light in the loafer

courtesy rafael de cardenas

look at this accumulation of things
these are a sample of things that invade my reality

ben came over for dinner and managed to not tell us it was his birthday the next day
thus we were really unprepared

pat’s arrow bar night was pretty fun
finally got a good photo where i can say BOY THINGS ARE LOOKING DOWN !

by the end of the night things devolved into an hour of boys dancing with stools as partners and doing things like the above until broken glass ruined the vibe

earlier that afternoon i went to Urban i mean Opening Ceremony where Terence was doing a window installation

i cant afford anything you see in this picture

i brought him a bottle of vodka to make things a bit less dull

this is up through next saturday
as fucked as i feel working here while it is up, how will i feel when it is down?

gavin brought this in but within 5 seconds of being in here, he was moved to leave
it was quite touching actually

the most interesting conversation i had was with this dropper offer
dash’s best friend until age 12

read this it is awesome

dash you are a fucking banana
you were definitely the same man who did all this shit listed above
a big grown up little kid

even your signature barely changed
i have to stop wearing mascara i think

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