as i nodded nearly napping

dash’s dad called me out on facebook for partying too much
it was weird
that was a weird sentence to type
with that in the back of my mind, here is this goth disco party Rosson and Abby and i went to tuesday
i forget the band’s name. scott knew them of course. shit i am going to have to google it
Salem and a band called Gatekeeper
abby got confused and thought it was a vampire goth party
we got bored and took lots of fog machine photos
i see No Bra
i got really attached to this itchy awful thing i found in the lost and found
i was kind of a mess to be honest
michael stipe and his boyfriend came
his boyfriend’s show opens tonight at ENVOY b t dubs
woo woo
they were pretty good
there was a wee bit of white rapping though
which embarrassed abby
i found this in the pee place
then nextdoor to another party
terence cant be in brooklyn too long
we had to flee before he disintegrated
end of blog day 1
you belong to the city now
got outta work early to go to Armory for kembra shoot!
oh my!
kembra is making this FEMLIN book that is going to be great and conscipted me JR and this girl Emily into modeling for some photos
the blog gets really T and A here so if that is upsetting, please hit BACK on your browser now
look how serious this shoot was!
kembra is seriously art directing
eric and a karen blackberry
the photographer Andrew was really good at photography
ive never met someone who actually like knows about how to take photos, despite knowing a billion photographers
and there were lots of gays around holding flash box thingies and pulling ropes and telling jokes it was fun!
this looks kinda evil
they wrapped eric in a blanket and had this girl essentially sit on his balls and stick her heels in his face
i kept having to shoot this “doughnut eating photo” she wanted and kembra thought it was hilarious
i hate doughnuts
should i send this to
i should send JR to
she was the cutest GOKB!
one of the photographers had a serious stitches situation from a rosemary chopping accident
van ride home
dont we look evil?
you cant see me but i look like this essentially:


my favourite food is Ritter Sport

my favourite bag is Le Sport Sac
i am a member of the Sporting Clube de Portugal
i give my enemies a sporting chance before i crush them underfoot
i wear tennis shorts from Le Coq Sportif
could you guess could you guess my favourite word of the day is SPORTIVE!
Frolicsome Playful Ardent Wanton
or in my own words, COLTISH
who wouldn’t want a girl like that?
an odd intro to be sure but i couldn’t think of anything that would make the above photos go together so i just gave up and word jazzed
this following group of photos make more sense
i drank a whole bottle of white wine yesterday afternoon and made rosson come over to try to sober me up. what’s even worse was my sense of accomplishment
she took me to terence’s house just for a sec but it turned into a fashionable evening
i kept thinking i was going to puke but i didn’t
adding to my fatuous sense of accomplishment
rosson had a grande olde tyme trying on all the bun’s bibs and tuckers
yes kathy likes to dress up too
ewww white trash rosson
Pimms and Bose
the Cruella De Vil coat!
rosson eats puppies you heard it here first
patrick absolutely hates it when i wear wigs
rosson says in high school she had a closet full of 36 wigs that she alternated wearing to school
that the jocks called her “trannie” because they were from texas and were bewildered by someone acting weird and so trannie was the only word they had for social abberation
i like this photo
you guys all look at terence’s blog all the time, right?
terence is a poet don’t know it got sense and don’t show it
or as my dad pronounces, POY-tree
this carried on for quite a while
rosson’s favourite painter is Alexandre-Francois DeSPORTes
when i was in high school more than a few people called me Sporty Spice
i think they actually called me that in the yearbook too? i don’t remember
patrick really really hates it when i wear wigs did i mention that already?
i never understood quite why
it was like petting an animal backwards
he just would flip out and be so grossed out and not kiss me for a while and was so mortified
this photo would probably make him puke
t is for terence
t is for time to leave!
“let us sport us while we may”

i never gave you aught

who can resist looking back? who can resist INS and OUTS and TOP TEN lists and BEST OF ? i can. but here are some photos from the last year that make me happy

this was new year’s 2009

the show we had up then

the pending inauguration

the cold

the old apartment

the YMCA

the dinner party that made us finally decide to move out

looking at new places

ben’s show

made me happy

i made this for patrick’s mom

now it makes me sad

best of the get a rope show

i had a show last janurary too

best zine of 2009: pat with his mom’s censorship

best part of the get a rope zine: aurel drama

best pud: patrick griffin

movin out

in 2009 i liked pretending i was a boy on 12oz for a while until patrick outed me

the armoire

best food of 2009: patrick homemade beer pizza

cutest photo of pat 2009

second cutest

third cutest

cute except we are in PA for my grandma’s funeral

best breakfast: at kate’s house!

best opera: il tiempo del postino

best mean cat domination: kembra

hottest photo of 2009

best photo shoot

funnest night: athens w andreas

local pool

favourite website:

best tshirt 2009
i hope jeffrey doesnt read this

best magazine spread 2009

best bun 2009

best thing that was lost 2009

best book 2009

favourite aurel photo 2009

best regular party Arrow Bar 2009

best band 2009

best show 2009!!!!

best new collaborator 2009

best …. i dont know what. best most intensest human shredding and reconfiguring emotional show 2009?


best performance 2009

tied for best performance 2009 actually!

best piece 2009

best character 2009

best kembra photo 2009

best birthday party 2009

best skinnydippin 2009

best addition to new york 2009!!!

best wedding 2009

best note 2009

thats it

end of naughtiness

naughtiness in my life ended with dash of course. the spirit of mischief is gone from me. for a long time at least. but i thought this was a kind of funny visual representation of the end of things

walking home watched this homeless man take off his clothes and run around on houston street, eventually getting up onto a cab and dancing and yelling until the cops gingerly tackled him and dragged him away. there are a million metaphors in here that are stupid but something that makes me feel things. somewhere.

HAL 9000

i have no internet and am in an internet cafe for like 10 min hence all these posts on top of each other

apparently one of my neighbor’s new years resolutions was to password protect their wireless

this is what new year’s looked like

gross not this again

hung out at rosson’s for a while

eric and abby

me and floss

jules took this
isnt it a beautiful photo?
what is he an artist or something?

one of the cute gays

gettin weird in here

its funny when someone actually embarrasses rosson
as opposed to the other way around

jules is overwhelmed with women

i think this is me leaving Bacaro
i lost my phone somewhere around here so email me your phone number if you want to talk to me
i am totally incommunicado

we all know what this is

this is the walk home


for someone off her face this is a pretty nice final photo dont you think?