how do i best paint a picture of the rome trip
now that i am safely home at my desk with constant and comforting internet?

now that the flavour of tomatoes and basil has given way to the pumpkin cookie i am currently chewing on

now that i feel myself coming down with the unavoidable POST SHOW FLU/COLD that i always get after a huge project and my head is spinny from impending fever

now that i have set up a long and boring intro thus losing half my audience???

i kid i kid lets get on with it!

a pup

and a way!

this is kathy and i will be telling you about the show with my Bacardi masher mic

first, i will nap in some bubble wrap

these are my birthday flowers
wilted, like my youth

this horse ran out loose into the yard by the organic restaurant we were eating in. can you believe it? if only that streetlight were the moon instead

the streets the streets my head is really spinning i think i have to go home

here’s me sitting on a fake sterling ruby sculpture
(not sick in this picture)(only right now)

this is me being kissed also not sick in this picture, patrick will be relieved to know

patrick drinking his favourite combination of glass of tequila and glass of beer

a photo that was almost awesome

my favourite
dick soup

anonymous appetizer gifts found on kitchen table

close up of the beautiful birthday bouquet

barry had an opening at BONOMO gallery the day before our opening lets look at that while i sort out my opening photos finally

that is the best motto, that is my motto as many of you know

fong song


stressed out
this is may a photo of me getting sick

patrick is notorious for not getting photos of me doing things that are important to me
this is me going BLAR BLAR BLAR at the press conference the morning of the show

this is mat and brain playing in a little shop called 40grados

they cut up chris’ clock and made a window display
i dont think chris would really like this much tho

this is a big scary old stone that you stick your hands into and if you are guilty of thievery they get cut off!

thank goodness the same is not true for graffiti check this out!

effing awesome

some finishing touches

aurel and brain at the artist dinner

ben and christina secret signals

Lele how did i get a blurry photo of this shirt goddddamit!

Barry bike

adidas monster

interns to the rescue

random shoes

head massage

tim DJs

donation plate

unknown courtesy PAT CAMERA click on that

spencer courtesy spencer

whiskey cards and banana splits
ok now that i have ALLLL the photos out of the way besides the opening, lets open this shit up!

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