bad bromance

should those be my “signature art dealer glasses”? im kinda in the market
my glasses got played out and now i cant wear them anymore
thanks urban outfitters and cobrasnake and vice and whatever other lame means there are of dissemenating style to the masses
i actually dont hate you urban outfitters; you provide me with jeans
terence provided me with soup!
garrick made this thai seafood stew cilantro pile soup that was amazing
eww my fingernails are so dirty
im like pigpen 
the shame the shame!
recogninze this?
a funny bunny
lets snoop around
who knows what we will find!

i found an Aurel!
and four presents from Peres Projects 🙂
i dont know why i took this photo when i came home much much later
i wonder what i was wondering at
hangover sauce afternoon sauce
terence sent me this LINK and wrote “Kathy poo pooed at 88?”

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