man these blog titles are like one day off. yesterday was the two puker
and today’s post definitely a better wonderclout; an obsolete word for “showy but worthless”

i will thus predict the future by calling this post “absonism”

these rotting duck eggs could definitely have been in the two puker one too
terence’s lecture at the New York Arts Club was last night and he served art food

cold tomato soup (obvious), muscles (? that Broodthaers pot maybe?), then the rotting duck eggs which Garrick said was “just some weird asian thing”, and then eclairs with real ants in them! which is a Dali thing i assume

stacy engman looked really cool with her porta doily. the guy on the right is the head of the art club and mentioned they gave Dali TWO lifetime achievement awards
which is crazy

waiting waiting crowded and hot and nonetheless very exciting!


so the title of the lecture was
1642 being the date of Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch
which after restoration was clearly not a night scape

the trick to Terence’s lecture was that he gave a straigh-faced slide lecture speaking only in his weird gibberish language
that sounds roughly like “icstyakthery lelanginchon ganolin ling tranliosky larmnono isko unlin”
but not because it has it’s own logic and repeated sounds and phonetically interrelated structure. it really actually sounds like he is speaking something. wait let me just upload a short video

see what i mean? im just going to post photos and you imagine the audio

you can get the idea partly from the selection of images too

speaking of weird jokes i passed a restaurant called PONTY on the way home and saw a couple drinking what i will assume to be MERLOT in the window, which of course spawned a joke in my head but it reminded me that i had made up a joke like a month ago that never really resolved itself.

it was something about how “in pain” in France would mean “in bread” which homophoning “inbred” so i was trying to cook up something involving french people and west virginia and bread and i dont know i got lost and gave up. can anyone turn this into a joke?

i need a new joke
to combat the crushing seriousness and dreary monotony of real life

jokes are usually just structured around exploiting a homophone

terence loves to exploit homophones as well 🙂

like any great artist he has his own line of art history that speaks to his work, his own legacy he teases out of all the things in the book

with extra asians on top

he kept pointing at their genitals

the other way meaning was constructed in this lecture was in the structure of the gibberish

when he was pointing to things and indicating something, he actually reused the right gibberish work so like if he said “lakka” for one area, then when he pointed to that thing again he said “lakka” again. it was really surreal

who knows where this wellspring on nonsense came from
its VERY hard to generate non-meaningful speech for very long
try it! its almost impossible to not repeat yourself of run out of ideas

for people who think terence is an endless source of nonsense he would say YES!

i talked to vito for a while before the thingie and got excited for him to help me with this idea i have. did i ever print that photo of him and Terence exchanging a basquiat out of the back of a car in an alley? funny photo man i wish i had the hi res of that one

some self-referential jokes of course

pruitt coke line!

jeffrey said “his group is better than most museum permanent collections”

jeffrey of course is having to deal with the weird Dakis/New Museum drama
which is a ridiculous non-drama but seems to make some dumb peple really worked up
maybe instead of koons they can get Terence to do it. who could be mad at terence??

who can disapprove of david shrigley?

it got pretty fun when it got up to the “2009” part or whatever


look at the look on terence’s face i love it

i love this too

i love this photo

oo oo and then he showed one of my paintings!!!
why is terence so sweet he didnt have to do that

and remember this oxycontin Clemente?

then he “talked” about the art market and that part was hilarious
you have to imagine that even though the words were understandable you could see his face and hear the intonation of his voice, the inflection, the pacing of it.

it ended just with photos of his own hands in a few positions and then this little yellow dot


everyone loved it! it was really a herculean feat. and hilarious. and suggestive and strange and everything you want outta terence

if you need even more terence in your life go to Tsquare park tomorrow! be there or be Tsquare
i will be in DC for my dad’s 80th birthday but you should go!
did you know that in imperial china when people turned 80 they were finally allowed to wear yellow??

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