strident impasse


one; i was kidding myself. until my wordpress blog looks better i dont want to use it, and i clearly cannot cold turkey putting photos of things in the public domain; i am in too deep
so there

my weekend is not going to look good together but it wasnt good in real life either so that is fine

drank with santa waiting for aurel at the newly opened Lovely Day

went to Spencer Sweeney gavin brown christmas party

saw robert there!

tv baby too

spencer’s art was odd

i guess i would say “kippenberger-esque” for lack of a better word

but that is also what lazy reviewers of his shows have said so now i feel lazy too

matt and brain are not lazy

jules and rosson

hot ear lobe

ug where am i now?

oh yeah this thing
nikki took me from GBE to this club by my house where this ex-sex pistol was playing and it was funny

oh man
dont remember this very clearly

what else?

woke up feeling like shit
felt like shit all day
what a lively narrative!

at some bi bim bop with ben

this looks like monday already going to look at Jules’ painting for his upcoming show

this is just a detail the whole piece is AWESOME!
and he better name it KATHY or i will cry!

im not supposed to spill the beans

im trying not to spill the beans its hard

here are some tiny tiny beans. placed not spilled.

ok enough!

what a bleak expanse

my new favourite graffiti writer 🙂

now what day is this? still monday?

stopped by the armory where Kembra has a free studio

finally found a camera setting that goes with the armory


im so happy with how these came out even though its not so great
if you have seen my failed armory photos over the past i dont know two years then you will feel my triumph

where am i now?

oh yeah im at Kim Light’s house

she had a holiday party/ one night art show
i like this photo
i’ll leave you with this
pricked for pouncing!

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