its funny right now i really feel like puking but i already used that puker last time
all my photos this time are so civilized, totally out of touch with the tumult in my tummy
oh my tummy! i drank way too much last night
and the night before

this is the Met opera, not a good place to puke

it’s nice there

it’s funny; i bumped into jules that afternoon and told him i was going to see Faust and he described it as really “red and black and s+m-ey” but the whole time i couldn’t find anything that matched that description, except vaguely the outfit of Mephistopheles.

we liked it
there were many odd acrobatic moments
i guess there were quite a few harnesses; maybe that is what jules meant?
rosson was wearing a sexy black and red dress is that what jules meant?

Pat had his party for his Art Prodution Fund project on the Cooper Hotel!
they had mulled wine and grilled cheese hors d’oeuvres in the library and it was really cozy

even typing about food is making me really really sick to my stomach
oh! someone help! i am in pain

these came for me in the mail and i really need a record player! is there an ap for this??

this is an odd photo above: there was a gift bag in the cab home from Tim’s party at White Slab (not pictured) and it had a half-pillaged giftbag that retained this mug and USB mugwarmer

this is last night
shepard fairey is going to be in Miami this year for Basel….just saying

cookies puke

this is why i am so sick
two bottles of haunted Vinho Verde and its a wrap

why is my winho glowing do you ask?

patrick made all my dreams come true by watching UP with me in our fake home theater!

i love patrick and i love childrens movies!!!

then we had to go out wait this photo is better

then we had to go back out because the Weapons had a record release party thing at Santos

we got there early and wandered around

JR and Jailbait

they were great!

cory kennedy is going to cram rafael in her mouth!

a-ron feeling entitled to take a chair

i took one million pictures of them dont worry

ugh im having flashbacks to the tequila
ohhhhhhh my tummmmmmm

bored of my belly-aching?

i’ll stop. sorry. i am annoying

remember when i had Ryan McGinley do a guest blog on this?
god that was so long ago

ok ok i know i’m no photographer
i get fixated on things that look like they should look like photos

im better at taking photos that look like this

ooo i actually like this one

what a handsome thing this is

oops i think my brain had checked out by now. blurry and blown out! alex looks goth


i look like puke

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