im so behind;

i got sick on the way back
i always get sick after fart fairs

this is new york

this is me waiting for patrick on a bench

this is 950 a month with broker fee

this i s pat carvin his big tofurkey feast i cooked him

shouldnt everyone get to have two thanksgivings?

this is me talking about art and books to Trinie Dalston’s class at NYU

i dont know

this is me and pat walking home after seeing the twilight movie!
it was hottible
i mean horrible

ah the airport

ahh they only had convertibles left at Dollar

ahh the Fountainebleu is really nice
i spelled that wrong i think

it comes wiht an imac but the internet is 16dollars a day so fuck that

kind of a sophisticated piece for a hotel, huh?

first stop design miami
thought there would be celebrities there but there was just ben

look at all this dumb crap

this is what i came to see!

ben says “comfy”

jim had a zine station
isnt that odd?

aron made a max fish but it wasnt ready when i went there

oo oo nibbles!
terence and javier and ben eventually nicky and i had dinner at the fancy chinese place run by the famous british chinese dude

the food was sooo goood

ill warn you in advance this blog is moslty food

mmm and drink!

and being silly

oops this section goes right before dinner section
im already outta order

this stuff is so…..wholesome

wouldnt it be funny if this was a photo of the friendswtihyou guy’s room?

the morning beach was so beautiful

the morning booth was pretty beautiful too

can u believe michael jackson called kehinde to comission a portrait? unbelievable

evan’s mannequin had a great time there

rosson’s new painting of Luna Park in coney island wowed everyone too

peres booth

more on this later!

dan attoe sneak attack once again!

back to basics

i assume this is Jar Jar
can anyone prove otherwise?

i dont know what these are of
whatever works were between my booth and the bathroom i guess

i liked this lady’s dress

this is my favourite andrea dress as well

oh no is it opening night party already?

what is this the MTV music awards?

daiper dancers

oh no Santigold!
wearing the hottest pile of fabric ever in 80degree heat


wait i really need some video action on this one

sorry i was jumping around so much

the afterfruit

eric and rosson

suzanne’s awesome shoes
turn your head to the left if you cant see it

ben wanted me to take a picture of him with clemente and kehinde and then he blinked
oh well!
tomorrow is another day

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