every time i use our postage machine it asks me machinable?
yes, but it is machinable?
whatever i feed it.

today i have been feeding innumerable and unlabeled dusty disks into my computer to see what is on them. i am cleaning out my desk in preparation for the great move of 2009 when all deitch staff move to 18 wooster or the townhouse while 76 grand is closed for months. its true!

the first was a FORM FOLLOWS FICTION disc, a show Jeffrey curated in the 90s

don’t barf yet; this post is only going to get ickier!

old art by people on some old discs


i found some dartmouth discs

it had lots of these digital abstractions i made playing with photoshop when i first discovered it, back i guess when it was more basic, trying to figure out how digital imaging worked i guess

theyre not that interesting but they sure were at the time!

this was so fascinating to me

i have no qualms embarrassing myself on this but i actually seriously hesitated before posting this
profound sigh!

if im not embarrassed of that then surely i must not be embarrassed of this!
my parents in front of a piece i painted of them on this fan boat

i have no shame left
wait i mean i have no pride left

next i found a disc of very candid feeling Haring photos
how was this disc in my big box? are these martha cooper photos? are these personal photos???

arent these crazy?


a few lost patrick photos on the next disc

is it spelled disc or disk?

ug this photo is so gross
not that i am some beauty queen normally but this photo manages to make dash and ryan look gross too and that is an abomination in my book

another random lost photo on some disc
this was that stupid new york magazine article photo night at ryan’s

look at that tiny photo of me in the corner

what did i make this thing for again?
oh it was the book ad for an issue of K48 i think!
its kind of making me barf

a disc of photos a girl whose name i never got and who left halfway through took of fran’s first performance….

a disc of chris johanson scans

a disc of liza lou details
the curator in me is barfing from this bad blog curation

a disc of i thought were lost photos of me and pat going to LA

oo and now the last disc, from stefan fitzgerald that i found in there

thats stefan

isnt my brew horrible?

ok we are back to the present day now
terence does not have grey hair the flash is doing something weird at Takahatchi saturday night

terence wouldn’t pet this guy
then i lied to patrick and said he barked at terence but he didnt
why do i make up stupid shit like that

what are the two grossest words in this photo

i wore a dress and took pat to teh neue galleri

where i had linzertorte!

bless this mess

this blog is a hot pile
not machinable

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