end of days

i dont know if i have the stamina to do this last one

things in the booth swapped


fran and the dubossarsky vinogradov looked nice though

i made suzanne take a picture of me to send patrick
huge waste of everyones time
and i look retarded

lets do drinking instead

kehinde’s fish fry to celebrate the fair being over!

top chef
i forget his name
he was just on top chef but i dont watch top chef

his catfish was delicious though!

i have to try to take more spunky photos
it is hard to make kenny scharf look bored or boring but i somehow managed to

lots of dancing

lots of conspiring

the pool is just so tempting

sometimes i like blurry photos

david lachapelles butt
he is a good dancer btw

too muchness

andrea talking nikki and tanya who NEVER do this sorta thing into coming in the pool with us


andrea in an oversized high chair in the Delano bathroom

last night of Le Baron thank goodness because they annoy the fuck out of me

tanya is a great dancer too

this THIS is what rosson’s dress look liked!!!!
i swear!!!

everyone left and im at the hotel all alone

these guys hung out with me every morning

the beach is great i mean no complaints but it was a long time with no one to talk to

i went a bit batty maybe

i spent my last day in the everglades
which i guess i will have to make a new post as this one drags on too long

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