everyone wants irony

i hear it in all the articles i read, in the crappy artists around, this need for irony bitterness and despair.

i know i promised fun photos of subway adventure day but yesterday was miserable and stupid and i don’t care anymore

my camera was having lens failure anyway
thank goodness i suppose

i banged the thing against the counter this morning and it spontaneously took this photo

and then began to work perfectly
brute force on small electronics: who knew?
this is koji and michael putting up Fran’s big splash guard
opening this thursday at little deitch with the performance at 7:30

i have a larger problem i would love to bang against the counter until it fixed itself as well but i cant because it’s a problem i am starting to think i have no part in

i feel lost in the emotional world, as opposed to the analytic world
how cliché

the road to irony is paved with cliché

cliché: the sound of the matrix dropping into the molten metal

the road to bitterness is paved with contempt

what was that last one, despair?
“the thought of being alone plunges me into a familiar despair”

the siren song of irony is calling to me too

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