HAL 9000

i have no internet and am in an internet cafe for like 10 min hence all these posts on top of each other

apparently one of my neighbor’s new years resolutions was to password protect their wireless

this is what new year’s looked like

gross not this again

hung out at rosson’s for a while

eric and abby

me and floss

jules took this
isnt it a beautiful photo?
what is he an artist or something?

one of the cute gays

gettin weird in here

its funny when someone actually embarrasses rosson
as opposed to the other way around

jules is overwhelmed with women

i think this is me leaving Bacaro
i lost my phone somewhere around here so email me your phone number if you want to talk to me
i am totally incommunicado

we all know what this is

this is the walk home


for someone off her face this is a pretty nice final photo dont you think?

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