately falls asleep
worst house guest ever ­čÖé

best houseguest ever! i forgot her name tho

things get weirder
upton took the pictures and i dont wanna condone meddling in other people’s business

“it’s only business”

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6 thoughts on “the business end”

  1. Quote: “Wow, this looks awful. I can’t imagine wanting to hang out in a shitty hotel room with these assholes doing nothing of value all night, yet they all seem to really think they’re being glamorous and artistic…

    You can just tell what kind of person that kid with the long hair is just from seeing him from behind in that picture outside the hotel.

    Just desperately searching to be part of something meaningful. It’s like they’re already planning on looking back on this in 30 years and talking about what a amazing time the 10s were.”

  2. the best house guest girl is irina ­čÖé

    and @Dr. Satanus maybe we who comment anonymously on blogs we voluntarily visit should not be the ones to cast the first stone

  3. what i mean to say is that trolling someone’s website is not that much more of a meaningful or valuable use of time than sitting in a hotel room with party kids

  4. Sat Anus,
    I would be thrilled to see your desperate search for something meaningful.

    Church on Sunday, followed by beer and football? Maybe a chapter or two of Dostoevsky before you fall asleep next to someone who stopped loving you long ago…

    Do you study the Kabbalah for wisdom, or keep a Bible in your glove compartment? You go jogging in your Sketchers, marveling at the visceral connection you have with nature? Nah, you’re probably an atheist, a lonely slob with Cheeto grease on your shirt.

    Who by the way are you quoting? The fragmented, fictional self you believe matters?

    Free spirited, fun loving youth: It’s what makes the reactionary geriatric tic. Be sure to pass judgment when you run from fun. Much like America, if you don’t like it… Get the fuck out.

    Don’t be so brash, you piece of trash.

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