gestisci blog

sorry i have not gestisciid blog very well
here are what the first few days looked like!


this is our apartment yess!!

martha examining her meat hooks

rafael and his ribbons

jim jokes

martha manages

barry begins bump

christopher chills with cline

this angel killing this steer is above the museum

drds of doom

kevin and dead josh

this tasted good

this tasted good

do you know i put off reading this last henry james until rome beccause its the Rome one?

is very stressful right now

rosson trucked from london!


nice photo to show their parents how their internship is going

tessa painting pat

pat caught with clock

pat made me nice dinner

these guys were great but yelled at eachother constantly


garret greys

the yellow room

hey is that a barry sculpture

nero guys helping with show

french guys helping with show

hot road hot road!

this is patrick’s photo i promised him i would not steal

ben preview new mural video painting!

Cloe Perrone translates

zine room

you get the idea
i have to go see if my catalogue has arrived!!!

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