sparkle and faded

what are some good synonyms for FELL OFF WAGON REALLY BAD

because i am sick of tired language and my tired, injured brain
i’ve shirked my duty to promptly report how poo the whitney bisexual was
i think the nytimes had holland cotter write the review because he is such a nice guy that he woudl be the only one with somethig nice to say
these charles ray drawings were pretty nice
this painter was ok i suppose
another one by ?her/him
good description
good description
i liked these of course
hung opposite these sad sacks
the obligatory car in the biennial
usually each biennial has a boat too but i didnt see a boat
pae white fabric thing
made in china art
wish these guys were more gymno and less nast
holland cotter said this guy looked like he was birthed by aurels piece
please back up or you might injure this fabulous and delicate piece of art
i like this lady’s face
this guy can fucking dance
cant this guy just like dance at parties i go to? why does someone have to make video art about him? cant we all just GO DANCE WITH HIM SOMEWHERE
ive been trying to hold back on baring rossons banging outfit for dramatic effect
dramatic enough??
ari marcopolous is an interesting guy. never met him till that night. i think.
this is rosson going “really?”
rachel sarah and friend
the security guard thought about breaking up the photo shoot but was overpowered by
the charisma of terry richardson
as many girls sometimes are too

double yay!

six pack six pack
best in show
rosson really hated this piece too
i dont see what is so objectionable about it
painter on painter violence is serious
you never see conceptual sculptors like HATING each other i think
i thought this security guard making a pile of umbrellas was a piece but it wasnt
lets blow this pop stand
lets do blow at this pop stand
just kidding
ahhh the pleasure and the pain
rosson’s charming men
rosson charming men
aurel and jr charming each other
my camera is broken so i have been using rossons
which means when rosson goes home the photos stop
suffice to stay this party went on until ten am or so

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