proceed and continue

this is us like july 12?

we indulged in the rarity of brunch
we dont wanna be people who brunch so we try not to brunch too much

we went to our local pool

kembra met us there

this is us the day before dash died

i was sound asleep the next morning sean called pat, and i woke up to pat shouting that he was dead

this is us getting drunk a few hours later at sweet and vicious
sweet and vicious, in the back all alone, is where dash told me that jade was going to have his baby. he was so nervous. i dont wanna say it but it took him more than just a few drinks to blurt it out. the look on his face was priceless. he was so excited.

the owner of S and V was a friend of dash’s too
he was drunk and went to a haloween store looking for spider man masks, dash’s favourite, but they were out

this is later at Christophe’s house where we were sitting around consoling each other

these are now in the memorial project here

this is patrick hugging one of dash’s etch tags

this is what Os Gemeos added to their bowery mural

this too

this is us the next day at jade’s uncles house
kunle i shouting goodbye to dash

we brought a ton of roman candles and gave them to everyone to shoot off
dash would have loved it!

on the roof

late on the roof

this is an old CRT projector ben jones drove out to long island to get for Peter Coffin’s piece in the New York Minute show

this is the next night where we went to jade’s friend’s house to all hang out together again
he owned this cool keith haring piece

terence finally got back and came to deitch for hugging

this is my favourite color
if anyone wants to know that for any reason, this is the answer

know what else dash would have liked?

huge fire extinguisher tags!


tanya’s like ‘im outta here’

uh oh

GLACER does you know who

sean didnt think the paint would go through his suit for some reason

h aha!


that was a pretty fun night, i must admit!

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